Fox News: In light of climate scandals, where’s the Goracle been?

Posted by: ST on February 27, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Fox News reports on a question a lot of climate skeptics have been asking in light of the various climate scandals that have rocked the agw world to it’s cold, calculating core: Where’s the Goracle?:

Al Gore won a Nobel Prize and an Oscar for his film, An Inconvenient Truth. But in the last three months, as global warming has gone from a scientific near-certitude to the subject of satire, Gore — the public face of global warming — has been silent on the topic.

The former vice president apparently finds it inconvenient even to answer calls to testify before the U.S. Senate. You can call him Al . . . but he won’t call back.

On Tuesday, Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe — a prominent skeptic of global warming theory and the Republican leader of the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee — issued a request for Gore to come testify on global warming. In an interview with, Inhofe said he wants Gore to appear because “it will be interesting to ask him on what science he based his movie,” a film the senator considers “science fiction.”

Gore has yet to respond, but that didn’t prevent him from causing a stir at Apple’s shareholder meeting Thursday. According to CNET, Gore was seated in the first row while several stockholders bashed his high-profile views on climate change. One reportedly said Gore “has become a laughingstock. The glaciers have not melted.”

Gore did not reply, and he has not commented on his blog or Twitter feed.


Since his appearance at the Copenhagen climate summit in December, Gore has been reluctant to talk to the media, making only a handful of public appearances.

On Jan. 16, he spoke at the American Library Association conference at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, and he signed copies of his newest book, Our Choice: How We Can Solve the Climate Crisis. On Feb. 22, at the IBM Pulse Conference in Las Vegas, Gore commented on how the environment was a fantastic business opportunity.

“We are in the presence of one of the greatest opportunities in the history of business to become much more efficient and eliminate waste, pollution and losses all at the same time,” he said.

The media, meanwhile, have started to ask why the world’s most famous advocate of all things green remains mute on the growing chorus of opposition.

“The godfather of climate hysteria is in hiding as another of his wild claims unravels — this one about global warming causing seas to swallow us up,” the editors of Investors Business Daily wrote on Tuesday. “We’ve not seen or heard much of the former vice president, Oscar winner and Nobel Prize recipient recently as the case for disastrous man-made climate change collapses.”

While this is all true, it’s not exactly news because the Goracle, like most agw alarmists, consistently refuses to debate any and all climate skeptics who put themselves out there as being willing to take him on in a one on one on the issue of “man-caused climate change.” What is news, however, is that the Goracle – who typically only takes on his critics from safe distances where he won’t be questioned on his claims – is not addressing the various climate scandals at all at any of his public appearances. He’s not saying yay or nay one way or the other on any of it. For a guy who normally isn’t hesitant to brand anyone who criticizes and casts doubt on the “settled science” behind “man-made” climate change, he’s been surprisingly quiet which, ironically, speaks volumes.

Related to all this, could the agw community be turning over a new leaf – for the better?

World weather agencies agreed this week to enhance data-gathering significantly and allow independent scrutiny of raw figures used in assessing climate change amid charges by critics that global warming scientific data were skewed.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) made the concession after an outcry over e-mails revealing that researchers in Britain had suppressed certain data to bolster claims of global warming. Critics also said some of the manipulated data were included in a 2007 U.N. report on the subject.

Britain’s Met Office formally submitted a proposal that scientists around the world undertake the “grand challenge” of measuring land surface temperatures as often as several times a day, and it was approved in principle by about 150 officials at a WMO meeting in Antalya, Turkey.

“This effort will ensure that the datasets are completely robust and that all methods are transparent,” the Met Office said, though it added that “any such analysis does not undermine the existing independent datasets that all reflect a warming trend.”

It also said that current measurements were “fundamentally ill-conditioned to answer 21st-century questions, such as how extremes are changing, and therefore what adaptation and mitigation decisions should be taken.”

Prominent agw skeptic Steve McIntyre seems optimistic about the WMO proposal. What do you think? I’m especially interested in hearing what those of you who have been on the front lines of this battle for years have to think about it. Does it represent a positive turning point for the scientific community or is it all just more smoke and mirrors?

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17 Responses to “Fox News: In light of climate scandals, where’s the Goracle been?”


  1. Anthony says:

    Does it represent a positive turning point for the scientific community or is it all just more smoke and mirrors?

    I’m hopeful, but still skeptical. Don’t forget, we also had Phil Jones of the CRU, one of the high priests of the AGW religion, admitting in a BBC interview that there was no statistically significant difference between the late 20th century warming and earlier warming trends. In other words, nothing to show an anthropogenic cause.

    With all the body-blows the AGW community has taken in recent months, I’m not surprised the WMO and Met are taking these steps: their credibility is on the line. (Frankly, independent access and testing of the raw data should be the norm.) But skeptics can’t stop here, otherwise there will be the temptation on the alarmists’ part to stop here and go no further, trying to salvage something of their position. No, skeptics have to press and press until it’s admitted by all that AGW is garbage and a scam. I believe some groups are pressing for criminal charges and civil suits against alarmists who knowingly took tax dollars using cooked data. Good.

    So, yes, this is hopeful and it’s a breakthrough, but it’s only just the start.

  2. Tex says:

    The one question that Al Gore should be asked is what his financial interest is in “green companies”, which he is reported to have big financial stakes in, and whether or not that creates a “conflict of interest” with his use of free, nearly unlimited, access to the public media to push a message that global warming is an urgent catastrophic event that must be seriously dealt with in the next 5 to 10 years. And of course, the fact is that these “green companies” will reap huge profits if the world can be convinced that measures need to be taken immediately, that they just happen to specialize in providing.

    I personally believe continuing to put CO2 into the atmosphere for the next hundreds of years probably is not a good thing, however, I feel that the “doom and gloom” being pushed by these “greenies” will take place over many centuries … not decades as they profess. And therefore, I’m confident that technology will be created in the next several decades that will turn this problem around very much in time to prevent any catastrophic events, if in fact such catastrophes would have occurred.

    Of course, apparently we will not be able to know for sure what the exact effect of CO2 on global temperatures is going to be at this point because the data global warming has been based on has not been done in a scientific way. It apparently has been forged by an army of so called scientists who have a vested interest in making sure the data shows the results they desire.

    The forging of climate data, if in fact that is what has happened, is beginning to look like a gigantic fraud of Biblical proportion. If this has been a systematic fraud, those responsible should be brought to justice world-wide.

  3. Dana says:

    Our red-headed hostess wrote:

    What is news, however, is that the Goracle – who typically only takes on his critics from safe distances where he won’t be questioned on his claims – is not addressing the various climate scandals at all at any of his public appearances. He’s not saying yea or nay one way or the other on any of it. For a guy who normally isn’t hesitant to brand anyone who criticizes and casts doubt on the “settled science” behind “man-made” climate change, he’s been surprisingly quiet which, ironically, speaks volumes.

    Not really a surprise: our former Vice President and Nobel laureate isn’t a man who can think on his feet, and his “scientific knowledge” exists only in notes to which he can refer when he needs to use some fact. He’s not a good debater, and, quite frankly, not all that bright.

  4. Tom TB says:

    I’d like the Algoracle to debate my 89 year old mother, who has lived on the same tidal cove for 55 years about how the seas are rising. Water never lies, politicians and snake oil patent-medicine salesmen often do. Excuse me while I shovel the snow/global warming!

  5. John A says:

    Tennessee is due for a snow, the UofT is about to host All Gory.

    As to the Met and others, well, for one thing how the heck are they going to re-assess the data since about 1850 on since so much has been discarded/lost? And of course, the conclusion will be that Earth has warmed since then (which it has – street vendors no longer set up shop on a frozen Thames in London). Not much will be made that the rate of warming, as admitted by Prof. Jones (BTW – this implies he has known for some time that the hockeysticks of 2001 and 2007 were junk), did not change circa 1940.

  6. TWoPolitics says:

    I’ll be skiing on some global warming tomorrow. Thanks Al – wherever you are.

  7. algore is on the way to Pakistan to meet with his new climate change friend, Osama bin Laden.:d

  8. If it were you or I that failed to appear before a congressional inquisition, we would be in jail by sundown. But if a charlatan the likes of gore, being a ex-VP doesn’t he gets to hide out in his Tennessee “hideaway?” Rat Bastard, anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-&:^o

  9. Peter says:

    Al Gore is a smart guy. He knows that the wind is no longer blowing his way, so he cannot count on his wild exaggerations being applauded.

    If he keeps his mouth shut people may think him a liar but if he speaks up it will remove all doubt.

  10. Jo says:

    Gore is proof that you can fool some of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time. Yes, this is his gravy train and it won’t end despite serious questions about the science involved. Some of the people, ergo liberals, will continue to believe that our very existence and every breath is stabbing Mother Earth in the heart. Maybe they should join en masse and do what the lemmings do to save the rest of us. Gore should lead the pack.

  11. nina says:

    Gore fooled a lot of people on his way to hundreds of millions. Where is DOJ?? Oh,I forgot it’s Holder….

  12. Carlos says:

    Peter, he removed all doubt that he’s a fool a long time ago.

    Good use of an old proverb.

  13. Peter says:

    Some glaciers are growing, some are receding, this probably has far more to do with underground water than anything else, as one hot spring ebbs, causing less water to freeze and flow as a glacier, another flows more.

    Anyhow, in Greenland they have discovered the remains of vineyards from the old Viking days. So they had global warming back then, instead of ruining their technology, such as it was, they explored, built, grew grapes and had wine. Which is what we should have been doing instead of making Manbearpig unspeakably rich. Not that I mind rich, but he’s done it by making everything either grown, made or shipped more expensive.

  14. Carlos says:

    In his response (finally), Algore basically said those making fun of him were basically not as smart as him and didn’t understand the intricacies of such a complex subject.

    Oh, we get it, Algore. A ledger is fairly easy to read, especially when there are such big numbers on the “income” side.

    Speaking of which, how’s that IRS deduction coming for charities now? Still giving all those hundreds of bucks to NFPs out of your yearly wealth? That must really hurt, giving away your own money.