The most transparent administration evah strikes again

Submit a FOIA request to the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) to release certain agency documents related to the issue of global warming, and what do you get? I simply can’t add anything to this.


(Via ST reader Sev)

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7 thoughts on “The most transparent administration evah strikes again

  1. What is it with these people?? They act like spoiled brats! You know they just keep digging the hole bigger and bigger don’t they:) I hope they keep it up actually because they all sound so lame and ignorant. Even my 12 yr old told me the other day that he misses president Bush:o It is so bad that a little boy notices what a mess this administration is. That’s bad!

  2. What is so “unbelievable” about all this? Politicians whose objectives are not as stated are not going to be open, transparent, verifiable, put any word here you want, but they will hide (usually at all costs) what they are doing because they are paranoid.

    You see, besides being arrogant to the max, the president IS paranoid, and virtually anyone close to him, be it secretary or czar, is just as paranoid.

    In addition, if the real story behind all the climate change garbage story ever came out (with the Democrats’ fingerprints all over it), or such things as the Philadelphia election thug thing (with Holder’s and Emanuel’s fingerprints all over it), the entire administration and 3/4 of their staff, and most of the congressional Democrats, would have to resign in shame and hope they could make it to a border, any national border, before they were caught.

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  4. Carlos, I wonder if Obama and cronies might be the first presidential party to rake up all they can, and leave the country. There is only so much sunshine you can promise to people before they wake up jobless, cold, and see a “Carbon Tax” on the fuel they need to survive!

  5. They black out the documents while God adds his own special brand of white-out over Washington and most of the mid-Atlantic states!

    This is an Orwellian drama playing out right before our eyes! What is, is not. What is not, is. Double speak almost to the highest edition!

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