The adventures of listening to the ill-informed, and the frustration of being unable to respond

Posted by: ST on March 9, 2010 at 9:01 pm

Recent conversation I overheard in a restaurant (paraphrasing):

Man 1: You know, you’d think with such an important issue like healthcare on the table, that both sides would be able to sit down and work this deal out.

Man 2: Yeah. I mean, sure, it’s not a perfect proposal but instead of complaining about it why not offer up some alternatives? You can’t just complain all the time without bringing your own ideas to the table.

Man 1: The opponents need to quit playing political games and try to work with the other side of the aisle in order to try and get something meaningful passed.

Man 2: But it’s not about getting anything passed. It’s about providing obstacles for Pres. Obama to tackle in order to stall, stall, stall. I read on CNN where Obama keeps trying to reach out to his opponents but they won’t bite. Sad.

!!!!! They had the O-Team’s talking points down, didn’t they?

The conversation went on for longer than that but by that point I had tuned it out. Blood pressure worries and all. I was not in a position to be able to respond, as I wasn’t even close to being a part of the conversation, but do you know how badly I wanted to take a few steps over to these two nearby loudmouths and tell them how absolutely stuck on stupid they were?

Oh well. Just because some Obama supporters have sobered up from of their drunken stupor doesn’t mean they all have. Sigh.

And BTW, the two gents having this discussion were fairly hot. Just goes to show (once again) that looks aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. ;;)

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11 Responses to “The adventures of listening to the ill-informed, and the frustration of being unable to respond”


  1. NC Cop says:

    Yes, because we all know that CNN has as much truth and sincerity as the insane guy who stands on the street corner all day shouting obscenities at the birds.

    Nice going, moron.

  2. Sefton says:

    That conversation sums up the term “Obamabots”

  3. Carlos says:

    Repeat a lie often enough and…

    Obviously, these two guys would have fit in extremely well in Germany circa 1932.

    And if Duh-1 has his way, this nation will go the same way, at least internally. All that’s changed is, instead of “JOOOS” they’ll be after Christians and conservatives, obviously the fount of all evils in this country from the beginning.

  4. Baklava says:

    liberalism is a mental disease :-\

    Though it is curable. I remember just repeating what i saw in newspapers prior to 1991.

    But I’m hotter and smarter now. :)

  5. Kate says:

    I deal with these kinds of people…and they’re family members who are sure that anything the government does has to be good. They don’t really get informed by reading differing opinions or turning off CNN/NBC or any other MSM outlet. Believe me, my husband and I were called “right wing whackos” – not to our faces, but definitely when we weren’t there.

    Now, to my amazement one began listening to Glen Beck and has decided that the guy has something to offer and is in agreement with much of what Glen has been expressing all these years. He runs the family business and is probably now beginning to understand how he’s going to be taxed under the new health care deals. However, our parents are really “happy” with their health care and I think are mostly afraid of losing it. They don’t understand the long term implications of a one payer system and public options, etc.

    My son who is 26, loves Glen Beck, and requested his books for Christmas. I think the younger generation may be interested to know how their futures are going to be affected…this is what got my son’s attention. Debt is not good!

  6. Lorica says:

    Obviously these people don’t read Sister Toldjah. If they did they would be amongst the most informed individuals on the planet. Instead they sound like my Brother, who tells me he reads things beyond the MSM, but can only seem to repeat the very same blah blah blah of the **** sniffers of the MSM.

    I recently had to correct a man about who leaked Valerie Plame’s name. He had his lap top with him so he immediately had to make sure I was telling him the truth. When he found out what I was saying was true, I told him to stop listening to the sell outs of the MSM. – Lorica

  7. Lorica says:

    Believe me, my husband and I were called “right wing whackos” – not to our faces, but definitely when we weren’t there.

    I can definately appreciate this Kate. While Bush was President, I was constantly defending him at family events and just got tired of the constant argument. Even to the point where I walked out of my Sister’s house so disgusted by their berating of the President, that I swore that was the last Christmas I would spend there. – Lorica

  8. Joe says:

    Maybe you could have offered to buy them a drink or something if they’d shut up, like the Brad Pitt character in the movie Sleepers when he heard a couple of Reagan Republicans talking amongst themselves.

  9. J.P. Travis says:

    I run into those situations all the time. The trick is to come up with the perfect Socratic devastating question, ask it with your best I’m-So-Innocent face on, and then walk away. Something like, “So why did Obama wait a whole year before including Republicans?”