Rock the Ignorant Vote – Part 2

A lawyer volunteering for the Franken campaign admits something we already knew: Only an idiot could seriously believe Al Franken should represent them in the US Congress:

Even the observers and lawyers have been instructed by their respective campaigns to not talk to the media. But Minneapolis lawyer Bill Starr, who is volunteering for the Franken campaign, was willing to say a few words. He said he thinks Franken will prevail. His hunch is based on a theory he has.

“People who voted for Coleman are more likely to have taken the SAT in their lifetime,” he said. “They’ve filled in circles. Franken voters are probably not college-educated. They’re new voters and immigrants. They’ve been brought in by groups like ACORN, from the inner cities. They’re more likely to make mistakes. I’ve bounced this off of minority people, and they agree with me.”

Some things sort of speak for themselves.

Via Ed Morrissey, who has some other interesting info on the state of the recount in Minnesota, complete with a photo of a ballot the Franken campaign believes should be disqualified.


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