VIDEO: Hunger strike at UC Berkeley continues over AZ immigration law

CBS-5 reported on Monday that a few far left clowns at UC Berkeley were staging a protest of sorts in response to the raaacist Arizona immigration law:

BERKELEY (CBS 5 / AP) ? About 20 UC Berkeley students are staging a hunger strike to push the university to oppose Arizona’s stringent new immigration law.

The protest was called Monday by Latino groups on campus. A spokeswoman for the strikers says they want the chancellor to denounce the law, which requires police to question anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally.

The protesters, who were joined by about 75 supporters, have a long list of other demands. They’re also asking the institution to drop disciplinary charges filed against students who occupied a university building earlier this year, to rehire laid off janitors and to make the campus a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

You can view the start of the “hunger strike” here:

Los estupidos.

There’s even better news. The Oakland Tribune reports today that the total number now on hunger strike has reached 40.

You know what? If these folks are so concerned with the status of “undocumented immigrants” to the point of wanting UC-B to make its campus a “sanctuary” for them, why wait? Why not invite hordes of them into their dorm rooms for extended stays? I’m sure UC-B, like everything else in California, is under a budget crunch right now and can’t afford to make the campus a “sanctuary.” So why don’t these pampered rich liberals take several hundred “undocumented workers” under their wings and pay for their stay with their own money?

Ah yes – I get it now. We’re talking about the left here, a group of “generous” American citizens who prefer for other people to pay for their pet causes. My bad …

Just curious: What group will go on hunger strike next over the AZ law? SharptonCo.? Mebbe after their Cinco de Mayo “freedom walker” festivities, or as our President would say, Cinco de Cuatro.


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