My photos/recap from the 2010 NRA convention in Charlotte, NC

Posted by: ST on May 15, 2010 at 11:54 pm

I uploaded three small sets here :) For future reference, there is now a “PHOTOS” link on the main menu of the blog as I will be adding photos from time to time.

Had an awesome 3 days getting to know the “lay of the land” with the NRA. As I’ve written before, I am not a gun owner, nor will I likely ever be, but I will stand up and defend your right to bear arms much in the way that many secular Americans will defend my right to be a Christian. It was nice to “step outside the box” and learn more about an issue that is not a “pet” issue for me but is nevertheless an important one for all Americans.

Of course, I enjoyed getting to see Sarah Palin, Amb. John Bolton, and Chuck Norris in person, but I had an even better time meeting and getting to know “bitterb” aka Christie, the Blog Bash Organizer Extraordinaire, who is about the nicest (and most patient!) gal you’ll ever meet, NRO Campaign Spot’s Jim Geraghty, who I quite literally bumped into back in the media area and who I sat by and chatted with in the opening hours of Friday’s political speeches, and ST reader/friend XRLQ, who had the patience of a saint in educating me a bit while we viewed the various floor exhibits today. He talked to me about some different types of gun rights groups, gun safety, taught me a little bit about how to aim/shoot, about how you should never use the bullets from a bigger caliber gun in a smaller gun – and how manufacturers were coming up with ways to stop that, gave me some recommendations on the kind of gun a woman who only wants one for self defense should have, and a few other interesting tidbits of info. Much thanks to him for showing me around the exhibit hall and for just being an all around nice gentleman.

As a side note: To say that what was on that floor was “gun porn” would be an understatement! LOL.

Anyway, get this: I even held a few (non-loaded, of course) guns in my hand. A first. I contemplated having a picture taken with me holding some fancy pistol, but I’m no Sarah Palin! Trust me – she looks better with a firearm in her hands than I do! ;)

I did purchase something while at the exhibits today: The best of the best pepper spray at the Guardian Protective Device booth. Got 4 of them – 1 for me, my sisters, and mom. Can never be too safe these days.

All in all, it was a great time. What I took away from it, outside of the reaffirmation that the people who attended this convention were anything but “bitter gun clingers,” was that it is imperative that the NRA continue to emphasize the fact that the vast majority of mass casualty firearm tragedies in this country come from either people who did not own a legal firearm, or maybe got someone else to purchase one for them, and that EVERY one of those tragedies maybe would not have been a tragedy if a legally armed person who was licensed to carry and shoot one in self defense and in defense of those around them had been nearby (example 1 and example 2).

And besides, as Sarah Palin asked, who promotes “gun violence” more? The NRA, or Hollyweird?

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16 Responses to “My photos/recap from the 2010 NRA convention in Charlotte, NC”


  1. Anthony says:

    My own evolution on gun issues is interesting: I’ve gone from (in my college days) supporting absolute gun control (a la People for the American Way) to the firm belief not only in the individual right to bear (other than military) arms, but that every woman should know how to use a pistol and be licensed for concealed-carry. There are just too damn many predators out there and, as my friend Steve in TN likes to say, “when seconds count, help via 911 is minutes away.”

    For myself, and similarly to ST, I have (mostly) no desire to own a gun. Partly because I’m klutzy enough that I’d likely shoot one of my toes off, but also because I just don’t feel the need to own one. The exception, of course is with antique guns: I would love to own a classic like a Winchester 30-30, or a replica of a 17th century wheel-lock. There’s something dashing about each.

  2. proof says:

    Gun ownership isn’t for everyone. There are responsibilities to handling guns safely just as there are precautions you need to take to keep your automobile from becoming a 2,000 pound killing projectile. Not everyone wants to or feels the need to shoulder the responsibility of gun ownership.

    Gun ownership does provide the added benefit of deterrence to our non-gun owning neighbors. Not knowing who is armed acts as a deterrent. If a thief does not know if your household is armed, he will likely will go elsewhere. In cities with high CCW rates, there are fewer break ins in houses and more autos stolen off the street!

    Criminals still commit crimes, but they are more likely to be against property than persons.

  3. Tom TB says:

    I’m 55, and learned how to shoot at an indoor rifle range at the local YMCA, at age 11. The private high school I attended also had an indoor range, and no, there were no school shootings. Career criminals fear average citizens who are armed far more then the police, with good reason; they know their civil rights of due process end the second they break into your house.

  4. Xrlq says:

    Not sure about the impact of CCW/CHP rates on burglaries, but there’s no question it’s influenced by gun ownership generally. American burglars carefully scope out properties to make sure they’re pretty sure no one is home. English and Canadian burglars do not; IIRC the rate of “hot” burglaries in both countries is roughly 50-50, while ours is more like 90-10.

  5. Darn darn darn, I so wanted to go, and perhaps meet you and XRLQ. Alas, my assistants were out this weekend, no way to get out of it. Looks like the convention was a great time.

  6. Kate says:

    I saw those comfy shoes, Sister!

    Glad you had a great time and represented those of us who have a healthy fear of firearms. I would certainly like a nice shotgun though to get rid of some lousy groundhogs that pillage the gardens around here. I live in the heart of whitetail deer territory and have had the unfortunate experience of having a deer run into my car and take out the driver’s side doors! So I appreciate any hunters who cull the herds!!!

    Guns really aren’t the problems as everyone knows, it’s the criminal element who use them as their weapon of choice.

    Thanks for the pics!!

  7. Heck, Kate, I live in the city of Raleigh proper, and have almost hit deer (or them hit me) many times. :d

  8. Carlos says:

    I grew up in a backwater town out west, and had fired a gun by the time I was 7. I owned a varmint rifle when I was 8, and shot (and field-dressed) a deer at 11. Growing up where I did, guns were a part of the social norm.

    I belonged to rifle club when in high school (could put out a candle at 100 feet without touching the wax), but the thought of using one against classmates never entered anyone’s mind, least of all rifle club members.

    I don’t own one now for various reasons, but until the Constitution is completely destroyed by the Obama/Holder/Kerry/Pelousy/American Way camp I will urge anyone with a sense of national pride and personal liberty to either own a gun (pistol or rifle) or support those who do (NRA).

  9. Xrlq says:

    WT: check out the picks ST links to. She has some pretty incriminating photos of me almost hitting stuff, too, which she was gracious enough not to post here. :/

  10. John says:

    The most impressive thing I saw at the NRA convention was Umarex USA’s new pistol, the Colt Government 1911.

  11. Anthony says:

    I love that “classic 1911” look. Like the six-shooter and the Winchester, it’s an American icon.