Surprise: Obama stands shoulder to shoulder w/ foreign leader re: US laws

… and this time he did it on US soil:

The LA Times has the relevant part of the transcript from the Obama/Calderon WH lawn presser:

With the president of Mexico at his side, President Obama on Wednesday called for a comprehensive immigration overhaul, and the two leaders lashed out at a new law in Arizona that critics have labeled as anti-immigrant.

The law is Arizona “is a misdirected effort that has raised concerns in both of our countries,” Obama said during a joint news conference.

Obama said he understood the frustrations about a broken immigration system that led to the passage of the law, but he repeated his call for a comprehensive approach similar to the one being discussed by some senators.

“We gave special attention to border matters,” Mexican President Felipe Calderon said of the bilateral discussions he, Obama and their staffs had. Calderon said both sides agreed that that more resources were needed to strengthen security and create a safe border that stopped the flow of drugs, guns and cash.

On immigration, Calderon repeated his opposition to the Arizona law.

“We retain our firm opposition to criminalize immigration,” he said, adding he firmly opposes the Arizona law.

Isn’t it great to see our President, instead of taking a neutral ground on the issue of a state law that virtually mirrors established federal law (and is somewhat similar to Mexican immigration laws), standing shoulder to shoulder on the WH lawn w/ a foreign “leader” against a US state? I would almost prefer a bow than this bull sh**.

I see President Obama’s not the only demagoguing head of state who knows how to lie about this law. It does not “criminalize immigration,” Mr. Calderon. READ THE BILL.

Oh, and speaking of – President Obama, have AG Eric Holder and Homeland Sec. Director Janet Napolitano read the bill yet? Feel free to answer – when you finally start taking questions from the press again. 8-|

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