Breaking: Crazy Tim D’Annunzio has Harold Johnson “served with papers” (UPDATE 3: LOCAL MSM PICKS UP STORY)

Posted by: ST on June 7, 2010 at 5:24 pm

I’m getting word that fruitcake GOP candidate for NC8 Tim D’Annunzio has had runoff competitor Harold Johnson “served with papers” at a Harold Johnson event that took place at the GOP Victory HQ in Fayetteville late this afternoon. Details are sketchy at this point but a Twitter friend posted this picture of the deputies arriving earlier.

Not sure what the “papers” are about (maybe Johnson’s not being the “right kind of Christian,” according to him and some supporters?), but this is the latest in a series of lame publicity stunts involving the embattled D’Annunzio. The drama king recently threatened to kick a media reporter out of a scheduled press conference – that was held in a govt building, backed out of a scheduled debate with Johnson, dodged a scheduled interview with Wake County’s NBC 17, and wouldn’t take questions from the media at a recent town hall meeting. It’s a sign of desperation from a man who knows he is losing traction and respect (what little he had) with the good people of NC’s District 8 at a time when early voting for the scheduled June 22nd runoff is taking place.

More later …

Update – 6:00 PM: I’m hearing that the “papers” were regarding alleged “defamation” by Harold Johnson due to a recent radio ad he’s started running against TD. Have heard the ad, and it is hard hitting, but then again, TD’s ads against Johnson have been even more so.

Hope to have more info later this evening.

Update 2 – 12:16 AM: The Politico has now picked up this story. They didn’t, however, report where it happened:

The Republican infighting in North Carolina’s 8th District intensified Monday evening, with Tim D’Annunzio hitting GOP primary rival Harold Johnson with a defamation suit again alleging that Johnson has lodged a series of false attacks against him.

In announcing his legal action, D’Annunzio said, “The Republican establishment has gone through admittedly messy divorce records from over 15 years ago in an effort to smear my name and elect their candidate of choice, Harold Johnson.”

The lawsuit comes weeks after the Charlotte Observer published a damaging story detailing D’Annunzio’s alleged criminal history and past drug abuse. Last week, Johnson hit the airwaves with a radio ad targeting D’Annunzio for his “life of drugs, crime and time served in prison” and for supposedly failing to pay an employer payroll tax, having tax liens, and withholding child support.

D’Annunzio’s campaign called the ad out of bounds, telling POLITICO last week that the one-minute spot inaccurately characterized D’Annunzio’s business history and past payments of child support.

In his statement Monday, D’Annunzio called Johnson, “a man who will go to any lengths to destroy another man’s good name in order to elect himself to Congress – in a district he has only lived in for five months.”

Oh my word. Pot, kettle …

Fun fact: Did you know that D’Annunzio himself wasn’t there when the Sheriff’s dept. served “the papers” on Johnson? But some of his supporters were. Coincidence?

I’m betting the local MSM will have a story or two on this tomorrow. I’ll provide link(s) when I come across them.

Update 3 – 6/8 – 7:35 AM: The Charlotte Observer reports on TD’s lawsuit and includes quotes from both him and Harold Johnson.

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2 Responses to “Breaking: Crazy Tim D’Annunzio has Harold Johnson “served with papers” (UPDATE 3: LOCAL MSM PICKS UP STORY)”


  1. camojack says:

    This politics stuff is a dirty business… :(

  2. Mark says:

    It appears that Mr. D’Annunzio did what most people only want to do. If he served papers to Harold Johnson he needs to also do so for Tom Fetzer who has broken every rule in the GOP handbook.

    Mr. Johnson has great curb appeal (local celebrity) and is clean with no past in or out of politics (from what I understand anyway) and is the perfect fit for the RNC pick. Harold is probably a “nice guy” which is also the stereotypical pick for the DNC and RNC…this way they can pull the wool over their eyes and use them as a puppet. Although the 8th district is the worst, it’s happening in every district…people don’t like change.

    As far as Tim D’Annunzio being crazy it appears his ex-wife is the one who is crazy. It is not my place to judge people on what happened in their personal life 15 years ago but I do know this: Tim D’Annunzio answered an 80 question vetting test from The Independence Caucus, then was interviewed by members while being recorded. He was asked why he answered the 80 questions the way he did. Other members listened and then voted for Tim in the 8th district.

    Mr. Johnson on the other hand…never bothered to respond. If that’s any indication of how he’ll be then I say D’Annunzio is the better candidate. What’s Harold Johnson going to do? The same crap that the GOP has been doing since 1994…a whole lot of nothing