Black SC pol: Greene may have won Dem primary ‘because he is black’

The clueless SC Democrat machine continues to try and make excuses for how the unknown Alvin Greene got chosen as their US Senate nominee, in spite of the fact that Greene didn’t have any campaign contributions and did no campaigning:

What also mystified Democrats across the state is how Greene managed to win without campaigning.

State Rep. Bakari Sellers, D-Denmark, suggested Greene might have benefited from being listed first on Tuesday’s ballot, but Fowler said the party’s two relatively little-known Senate candidates in 2008 polled at nearly 50-50.

Carol Fowler, the SC Dem party chair, suggested similarly the day after Greene was nominated.

Here’s more from the piece, including your quote of the day:

State Sen. Robert Ford, D-Charleston, who lost his gubernatorial bid Tuesday, said race could have played a role. The Democratic primary electorate is majority black, as is Greene, but not Rawl. “Vic Rawl had money, but he didn’t have enough. He wasn’t able to identify himself with black voters,” Ford said. “No white folks have an ‘e’ on the end of Green. The blacks after they left the plantation couldn’t spell, and they threw an ‘e’ on the end.”


So, in a nutshell, we have two issues at play here:

One is a sinister allegation by Clyburn that Greene was a “plant” – the insinuation being that he was a Republican plant – in order to make the path super-clear for incumbent Senator Jim DeMint to win in the fall. This in spite of the fact that all polling for that seat shows DeMint will easily win in Nov.

The second is that, in spite of whether or not Greene was anyone’s “plant,” nearly 100K SC voters – presumably most if not all of them Democrats – voted for a candidate who was completely unknown over Vic Rawl. Some Democrats speculate that a lot of Republican voters “crossed over” to vote for Greene, but that doesn’t make sense when you consider the fact that there was a highly competitive GOP gubernatorial race going on, and Republican voters were eager to cast their ballots for their favorite candidate. I don’t think very many of them would have asked for a Democrat ballot just to throw a curveball into a Senate race where their candidate (DeMint) was already expected to win in November. The margin of victory for Greene was around 36,000 so you’d have to believe that at least 36,000 Republicans crossed over to vote for Greene in this primary. Highly unlikely.

So, SC Democrats are left scratching their heads trying to figure out how a political unknown beat their “establishment” candidate, and the main reasons being suggested are “Greene’s name was the first one on the ballot” and “Greene was black.” Either way, even if just one of those excuses are true – and I suspect both are at play here – it’s an indication of the sad state of affairs within the South Carolina’s obviously ill-informed Democrat electorate. Then again, this is not exactly “news” – considering the fact that South Carolina Democrats in the past have picked race hustler Jesse Jackson as their presidential nominee in 1984 & 1988, and stealth racial gameplayer Barack Obama in 2008.

Just sayin’.


See Memeorandum for the latest MSM news on the fallout from Green’s candidacy.

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