Black SC pol: Greene may have won Dem primary ‘because he is black’

Posted by: ST on June 11, 2010 at 10:36 am

The clueless SC Democrat machine continues to try and make excuses for how the unknown Alvin Greene got chosen as their US Senate nominee, in spite of the fact that Greene didn’t have any campaign contributions and did no campaigning:

What also mystified Democrats across the state is how Greene managed to win without campaigning.

State Rep. Bakari Sellers, D-Denmark, suggested Greene might have benefited from being listed first on Tuesday’s ballot, but Fowler said the party’s two relatively little-known Senate candidates in 2008 polled at nearly 50-50.

Carol Fowler, the SC Dem party chair, suggested similarly the day after Greene was nominated.

Here’s more from the piece, including your quote of the day:

State Sen. Robert Ford, D-Charleston, who lost his gubernatorial bid Tuesday, said race could have played a role. The Democratic primary electorate is majority black, as is Greene, but not Rawl. “Vic Rawl had money, but he didn’t have enough. He wasn’t able to identify himself with black voters,” Ford said. “No white folks have an ‘e’ on the end of Green. The blacks after they left the plantation couldn’t spell, and they threw an ‘e’ on the end.”


So, in a nutshell, we have two issues at play here:

One is a sinister allegation by Clyburn that Greene was a “plant” – the insinuation being that he was a Republican plant – in order to make the path super-clear for incumbent Senator Jim DeMint to win in the fall. This in spite of the fact that all polling for that seat shows DeMint will easily win in Nov.

The second is that, in spite of whether or not Greene was anyone’s “plant,” nearly 100K SC voters – presumably most if not all of them Democrats – voted for a candidate who was completely unknown over Vic Rawl. Some Democrats speculate that a lot of Republican voters “crossed over” to vote for Greene, but that doesn’t make sense when you consider the fact that there was a highly competitive GOP gubernatorial race going on, and Republican voters were eager to cast their ballots for their favorite candidate. I don’t think very many of them would have asked for a Democrat ballot just to throw a curveball into a Senate race where their candidate (DeMint) was already expected to win in November. The margin of victory for Greene was around 36,000 so you’d have to believe that at least 36,000 Republicans crossed over to vote for Greene in this primary. Highly unlikely.

So, SC Democrats are left scratching their heads trying to figure out how a political unknown beat their “establishment” candidate, and the main reasons being suggested are “Greene’s name was the first one on the ballot” and “Greene was black.” Either way, even if just one of those excuses are true – and I suspect both are at play here – it’s an indication of the sad state of affairs within the South Carolina’s obviously ill-informed Democrat electorate. Then again, this is not exactly “news” – considering the fact that South Carolina Democrats in the past have picked race hustler Jesse Jackson as their presidential nominee in 1984 & 1988, and stealth racial gameplayer Barack Obama in 2008.

Just sayin’.


See Memeorandum for the latest MSM news on the fallout from Green’s candidacy.

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27 Responses to “Black SC pol: Greene may have won Dem primary ‘because he is black’”


  1. I suspect part of it is also the “plantation mentality” that pervades the Democratic Party. They simply expect the voters to do what they’re told by the machine. Let’s not forget the fun the LaRouche candidates had in Illinois back in 1986.

  2. Anthony says:

    Wow. Is Senator Ford Senator Knott’s soul brother? And just what are they putting in the State Senate water coolers in Columbia, anyway? If a White pol had said what Ford did… Just amazing.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole state curled up and died from embarrassment by this point.

  3. arcman46 says:

    It’s sad and pathetic, but equally funny, how deranged the Left is becoming.

  4. DaveO says:

    Sister Toldjah, thank you for the opportunity to post.

    Ms. Fowler and Mr. Rawls were asleep at the switch. They had to know that they didn’t know Mr. Greene, but instead of campaigning against a nobody, they were complacent.

    I’m not willing to buy that snake-oil of “e” indicating race. I’ve known a number of Greenes, and only one was African-American.

    I may be going out on a limb here, but I predict a new chairperson of South Carolina’s Democratic Party at the latest the day after the elections.

    This would make a great movie a la Mel Brooks – supposed they held an election and the voters chose the Wal Mart Greeter over State Senator Selfimportant?

    Even funnier: Mr. Greene gives Senator Demint a run for the voters’ money!

  5. Huh? says:

    I never knew that only black people named Green had an “e” on the end of their name? Are you sure this isn’t a joke? If the candidate’s name was Davon or Shaniqua I’d go with the racist-voting pattern idea — after all, a wide majority of blacks voted for Obama and no one knew anything about him except that he was black. Somehow I think that senator from SC better get out of state and look around — he’ll find a lot of non-blacks are Greene with an “e.”

  6. The left is desperate because they are on the verge of becoming irrelevant.

  7. Rip VanBullwinkle says:

    Identity politics at its finest.

  8. Lorica says:

    LOL It is so amusing when these guys can’t understand why the big money didn’t win. Perhaps, just perhaps, the people of SC got sick and tired of being talked at and this wasn’t so much a vote for Greene, as it was a vote against Rawl. Quite frankly I get alittle tired of the constant TV/Radio commercial that I am forced to listen too. Alittle quiet might be a nice thing. – Lorica

  9. Zippy says:

    What an ignorant thing to say re: ‘after they left the plantation’

    AND…if any Republican said that …the true racists, i mean liberals would have been all over that.

    This is downright ..funny, in an ignorantly rollicking type of way.

  10. Paul says:

    As a Native born South Carolinian, I wonder what is next for our great state? :d Witness Mark Sanford and Jakie Knotts for more fun…

  11. Frank A. says:

    I think the voters got tired of being told who they were expected who to vote for, and what’s the surprise here? Rawl is an unknown political hack. Greene is – or was – an unknown unemployed veteran. Hell, people probably thought it was about time a victim of the Democrats’ economic policy got nominated instead of yet another clown pledged to continue said policy. And if this irritates that fatass know-it-all Clyburn, well hooray! He’s probably afraid of an honest candidate who isn’t under his thumb.

  12. Great White Rat says:

    No white folks have an ‘e’ on the end of Green

    Damn….and all this time I thought that Revolutionary War hero Nathanael Greene, with the “e” on the end, was white. I guess all the portraits had it wrong, huh?

    Oh, and as for Alvin Greene – if the other two explanations aren’t ridiculous enough, maybe Ford can try this one: the Democrat primary voters thought they were voting for this guy. Although he doesn’t have the trailing “e”, so he must be white, no?

  13. Carlos says:

    Fortunately, even the rubes in SC will be able to see through all the party-line crap, and continue to vote accordingly.

    And BTW, when I call you “rubes,” I do it knowing full well that we here in Are’-ee-gone (pronounced Ore’-ee-gun here) are considered rubes by anyone east, north or south of us, so (having spent a school year in your great state) I was just identifying with you.

  14. rotarymunkey says:

    But according to Dem pollsters, the electorate isn’t unhappy with Congress. They’re not, they’re not, they’re not!

  15. Jeff F says:

    If he did not campaign and no one knows who he is how would anyone know he’s black?

  16. Jeff, it was the “e” on the end of his name ;)

  17. Brontefan says:

    …and now the Left Liberal Media will go after him, check him out, etc. just like they did with Obama.

  18. Carlos says:

    And, as a jackass, I’m just real sure he’s as level-headed as Duh-1, too, and wouldn’t even think of lying to the public about anything. I mean, he’s a Democrat fer cryin’ out loud, how could anyone possibly believe he’d be hinky enough to lie? Or be charged with a prosecutable porn offense? Or any of dozens of other jackass trademark moonbatteries?

  19. Jo says:

    It is all hilarious and I am one of the rubes from SC. I voted for Haley and will do so again. However, I did not vote for Trey Gowdy because we don’t need yet another arrogant little prick ‘representing’ us and he is that.

  20. Morris says:

    Uh….and did I mention he’s Putney Swope?


  21. Dishman says:

    No white folks have an ‘e’ on the end of Green.

    Kevin Greene is black?

    Yea, ok, its been a few years since he played in the area, and it was all the way in Charlotte…

  22. Molon Labe says:

    SC Dem racist voters saw “Greene” and thought “Nathaniel Greene”. Saw “Rawl” and thought “Lou Rawls”

  23. Mike Giles says:

    Do they have pictures of the candidate next to the switches on SC voting machines? If not, and if he didn’t campaign, how would anybody know what Greene was? Could it be that the only thing the voters knew was that Rawl was a politician – and they had never heard of Greene, so he couldn’t be one?

  24. I think I’ve got a pretty good idea what happened here. South Carolina politics, like most other places, is dirty business, and both sides play the game. Yeah, I think somebody put him up to this. So why didn’t they give him any money to campaign on? Pretty simple-he filed for the wrong race. He was probably told to file for the South Carolina STATE Senate race, or maybe even for the US House of Representatives, but got mixed up, so they left him stranded. And he won anyway.

    I posted about this here

    I also agree with the folks he pointed out it would be next to impossible for most voters to have known whether he was black or white.

    Also bear in mind, his opponent was also not well known state-wide, with a name recognition in the teens, and an approval rating of five percent, in an election year which is highly unfavorable for establishment and incumbent candidates.

  25. Russ says:

    Only in the diseased imagination of democrats can the primary victory of one black man over another be turned into something racist.