Michael Steele’s comments on the war in Afghanistan

Posted by: ST on July 2, 2010 at 10:14 pm

Absolutely intolerable. And not defensible in any way.

We’ve got troops over there fighting and dying to win this war, and Steele has the nerve to call it “Obama’s war” and “a war of Obama’s choosing” and “we can’t win a land war” in Afghanistan? What crap. Does he ever think before he speaks?

I agree with all the calls for him to resign as Chair of the RNC. Considering some of the other bull s*** he’s said, he probably should have stepped down before but now he really needs to. He’s gone too far.

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21 Responses to “Michael Steele’s comments on the war in Afghanistan”


  1. Steele is not a real conservative. If anything he’s a moderate, but moderate in these times just means you don’t really stand for anything. How did he get this job anyway?

  2. proof says:

    I think we got Steele for the same reason the country got Obama: He looked really good at first and said all the right things, he just wasn’t the right man for the job.

  3. Vince says:

    Boxed instructions for the RNC Chairman Non-Action Figure: 1: Open mouth. 2: Insert foot.
    3: Chew vigorously. 4: Still keep job.
    Repeat steps 1 through 5 ad nauseam.
    WARNING: This non-action figure cannot be removed from your presence, no matter how much you try. It will always be there. You think you are in control, but this non-action figure will ignore you completely.

  4. Carlos says:

    You’re right in your first sentence, proof, but wrong in the second. We got Obama because of liberal “white guilt”; it was obvious to those of us who listened to what he said and knew his record that he was headed in the wrong direction.

    We got Steele for the same reason, with this added bit: the “leaders” who run the RNC are, for the most part, spineless nothings that stand for nothing and wish they could be Democrats, therefore voted in Steele because of “white guilt” because it made them feel better. Instead of being Democrats, though, they’re just plain old run-of-the-mill jackasses that don’t have the intestinal fortitude to take a principled stand.

    The money line is they should resign and register as what they are, spineless Democrat wannabees, or resign and let Republicans run their own party.

  5. Marshall Art says:

    Steele was a guy that seemed impressive when he first came on the scene, but since he got this gig, the real Steele has been exposed. It’s not pretty. He needs to be replace.

  6. Dave B says:

    I’ve always admired Michael Steele and still do. Although these comments are disconcerting we should at least let him try to explain what the hell he was talking about. We’re only a few months away from what might be the biggest election in our history and I’m not sure what the damage will be if he stays or whether or not he is replaced at this late date. My guess is that whether he stays or goes the Tea Party and just regular pissed off citizens will carry the day in November regardless. Maybe Mike should leave for the benefit of the Republican party, at least in the short term if for nothing else but to squash the bull…. we’ll have to hear prior to the election.

  7. PE says:

    Its time for Michael Steele to change careers. He seems well qualified to be a doll at Disney’s Small World ride.

  8. CZ says:

    Many were looking for a good reason to boot Steele. He handed them one on a platter.

  9. b. pocoroba says:

    Firing Steele would be an enormous mistake. All through the campaign Obama said that Afghanistan was where he would put his effort. Steele’s only referring to clear statements made by the president for a long time. Yes, everyone knows that Bush hit the Taliban and Al Quaeda hard in 2001 after 911, but clearly, this most recent emphasis has been Obama’s. I’m in favor of fighting the enemy where they are – wherever. Steele is also in favor of that, but, ignoring the history of land warfare in Afghanistan is an error – whoever makes it.

  10. bill glass says:

    Know this’ll be a shocker, but I’m in about a 100% disagreement with firing Steele. His opinion is worth something to the debate, and I think he has every right to express it. Face it, the Steele critics ( backstabbers ) will look for about anything to get rid of him.

  11. ml says:

    Steele is not conservative. He need to go. We need a new leader of the Republican Party is a true conservative.

  12. Carlos says:

    Bill, it’s not looking for “anything” that we do, it’s just that, like a presidential candidate (for either party), he’s supposed to toe the official party line. He hasn’t even come close.

    Not that we want walking zombies like the far left has, but when in an official position the official needs to toe the line for the company. He/she can go off point and disagree all he/she wants to in private, that is the way policy is formed and changed; but when in public, the official line is it. Period.

    Can you imagine what would happen to, say, Eric Holder or Timmy (I hate paying taxes) Geithner if they were to roam freely off the reservation? Or the CEO of BP? Or GE? Or GM? Or even an employee of your local mom-and-pop hardware store? They wouldn’t last till sundown.

    So why should we put up with this “backstabbing” crap from Steele? Because he’s a man of color? That’s as racist as anything Obama or any of the leftists/liberals do!

  13. nina says:

    The powers to be in the RNC need to grow a pair and fire this man.

  14. daisy says:

    Well, we can’t win in Afghanistan. Nobody ever has. Even the Soviets, mean bastards who didn’t give a hoot about civilian safety or international opinion couldn’t do it. The Afghans are horrible people with revolting customs. We need to get out. :(

  15. Carlos says:

    Even John-boy Mac has come out and called for Steele to step down because he can’t toe the company line. Whooda thought?

  16. bill glass says:

    McCain running for reelection in AZ bears very little resemblence to the “real McCain.”

  17. Carlos says:

    At least as much as the jackass candidate running for president in ’08 did to the “real” Obama, Bill.

    The left’s upset because he’s not what they thought he was. The right’s upset because he is.

    With any luck it’ll stay that way for another 2-1/2 years. In the meantime, we need to clean out those who have been “representing” us by screwing us royally, and replace them with people who are who they say they are, and who don’t promise us the moon on a silver platter.

    We need a “new” way of doing business in D.C. – just like the days toward the beginning of our nation where honorable men served, and were honorable because they did what they said the were going to do. Haven’t seen much of that in D.C. lately, have you?

  18. Robert says:

    I’m going to “Try” to defend those remarks. Let me preface it by saying Steele needs to GO, but not for this.

    The entire Obama campaign was built around the Iraq war being the “Bad” war. Afghanistan was the “Good” war. Obama couldn’t be seen as being weak on Terrorists during the campaign. OBAMA made Afghanistan the fight he wanted and when he sent the additional troops to the fight it did make it a fight of HIS CHOOSING.

    The Obama administration has tried to take all the successes from Iraq and remove themselves from any failures. This one is theirs now just like the economy, the Oil spill and the voting intimidation cases that are going to happen in the future.

  19. kdizzydaze says:

    I am really on the fence about this one. This is Obama’s war (a retort to the many leftoids who called Iraq “Bush’s war”). CHildish statement, but party politics as usual.
    Keep him in, let him know that while he may be the director of the RNC – he is not the king and can be replaced -and if he pulls a d*%$ move and says, “replace me” then we replace him.
    Till then, let him explain and also keep from getting itchy trigger fingers over some of this bloviating nonsense.

  20. Carlos says:

    Understand, Robert and kdizzydaze, the outrage is not totally about this comment, but an accumulation of comments made over the last year or so that would make Joe Biden proud.

    In considering a person, consider the entire work, not an individual comment. Steele has been fortunate that the TEA parties have arisen when they did because it makes it look like he’s doing something right.

    He’s unfortunate because at least half the anger of the TEA parties is directed at Republicans because those particular elected members are flipping the finger at those of us dumb enough to vote for jackass-lites to begin with. When the primaries are over maybe we’ll have only a few Steele-endorsed “Republicans” still on the ballots.

  21. Mark in Baltimore says:

    While what Michael Steele said was perhaps a bit over the top. He did not make any false statement. Obama is our president, and the war in Afghanistan is now his problem to attempt to resolve. Also, the war is not winnable in the sense that the extreme Islamic factions that are battling the United States military and a few notable contributing nation’s forces will never surrender until every one of them has been killed. There is no foreseeable peace. The war has been going on for almost 10 years and cost far too much in human sacrifice and
    our country’s financial resources.