EPIC FAIL: Think Progress attempts to paint Tea Party as “racist”

FAILThey tried – but failed, thanks to intrepid bloggers like Conservative Generation, Bob Owens, and Blue Collar Todd.

No matter how hard the left tries (with the MSM’s help, of course), at best they will find a few lone nutcakes out there expressing hatred for “the black man” but by and large this movement is not even remotely about racism but instead about restoring fiscal sanity back to our government, and putting the people back in charge, not the other way around. And contra to popular belief, this movement actually started before President Obama was elected President. It just wasn’t officially called the “Tea Party” until shortly after.

This Think Progress tactic shouldn’t surprise anyone, of course. Why? Well, for starters, the Washington Post last week published a story titled “Democrats digging harder than ever for dirt on Republicans” which talked about how “The Democratic Party is moving faster and more aggressively than in previous election years to dig up unflattering details about Republican challengers. ” We knew this was coming because all of the polling is showing that November is likely going to be bad news for the left. At best they’ll just manage to maintain control of the House, while losing a few Senate seats. At worst, they’ll lose control of the House and come close to it in the Senate. So naturally, now more than ever Democrat operatives are digging for everything they can … because they don’t have a brag-worthy record to run on.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with official Dem operatives working behind the scenes to smear conservatives are their allies at the NAACP, who as we all know played the race card against the Tea Party this week at their annual convention. Conveniently, they aren’t going to release the exact wording of their “Tea Party resolution” … until a month before the election. Alongside the NAACP and other prominent left-leaning groups are your pundits and liberal bloggers who have, for the last three years have been attempting to paint any and all opposition to Barack Obama as steeped in “racism.”

These, friends, are obvious last-ditch, desperate attempts at “winning” over voters before November not by running on their own records, but by personally and politically attempting to smear the records of their opponents. Hey, they’re just following their “leader.” How far we’ve come from the glory days of Democrats regaining control of Congress and Barack Obama and the Axelturf/Rahmbo/Fibbs axis strolling confidently into the WH to excited screams and streams of tears coming from those who really did believe we were going to get the “smartest team EVAH assembled in Washington, DC” who would “fundamentally transform” America.

With big GOP gains in November (109 days from election day!), The Socialism Express, much like Think Progress did today, will suffer an epic fail by being epically derailed.

Oh, and back to the NAACP and racism, when is it they are going to start condemning some of their own members and supporters again? ….

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