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Despite being defended by the white farmer she allegedly discriminated against, former U.S. Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod will not get her job back.

Sherrod “kept us out of bankruptcy,” said Eloise Spooner, 82. She and her husband Roger Sooner, who own a farm in Iron City, located in southwest Georgia, approached Sherrod in 1986 — when she worked with the Georgia field office for the Federation of Southern Cooperative/Land Assistance Fund — seeking assistance.

Sherrod, who is black, was asked to resign Monday night by USDA Deputy Under Secretary Cheryl Cook after videotaped comments she made in March at a local NAACP banquet surfaced on the web indicating that she did not work as hard as she could on behalf of white farmers.

“The comments, taken out of context or not, hinder her ability to be an effective rural development director for Georgia,” said a U.S. Agriculture spokesperson who wished not to be identified. “Because of that videotape, it would be very hard for her to to be an effective messenger.”

The NAACP, which released a statement Monday critical of Sherrod, backtracked Tuesday, saying they were “snookered” by Andrew Breitbart, whose website released the edited video. Breitbart did not respond to a request seeking comment.

“Having reviewed the full tape, spoken to Ms. Sherrod, and most importantly heard the testimony of the white farmers mentioned in this story, we now believe the organization that edited the documents did so with the intention of deceiving millions of Americans,” NAACP President Ben Jealous said in a statement. “The tape of Ms. Sherrod’s speech at an NAACP banquet was deliberately edited to create a false impression of racial bias, and to create a controversy where none existed. This just shows the lengths to which extremist elements will go to discredit legitimate opposition.”

Jealous asked the USDA to reconsider Sherrod’s dismissal but, in a statement, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack stood by his decision.

If what Jealous is saying about the tape is true, then it will be a huge black eye for Andrew Breitbart, who told Ed Morrissey he never had in his position the entire tape but was looking for a copy:

Sherrod and others can complain about Fox News and the editing of the tape, but two points should be remembered. First, Andrew Breitbart made it clear to me last night that this was the entirety of the speech he had in his possession. He also wants to find the whole speech and is trying to get it. Second, this has a lot more substantiation and evidence of racism than what the Journolist attempted to cook up against Fred Barnes and Karl Rove, among others — or for that matter, what the NAACP has to accuse the Tea Party movement as a whole of being racist.

In the overall scheme of things, it’s really not really so much about Sherrod, but more about the NAACP, the reaction to what she said, etc. If it ends up that there’s more on tape where she talks about how she “changed,” I’m sure AB will issue an apology and will take his licks from The Usual Suspects. But what will be bad, in addition to the damage to both Sherrod’s and AB’s respective reputations, will be that people will be even more suspicious of cries of racism from the right, even though there are numerous verifiable true stories of left wing racism out there, particuarly as it relates to agenda-driven interest groups like the NAACP, Rainbow PUSH, National Action Network, etc.

The more I am reading about it the more it sounds like whoever gave the tapes to Breitbart heavily edited them first. As I said before, though, the reaction of the crowd was what was most disturbing to me and helped to reaffirm what I already believed about the NAACP. Also, I’d like to hear more about the “context” of the “government job” remarks. Not as inflammatory, of course, but worth a listen nevertheless.

If Jealous has this tape on hand, then he ought to give the media permission to release it in full, both for Sherrod’s benefit as well as others who are interested in this story. What I want to hear explained more than Sherrod’s comments, though, was the NAACP’s reaction to her (edited?) remarks. Didn’t hear a lot of gasps but it certainly did sound like the crowd liked what she was saying before the allegedly edited part …

Update 1: The Anchoress has a must-read on the fall out from the publishing of the Sherrod tapes.

Update 2 – 7:28 PM: Some great points are being made at Twitter by Tammy Bruce, Cubachi, and others about how quick the media was to make sure to put Sherrod’s comments “in context.” Where’s all this effort when it comes to the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, etc?

Update 3 – 7:56 PM: The NAACP has released the full video:

Update 4 – 8:28 PM: Just got done watching the full video. The farmer story was taken out of context so whoever sent Breitbart the edited version was a snake. The story she told about overcoming certain racist elements of her own behavior was a good one in context of the farmer story. The government jobs comments as reported by Breitbart were accurate and don’t appear to have been taken out of context.

But towards the end she started talking about the “racist” Tea Party and insinuated they were using the healthcare debate as a ‘code’ of sorts to indicate their racism against BO. These were her worst comments, IMO, bc apparently she believes just as Ben Jealous and the rest of the NAACP does that the Tea Party is a “racist organization.”

Video would have been great had she not gone there.

Oh well.

In any event, a lot of us got this wrong, and for suggesting that Sherrod was “racist” in retrospect now seeing the comments in context, I apologize. But her Tea Party Republican “racism” comments suggest she’s just like Jealous and the rest when it comes to any criticism of President Obama. And that’s just flat out wrong.

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29 Responses to “More to Sherrod/NAACP story than we know? (UPDATE: NAACP RELEASES FULL VID, SHERROD ACCUSES TP REPS OF RACISM IN VID)”


  1. Carlos says:

    Mr. Jealous: “This just shows the lengths to which extremist elements will go to discredit legitimate opposition.”

    Yeah, exactly. So why are you attacking the TEA partiers as racist, sir? Does this mean that you and your organization are in fact one of those “extremist elements” that you are talking about, sir?

  2. Jeff S. says:

    The NAACP, which released a statement Monday critical of Sherrod, backtracked Tuesday, saying they were “snookered” by Andrew Breitbart, whose website released the edited video.

    So, the NAACP could not get a copy of the tape from their own organization ? I’m thinking she may have apologized for her actions to the crowd and, my guess is, they turned on her loudly denouncing fair treatment of whites. Otherwise, release the whole tape NAACP, you have it in your possesion.

  3. Sefton says:

    So Jealous says they were “snookered” by the Brietbart version of the tape and it’s all pre-edited to create a false impression of racial bias.
    Strange that he couldn’t come up with a similar defense to the New Black Panther video, all while denouncing the Tea Party with no evidence, then quickly throwing Sherrod under the bus before deciding they were actually tricked into doing it.
    Tell me why this guy has any credibility at all.

    And wouldn’t it be at least a little humorous to find out the Spooners (the white farmer couple), who came to the defense of Sherrod, are Tea Party attendants.

  4. Jeff S. says:

    Mr. Jealous: “This just shows the lengths to which extremist elements will go to discredit legitimate opposition.”

    Now, isn’t that ironic ?

  5. I don’t believe Breitbart would manufacture something like this. He’s too smart for that. Besides liberals naturally afford us plenty of opportunity for legitimate criticism without us having to doctor video tapes. There’s something else going on here. Maybe someone is trying to smear him and by proxy conservatives in general by giving him the pre-edited tapes knowing he would take the bait and publish them.

  6. row says:


    worth further investigation?

  7. Phineas says:

    I’ve updated my own post about this. It’s clear Sherrod was wronged in the matter. Now, will the Obama administration admit it was wrong and give her her job back? If an apology is owed, I’m sure Breitbart will give it. Regarding the first tape, my first suspicion is that Breitbart got careless in his eagerness to justifiably smack the NAACP for it’s anti-Tea Party resolution and, for some reason, decided to run with the edited tape. My question is, who edited it, and did that person know what else was on it? And was this a set-up?

  8. Carlos says:

    Whether Sherrod was wronged or not is irrelevant to the administration. She brought at least temporary embarrassment to the administration, an unforgivable sin.

    Naturally, Duh-1 was in the lead in denouncing her, without all the facts in hand. Kind of a pattern, don’tcha think?

    And bottom line for me is, whether she apologized or not, by her bringing up the incident to the crowd she did, Sherrod was basically telling them “This is what I did, don’t you see I’m really one of you?”

    And for that she got approval from the crowd.

  9. Dennis D says:

    She hates Tea Partiers because she views them as White. She is a racist through and through

  10. Sefton says:

    But her Tea Party comments suggest she’s just like Jealous and the rest when it comes to any criticism of President Obama. And that’s just flat out wrong.

    I agree ST. Below is the text of her comments:
    Starting @ 24:00 – “I haven’t seen such mean-spirited people as I’ve seen lately over this issue of health care. Some of the racism we thought was buried…didn’t it surface…
    Now we endured eight years of the Bush’s…and we didn’t do the stuff these Republicans are doing because we have a black president.” {applause}

    Apparently she follows the ‘Tea Party is racist’ narrative. That’s the worst I saw on the video.
    Well, that and her overuse of the pregnant pause “you know” ‘s every five seconds.

  11. Timbok says:

    So……..Ms.Sherrod is not a racist, she just falsely accuses others of being racist. I can live with that; it’s just par for the course. Though, it’s good she was canned.

  12. Lee says:

    In the full video she is trying to be a motavational speaker for the all Black NAACP crowd she is addressing, especially the young people present. Is she racist? Yes, she admits she has been. Is she racist now? I would say less so as she has realized over time that racism hurts us all and that whites & blacks can work together. – The full video makes her look more balanced and also makes the Obama administrations rush to judgement appear to be “stupid” (to quote the President). – Only question I would have is why the “edit” in the “full” video at around the 21:00 minute mark where the tape jumps? Was something removed that the NAACP didn’t want known? (Now reported as supposedly a 20 min tape change?)

  13. RSweeney says:

    The racism charge was NOT out of order.

    Sherrod did indeed base her help on race, but she eventually saw the error of her ways and then embraced a socialist class-warfare approach where race was secondary to “class”.

    She gave up her racism for Marxist classism.

    This is hardly an improvement, more of a step to the side in the ladder of prejudice.

    And the fact remains that the NAACP attendees APPLAUDED her racist act.

  14. MissJean says:

    What? She lost her job at the USDA? But I thought she encouraged the audience to become USDA workers because government workers never lose their jobs. :-?

    Anyone else think that the knee-jerk NAACP response to the tape and her subsequent resignation is a little telling?

  15. Richard says:

    Watched the entire video and never heard anything about the Tea Party.

    Exactly what time in the video does she mention the Tea Party?

  16. JoeCitizen says:

    Why not show real class and put the apology in the headline and the first paragraph, instead of the last.

    And maybe a meditation on why it is that you were so eager to jump on board with that sleazy McCarthyite scum Andrew Brietbart. Or the costs to your own honor and credibility to be such a (red) team player.

    Y’know – lessons learned are always a compelling part of any sincere apology.

  17. Richard, it’s around the 24 minute mark. She doesn’t actually mention the Tea Party but instead “Republicans.” Same thing in the context of what she said about racism because it’s been the “Tea Pary movement” organizing the protests and rallies on HCR.

  18. Richard says:

    Sister Toldjah,

    Thank you for the assistance. I heard the remark. Defintely not a good point for a federal official to make to their audience.

  19. Zippy says:

    She’s still a racist, taken out of context or not. It’s so easy to be ‘snookered’ these days and we need to wait before jumping off the bridge. One person commented that it was taken out of context, and they were correct.

    I’m sorry Shirley, but you’re still a racist.

  20. jo blo says:

    Let’s see…

    ‘That’s when it was revealed to me that it’s about poor versus those who have. IT’S NOT SO MUCH ABOUT white, IT IS ABOUT BLACK AND WHITE but it’s not, you know…it opened my eyes.’

    And we have people on our side claiming that she was wronged? Glenn Beck, whom I normally like, did a real stupid thing tonight defending this woman.

    Imagine a white Republican male admitting that he discriminated some years ago against a black man because of color. And then imagine him saying, ‘it’s about education, not black, well it IS about black and white, but you know…’

    Glenn Beck, and all the other conservatives defending this woman would be howling how the republican guy deserved to be fired, how he was a racist, etc and rightfully so. So why give this woman a pass?

    This is a big problem on our side. We let the other side set the terms of the fight.

  21. Jo says:

    She is a racist. And the NAACP is the most racial organization on the face of the earth. As a friend used to say, ‘Sometimes you have to call a spade a damned shovel.’

  22. Zippy says:

    I’m stealing that quote Jo..lmao

  23. Carlos says:

    So, what she’s saying is that, since her racism is compartmentalized and only a part of her is still racist (the part that sees all TEA partiers and Republicans as racist), she’s OK and to be admired because she doesn’t let that racism affect her professional opinion or decisions?

    Yeah, right.

  24. DavidL says:

    Shirley Sherrod was a racist. She still is a Marxist. The NAA[L]CP was and is racist. Note that the Obama adminstration finds one non-racists, and fires her for it.

    Meanwhile, back af the ranch, Eric Holder is a racist, and Kevin Jennings is still a pedophile.

  25. Sonny says:

    Briebart is a genius! He has now turned the NAACP and other liberals from talking about Tea Party racism to NAACP racism. He is using the MSM’s propaganda methods against them, i.e. calling congressmen “N” when MSM and NAACP know it never happened.

  26. Robby Gonzalez says:

    Edited or not, she’s still a racist and thinks that she is “superior” to the poor white folks, who should probably “look to one of their own” for help. Her big fat mouth, bragging about how she had all the power over this white farmer, is what got her in trouble, looking for adoration for stooping down to help poor Whitey. Beck is fool with Messianic delusions. Listen to Savage. He knows the score.