The definitive smack down of WikiLeaker Julian Assange

Um, remind me never to get on Tunku Varadarajan’s bad side.

Warning: If you’ve got blood pressure issues, you might want to take your meds before reading Varadarajan’s piece, in which he quotes Assange – a fanatical anti-war activist from Australia – several times. What Assange’s done, in effect, is put in serious danger the lives of not just American troops but also hundreds of Afghan informants who risked their lives to help coaliton forces in Afghanistan catch terrorists – all in the name of “transparency” and “peace.”

Contemptible. Treasonous. I haven’t read much left wing opinion about this, but I wonder if the same gang who demanded more “transparency” from the Bush administration on sensitive, secret information related to war efforts in both Afghanistan and Iraq – and who applauded when bits and pieces of information that were potentially damaging to our national security were leaked to the NYT and WaPo – are cheering now? Will he, like Cindy Sheehan and Rachel Corrie and numerous other militant anti-war types, be hailed as a “hero” and “untouchable whistleblower” as well? x(

Next question: What “sources” gave Assange the 91,00 pages of documents in the first place? Is this man the culprit, or just one of them?

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