Pelosi: Let’s investigate the funders of Ground Zero mosque opponents

Posted by: ST on August 18, 2010 at 9:48 am

Because “patriotic dissent” is now officially over, dahlings!

No investigation of how the Ground Zero mosque and its proponents are being funded, but then again, we’re supposed to be nice to Islamofascists while being openly suspicious of each other here at home.

Nice …

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7 Responses to “Pelosi: Let’s investigate the funders of Ground Zero mosque opponents


  1. Carlos says:

    A suggestion: Since this “Victory Mosque” is such a good idea, and since the Moosies desires to build “victory mosques” at (or near) locations of triumph, let them buy the property next door to SanFranNan’s house and build one there.

    After all, their biggest victory over common sense in America started there, right?

  2. Pelosi is a traitor to America. Political correctness, multiculturalism and “tolerance” are killing us.

  3. anotheramericanvoice says:

    How about we build Christian Churches and Jewish Synagogues around the entire perimeter of the Mosque.Would love to celebrate a good Baptist revival w/ loud joyful singing or a big Jewish wedding w/all the wonderful dancing in the streets while they are carpet bowing..They won’t be allowed to burn those down here…or would they? Obama would probably find a way to allow it. Or we could wear bikini thongs and visit their pool that will ‘welcome all’! :o

  4. Carlos says:

    The “tolerance” of the left is killing us, literally. How many babies are aborted daily?

  5. Kate says:

    So True Carlos!

    I do think that if we would place a Prayer Station right on the corner near the mosque we might help bring some real healing to the people in NYC. They are lightweight portable and you can serve as many people as possible right where they are.