Why is Al Sharpton still called a “civil rights leader”?

There are a lot of things wrong about this Associated Press report:

NEW YORK (AP) – The Rev. Al Sharpton will host a weekly syndicated TV program focusing on education.

ESH Holdings, a new minority-owned multimedia company, says the half-hour news and information magazine, called “Education SuperHighway,” will target parents, educators and students.

Hosted by the well-known civil rights leader, the show will provide a forum for discussing educational issues, with political, business and social leaders taking part.

Isn’t it scary that this well-known race hustler is going to be hosting a syndicated show focusing on the education of America’s youth? What’s going to be his first priority? How to launch a rape hoax on innocent people and get away with it?

Furthermore, are you as sick as I am of how Rev. Sharpton is continually called a “civil rights leader” when he is anything but? As I said on Twitter, there is nothing “civil” about him, nothing “right” about him, and he is certainly not a “leader.” Yet he is continually treated by the MSM and left wing politicos as a “credible” voice on issues that affect and impact the black community.


Irony, thy name is “ObamaCare”

When the (Social) Democrats were shoving ObamaCare down our throats, one of the trumps they played was the Absolute Moral Authority Card: do it for the children!

Now that ObamaCare has passed, insurance companies have to deal with the new costs imposed by the legislation. Since the government threatens to break their legs if they raise prices, there’s only one rational response: cut services.

And thus it is that insurance companies are eliminating children-only plans.

Heckuva job, Progressives.

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