Why is Al Sharpton still called a “civil rights leader”?

There are a lot of things wrong about this Associated Press report:

NEW YORK (AP) – The Rev. Al Sharpton will host a weekly syndicated TV program focusing on education.

ESH Holdings, a new minority-owned multimedia company, says the half-hour news and information magazine, called “Education SuperHighway,” will target parents, educators and students.

Hosted by the well-known civil rights leader, the show will provide a forum for discussing educational issues, with political, business and social leaders taking part.

Isn’t it scary that this well-known race hustler is going to be hosting a syndicated show focusing on the education of America’s youth? What’s going to be his first priority? How to launch a rape hoax on innocent people and get away with it?

Furthermore, are you as sick as I am of how Rev. Sharpton is continually called a “civil rights leader” when he is anything but? As I said on Twitter, there is nothing “civil” about him, nothing “right” about him, and he is certainly not a “leader.” Yet he is continually treated by the MSM and left wing politicos as a “credible” voice on issues that affect and impact the black community.


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