Gettin’ “hippie” with it: House Dem goes “far out” to distance self from Pelosi

Check out the latest campaign ad from Rep. Jim Marshall (D-GA), complete with San Francisco hippies and a narrator with a distinct Southern twang (via Ben Smith):

Hotline on Call describes it:

Rep. Jim Marshall (D-GA) on Wednesday followed Rep. Bobby Bright’s (D-AL) lead and distanced himself from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in a TV ad.

But unlike Bright’s spot, Marshall’s ad bears some similarities to a very controversial ad run by a Republican in ’08 that led to significant backlash from the Democratic caucus.

“Georgia is a long way from San Francisco,” the narrator says at the beginning of Marshall’s ad, as images of hippies appears on the screen.

“And Jim Marshall is a long way from Nancy Pelosi. Jim Marshall does not support Nancy Pelosi. He voted the same as the Republican leader 65% of the time.”

And in the ultimate slap at desperate Democrats who are hungry to generate a “scandal” out of the Chamber of Commerce money non-issue, the Chamber plans on spending money this election cycle to help … Marshall.

As my co-blogger noted a couple of weeks ago, Marshall is not the only Democrat going through great lengths to distinguish themselves from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this election cycle. In fact, there have been numerous others, going back several months, who have been trying to distance themselves from this administration and its unpopular agenda – including Nevada’s Democrat candidate for governor Rory Reid, who actually left his last name out of his first campaign ad, presumably in an effort to distance himself from his unpopular father: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Can you see November from your house yet? I sure as heck can. Can’t wait.


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