Congratulations to Congresswoman-Elect Renee Ellmers! (UPDATE: ETHERIDGE CONCEDES, BLAMES “SECRET MONEY”)

I’m home for a little bit while dad gets some sleep before a visit in the hospital by the doctor. Wanted to post the great news (which has already been circulating on Twitter for a few of hours now) that Renee Ellmers has officially upset NC-2 Congressman Bob Etheridge (who has served in the US House since 1997). Via Hotline on Call:

Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-N.C.) is expected to concede this afternoon after results from a completed recount are likely to show he didn’t make up any significant ground in his race against Rep.-elect Renee Ellmers (R), according to campaign sources.

Etheridge has scheduled a 3 p.m. press conference to make the statement.

Officials certified Ellmers as the winner last week, but because her 1,489-vote lead over Etheridge was less than one percent of the total votes cast, the incumbent was legally permitted to ask for a recount.

The results of the recount will be announced this afternoon, but preliminary reports suggest they show no significant difference from the certified numbers.

The AP called the race on election night for Ellmers, and because of that, Etheridge’s concession will not mean that the GOP has picked up another House seat; Republicans remain at a net gain of 61 seats for the cycle.

It goes without saying that this is absolutely awesome. This was not a seat the GOP was expected to pick up. In fact, as I noted a couple of weeks ago, the NRSC didn’t assist the Ellmers campaign on that basis – she received neither campaign help nor money from them. On the other hand, Etheridge being an incumbent already had a nice-sized war chest with the help of the DCCC.

Ellmers becomes the only GOP candidate running for the US House here in North Carolina to win their election battle.

As the article noted, Etheridge is expected to make a concession speech at 3 PM ET. Check WRAL and WXII as they may be broadcasting his speech live online (as of the writing of this post, neither site has anything up noting whether or not they will do this).

Let’s hear it for Renee, who has already been to Washington, DC – joining others in the freshman class orientation! Here’s a picture of her from this morning with the other incoming freshman GOP women in the US House.

Update – 3:10 PM: Etheridge has officially conceded. From NC Public Radio political reporter Laura Leslie:

Etheridge chokes up a little as he thanks his wife. “We came up just a bit short.” Blames “Washington partisans,” “secret money.”

Finally, this is over. Can’t wait to see Congresswoman-Elect Ellmers shake things up in DC. :)

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