Future shortest book in history contenders

“The Pro-Business Policies of President Obama” or “What Kathy Griffin Has Said That Is Funny.”

Thoughts? Additions?

—- Inspired by the following Mediaite post on Tacky Kathy: Kathy Griffin Gets Booed By U.S. Troops After Calling Bristol Palin Fat (via Memeorandum).

7 thoughts on “Future shortest book in history contenders

  1. Iran vs. Israel

    Confessions of a Pigford Scam Artist “Farmer”

    Things More Important Than Me, by Barack Obama

  2. I love Bristol’s reply to Griffin. She has her Mom’s feistiness, and is going to be a contender in her own right.

    How about:
    Legislative Triumphs of a Democrat Congress, that have actually helped America by Steny Hoyer.

  3. “Deep Thoughts” by B.H. Obama

    “Thoughts on My Integrity” by B.H. Obama

    “Keeping Promises” by B.H. Obama

    “How to Be an Ethical Student” by Slo Joe B

    “Inside the Most Ethical Administration Evuh!” by Robert Fibbs

    “Planning for a Mighty Economic and Military Nation” by the Democrats

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