SC “New Democrats” president hopes SC GOP lawmakers “shoot each other”

Phil Noble is the president of the South Carolina New Democrats “think tank.” The “What We Believe” page for the SC New Democrats reads as follows:

As New Democrats, we are the modernizers in the progressive tradition in American politics.

We believe in the traditional values that have always propelled the Democratic Party, and we believe that the best way to further those values is to modernize our policies and programs to keep pace with the changing times.

We believe that economic growth is the prerequisite for opportunity for all and that the private sector, not government, is the primary engine of economic growth. Our outlook is global and we believe that mastering new technology is a key to success in the New Economy.

We believe in the values most South Carolinians share – work, family, responsibility, individual liberty, and faith.

We believe in tolerance and inclusion. No one should be left behind – ever.

We believe in community – that we are all in this together, and that we can only achieve our individual goals if we share a common commitment and responsibility to the larger community.

We believe that government should help people solve their own problems and that it must be modernized constantly to deal with the challenges and the opportunities of the Information Age.

In sum, we stand for traditional Democratic values and modern means. Our formula is opportunity, responsibility, community, and an activist government that empowers its citizens.

Hmm. With all that “belief” in “tolerance” and “inclusion” – not to mention “shar[ing] a common commitment and responsibility to the larger community”, you’d think the group, comprised of several SC state Democrats lawmakers, would be shocked and outraged at its president’s lack of adherence to the “New Tone” we’re all supposed to be observing post-Tucson tragedy. Here’s what Noble tweeted yesterday in response to the news that a GOP-controlled SC House subcommittee failed to approve a bill allowing state lawmakers to carry guns while conducting state business:

PhilNobleSC: Hopefully they will all shoot each other @GinaNSmith House voted down bill to allow lawmakers to carry guns while on state business.

Here’s a screencap of the tweet, in case he deletes it:

Looks like someone didn't get the 'New Tone' message ...

Unlike Sarah Palin’s “target map” – which, contra to liberal foamers at the mouth, didn’t call for violence in any way, this statement by SC New Dems president Noble is both provocative and violent in nature. Will the South Carolina Democrats who are board members of this so-called “tolerant” group speak out and condemn the remarks in an effort to give off at least the impression that they are committed to observing a “new tone” of civility? So far, I’ve seen no condemnations. But, if you live in South Carolina and are “represented” by any of the elected Democrat officials on this list, please let them know what you think (SC House / SC Senate).

Oh – and did I mention that US House Rep. Clyburn was on that list of “New Democrat” board members as well? SC-6 residents, please him know what you think by clicking here.

Via Right Turns Only, which posted that Noble is also a candidate for chairman for the SC Democrat party.

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