Civility Watch: Union thugs in Wisconsin want demands met – or else

Posted by: ST on February 17, 2011 at 6:12 pm

First, the back story:

As an estimated 25,000 people flooded the vicinity of the Wisconsin state Capitol on Thursday, Democratic lawmakers fled the state to prevent a vote on a law that would limit the collective bargaining powers of public employees.

The stakes are high nationwide. Wisconsin is the first in a long line of states considering big changes to pay, benefits, work rules and the bargaining power of government workers.

The Wisconsin measure would force public employees to pay more for pension and health benefits while limiting their union’s power to negotiate.

The sergeant at arms was searching for Democratic state lawmakers who had not shown up for a vote on the sweeping legislation, and one Democratic lawmaker said he and his colleagues had left the state.

Sen. Jon Erpenbach told the Associated Press that he and his fellow Democrats hoped to force negotiations over the Republican-backed bill, but he would not say where the group had gone. The state Senate Democrats did not show up when they were ordered to attend a midday vote on the legislation. Though Republicans hold a 19-14 majority, they need at least one Democrat present to vote.

It’s an absolute zoo in the state capitol as the “Gimme mine, and yours, too” union thugs and their mindless followers are standing their ground while Senate Democrats are … AWOL. We’ve seen this pathetic game played before by juvenile elected Democrats at the state level, haven’t we?

And the “civility” of this standoff? Well, watch and see for yourselves:

As you can see/hear, the Hitler references run wild, and there are several scenes where death threats are made against Republican Governor Scott Walker. Where’s the outrage?

So much for the “New Tone.” Will we see the national media saturate their airwaves, newspapers, and Internet sites with the hateful scenes from this “workers rights” stand off? Don’t count on it. It doesn’t fit with their established narrative.

Local Wisconsin columnist Patrick McIlheran hits the nail on the head (bolded emphasis added by me):

Say you generally liked Gov. Scott Walker’s move to rein in government labor costs but had a few doubts on his method. The last few days should have cleared that up nicely.

The public-sector union tantrums, meant to make lawmakers wobble, have an inadvertent message for the rest of us: Voters can vote all they want. We can elect a cheapskate governor and a Legislature to match. But come the moment, unions will have the last, loudest word.

They’ll have it if takes marches. They’ll have it if it takes what amounts to an illegal strike, with so many Madison teachers calling in sick Wednesday that the district closed schools. If it takes showing up for a we-know-where-your-family-is protest on Walker’s Wauwatosa lawn while he was at work, the unions are sure they can outshout any election result.

This is exactly why Walker is right to limit the unions’ power over government spending.

Walker, remember, is not removing unions’ fundamental power to bargain for wages. He is demanding that state workers put 5.8% of their wages toward retirement and that they cover 12.6% of their health care premiums, which would still have them paying more than $100 less a month than the average schmoe. He is also proposing that elected officials determine the shape of employee benefits without having to bargain them, and this as much as the added cost has unions crying “unfair.”


Walker’s moves are prompted by the state’s vast deficit. The alternative, he says, is to lay off thousands. Nonsense, charge the marchers: Just raise taxes. Unions and allies have for years been demanding more sales taxes, new business taxes and higher taxes on other people’s incomes, all to keep the state flush and generous. We’re taxed enough already, said a voting majority in November. Not yet, insist the unions that have become the largest players in Wisconsin politics precisely to counter any such voter sentiment.

As I wrote just a few days ago:

Never is the duplicity of the Democrat mantra of “caring” so transparent as it is when it comes to union workers and contract negotiations. Union fat cats don’t care about the worker – the big bosses care about increasing the percentage of their slices of the pie while maintaining (or growing) their high positions of influence. And the workers? They just “want theirs” – no matter who foots the bill. Who cares about the many non-union folks who want jobs but do not want to be a part of any union, anyway? Certainly not the party and not the liberal labor orgs, both of who falsely claim to be so passionately on the side of the ”middle class.” It’s all about political payback and power at the expense of the evil private sector, all the while fostering a “gimme mine” mentality amongst rank and file union members.

At the expense of hardworking taxpayers like you and me – and our families. To use a favorite tactic of Democrats, why do union workers in Wisconsin want to take food out of the mouths of babies so they can continue to enjoy “free/cheap” health care and other uber-expensive union benefits while other families have to pay higher taxes while still finding it hard to make ends meet?

These people are nothing but contemptible. Absolutely contemptible.

Michelle Malkin is following all the latest developments both at her blog (more here) and via her Twitter feed.  Gateway Pundit has must-watch video coming.

Wish I could say I was surprised but I’m not. This is what Democrats do when they don’t get their way. Gov. Christie would be having a field day right now if this were happening in his state. I hope Americans – especially those in pro-union states – are paying attention to what’s happening in Wisconsin and wake up to the reality that in order for states and the federal government to get back into the black, hard decisions are going to have to be made by legislators at all levels, and sacrifices will have to be made – even by pampered union employees who think they are owed everything.

A new theme is emerging across America thanks to the 2010 elections, especially in states controlled by Republicans: The era of Business As Usual is Over.   It’s about time.

Update – 6:22 PM: Astroturf alert! From Politico – DNC playing role in Wisconsin protests

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19 Responses to “Civility Watch: Union thugs in Wisconsin want demands met – or else”


  1. Sefton says:

    “Everybody’s going to have to give. Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game.” – Obama 2009

    Except for the protected classes and contributors in your totalitarian regime, eh Barry?

  2. FrankNitti says:

    been hearing this for years, not that i completely agree but…..

    those that can….do
    those that can’t….teach
    those that can’t teach….teach gym

    hope the governor pulls a Reagan and fires the lot….i’m sure there are some non-union or maybe even union teachers around that would love to have those jobs.

  3. NC Cop says:

    But remember: “It’s about the children!!”

    Never have I seen such a group of cowardly and traitorous loons.

  4. Phineas says:

    Legislators running away and hiding seems to be a pet trick of the Democrats. I recall Texas Democrats doing the same thing (2001?) to block redistricting. I can’t imagine how they think this makes them look good to their voters.

    Assuming Governor Walker has the authority, he should do to the teachers what Reagan did to PATCO: fire them for illegally abandoning their jobs.

  5. MarkJ says:

    My modest advice for Governor Walker:


    Walker can then quote from Alec Baldwin’s “Glengarry Glen Ross” motivational speech, “Oh…have I got your attention NOW?”

  6. TexasDoc says:

    What astounding hypocrisy from the Democrats! Never seen such a group of craven, whining cowards!

  7. RM says:

    These teachers and officials who accept lavish salaries and perks and then refuse to work so they can demand more are an insult to the millions out of work and under employed today.

  8. Old Goat says:

    What the Governor could do if this farce continues is give them a democratic choice. Simple as this, stop the protest and accept this bill where you all end up keeping your jobs, or keep the protest going and face layoffs to meet the budget requirements.

    When you run out of funds you have to make tough choices. Something the Democrats just seem to ignore.

    This reminds me of when Bush talked about Social Security going broke and predicted that it would start going in the red. The Dems reply was it is perfectly healthy and the funds are in a lock box. This year its in the red and only to going to keep on being drained till there is nothing left.

    I can appreciate that it is not easy to have things cut on you. I’ve been in jobs where the salaries have been cut, where salaries stayed the same but had to pay a portion of my health coverage benefits (which were also reduced). Its what happens in the real world when a company needs to make a certain amount of profit and costs are unsustainable.

    This is simply a reflection of poor management in prior years coming due. The amount these union members would have to pay is minor compared to what most workers have to pay.

    Unions have their place, but far too many of them have caused the decline of the industry they work in. Just look at the auto industry in the US. It used to be incredibly strong, but imports have taken over the market – in large part due to costs of US workers pushing the price of the cars up, while quality and value went down.

    We have seen in the education of our citizens a steady decline in their standing in the world. The Dems always say spend more and more per child, even though the results are never met. Private schools, though they can be expensive, actually cost less per child they have enrolled than public schools. The teachers aren’t deprived, as more often than not the best teachers go to them to work, have less students per class, and have end up having a high percentage of the students go on to college.

    Our children are getting short changed if they go to public schools by the things they are taught. History is a joke. My kids know more about history than most of their peers because we talk about it and we teach them about real history at home.

    We are living in interesting times. Sadly.

  9. DemocratsTrueColors says:

    This is not how Americans behave. Progressives in Wisconsin haven’t been Americans for decades. These teachers are part of the soviets in exile gang.

  10. the democratic legislators left town because they want to work in that bi-partisan way that obama keeps talking about.

  11. Iva Biggin says:

    Do these numbskulls actually believe that the tax paying public will sympathize with them? I’m sure that the vast majority simply say “F–k ’em, FIRE ’em!”…

  12. MissJean says:

    The “sick strike” and the WI Democrats fleeing their own responsibilities disgusts me. The last time teachers in my district went on strike was… never. Even my most liberal co-worker told me yesterday that “I am an emotional liberal and X (another co-worker) is an emotional conservative, but we both know when to use logic and knowledge.”

    Then again, the administrators and most of the teachers in our district live in or near it (with listed numbers!). I’d be willing to bet that most of the striking WI teachers have a good commute. It’s really hard to justify the outrage when your neighbors have lost jobs, are moving their suddenly house-poor relatives into their homes, and shovel by hand to save gas for their job searches.

    Or maybe it’s just that Wisconsin has a lot of lazy Democrats, including their AWOL elected officials.

  13. Peter says:

    Democrats do not seem to have much respect for democratic elections, do they?

  14. Thomas Darby says:

    Can we be “safe and happy” with less federal government? Do we need two senators from each state when the populations differ between states from thirty-six million to five hundred thousand? Why not do away with house districts and develop one hundred senate districts with near equal populations? This would return one man one vote. The reduction in the federal budget would be substantial. Is it time for thinking outside the box?

  15. Carlos says:

    #3: “Never have I seen such a group of cowardly and traitorous loons.”

    #6: “Never seen such a group of craven, whining cowards!”

    Answer: Yes you have. Happens at least every four years, when the jackasses have their convention. This time around, though, it’ll be four consecutive years without a break, what with this administration and all.

    And Mr. Darby, there’s a reason the Founding Fathers set the Congress up the way it did. It was to prevent overpopulated idiot states like New York and California from dragging the rest of us down to their level of lunacy without our consent.

  16. Bill Chivers says:

    This is the first chance I’ve had to make a comment on this issue.

    California teachers must contribute to a retirement plan that is NOT run by the government.  Instead, we contribute a fairly large amount to STRS (State Teachers Retirement System).  This is NOT a governmental entity, but is entirely private.  They take our (involuntary) contributions and invest them in stocks, bonds etc.  Contributions are based upon salary.  ($60k = about $400/month)

    Please help to get this message out.  News reports, bloggers, columns and pundents do not to their homework on this.  Instead they lump us with other states.


  17. Carlos says:

    We appreciate that, Mr. Chivers, but if and when the fund goes belly up, will the STRS be going hat-in-hand to the legislature with a request for a bailout, knowing the jackasses who run the state will give it to them because the teachers as a group vote nearly straight jackass?

    Just askin’.

  18. TexasDoc says:

    On multiple web sites, I have read about some physicians signing blank medical absence excuse letters to protesters at the Wisconsin state capitol. I don’t know if the people soliciting these excuses are licensed medical practitioners or not, but in Texas I could not write that kind of letter unless I actually had done a complete examination of the patient. It makes me wonder if the Wisconsin medical licensing authorities are monitoring the situation or not.