VIDEO: Teachers union ralliers in NJ equate Christie to Gaddafi

This is one of the better union “new tone” videos. Watch and listen as some of teachers union members suggest Governor Christie is just as evil as Libyan dictator/terrorist/murderer Moammar Gaddafi, while other teachers fumble for answers to the question of how they are educating students by essentially skipping school:

Priceless. Love that their incivility and stupidity is going to be forever immortalized in video.

Via @Instapundit by way of @JustKarl.

8 thoughts on “VIDEO: Teachers union ralliers in NJ equate Christie to Gaddafi

  1. Yeah-those dipsh*ts aren’t middle-class. They fricken wish they were.
    Middle-class isn’t defined solely based on how much you make, and these creatures will never make it over to “the other side of the tracks”, and they know it.

  2. Isn’t relativism wonderful? The left has spent all these decades preparing their mushmind kids for this moment of non-sequiter stupidity, and their patience will undoubtedly pay off to some degree as their now-adult-in-body-age-only students accept what is said about anyone who disagrees with their “leaders” without any critical thought and certainly no intelligent processing of what is being said.

    Is this a great country or what, where the sleaziest of creep teachers can dumb down their students to the same level of swamp rot they themselves love so much?

  3. We don’t have a “right” to bully taxpayers into giving us compensation far above what our labor is worth in the market place. No one in public service should ever be a member of a trade union; since you are all ready a member of the team that sets your salaries and benefits!

  4. It would be interesting to check IDs and see how many in that crowd are from NJ – and how many have been bussed in from across the country…

  5. didn’t these people hear obama’s great speech on civility in arizona. what do you think of obama making that speech while his minnions in OFA and SEIU were planning these demonstrations.

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