Dear Ezra Klein: Would you please name the Christian equivalent of OBL?

Posted by: ST on March 9, 2011 at 8:31 pm

The moral relativist of the week award goes to ultra-liberal Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein. Check out this transcript from a Monday segment of MSDNC’s Morning Joe in which host Joe Scarborough, Pat Robertson, and Klein discuss the upcoming Rep. Pete King hearings on the radicalization of Muslims – hat tip to my co-blogger (bolded emphasis added by me):

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Obviously there is a threat there, but it seems to me, especially after this summer and the ugliness of New York, Peter King needs to be very careful, very responsible.

EZRA KLEIN: And I think he needs to back off. I think Ellison is right, and I think if Eric Holder was staying up at night, then he can launch an investigation. What King is doing is not launching a serious investigation. What King is doing is launching publicity-hounding hearings. He is trying to make his name bigger, he is doing something big and in public to scare people. That is not the same as a serious law enforcement effort to look at radicalization of the Muslim community.

SCARBOROUGH: Pat Buchanan, what do you think?

PAT BUCHANAN: Look, I think the Muslim community is particularly vulnerable to an approach from abroad to try to radicalize them and make them enemies of America. That’s legitimate. Every politician, frankly, raises himself up with hearings like that. I think we ought to wait and see what Peter King does.

SCARBOROUGH: Ezra, do you not think there is a threat of the radicalization of a small group of Muslims here, like for instance England – obviously, it’s a much bigger problem in England that it is in the United States.

KLEIN: We have not seen it yet, and there is a good reason – we have not seen it in America in a serious way yet. The Muslim community here is very different –

BUCHANAN: Major Hassan killed 13 major Army guys and wounded 41.

KLEIN: But there’s not a ton of evidence, though, that was a radicalization of American community. We’ve had spree shooters in America, Pat.

BUCHANAN: He’s had contact with the guys abroad…

KLEIN: We’ve had school shootings from young Christians.  [HUH? -ST]

BUCHANAN: But these are guys abroad are reaching in to the United States by various modern media, and they’re recruiting, and kids are listening to it. I think opening that up – I agree with you. Look, don’t demonize Muslims but there’s no doubt…

KLEIN: How does he not demonize Muslims by doing this?

BUCHANAN: Because radical Muslims are trying…

KLEIN: You could explain – you have one example here, and we’re trying to talk about an investigation into an entire religious community. We bought from the one to the whole very quickly, and people need to be very careful doing that.

BUCHANAN: Who is most susceptible or vulnerable to the kind of recruitment coming out of the radical Islam? It’s American Muslims!

KLEIN: Why do we think they’re so vulnerable to it?

BUCHANAN: But why do you think….

KLEIN: There are radicals everywhere. There are neo-Nazis who claim they’re Christians. Is the Christian community in America so deeply vulnerable than neo-Nazis?

You can view a partial video clip of th exchange in question here.  Gotta love Klein’s outrageous and false assertion that “young Christians” have engaged in school shootings.  Um, how many of them cited God as their inspiration, Ezra?   Warner Todd Huston called him out on this bizarre point in his post at Big Journalism earlier:

Have we had people that are ostensibly “Christians” involved in school shootings? Not really as they didn’t cite their faith as the reason compelling them to murder — in fact, their supposed religious affiliation is no more relevant than the fact that they all had hair, or they all wore clothes when they perpetrated their criminal mass shootings. Using Klein’s logic, I suppose we could say fashion designers are prone to terrorism because these shooters wore clothes while committing their crimes?

As I have written here numerous times before, most recently yesterday in response to the drama queen antics of Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), liberal moral relativists just don’t get it. If we currently had a worldwide epidemic of radical Christians plotting terrorist acts in churches, blowing up buildings and buses, planting roadside bombs almost daily, oppressing, raping, and burying alive Muslim women who “get out of line”, murdering non-believers via numerous means including beheading, and bullying/intimidating/threatening governments and news organizations into political correctnesss and/or censorship, useful idiots like Ezra Klein might have a point. But, as is usually the case with liberals when it comes to the issue of Islamofascism, the “Christians do it, too” card must be (falsely) played, because they really can’t seriously defend radical Islam in any way – so they equate extremely rare acts of  “Christian” extremism – acts that are carried out under the mistaken belief by the deranged perps that the Bible condones such violence – to the not-so-rare-acts of Islamofascism not just here at home but worldwide, despicable acts that are carried out in the name of “Allah” because that is indeed what “Allah” calls for. This is not disputable, although liberals have tried really hard to do just that.

Isolated acts of “Christian” extremism are typically committed by loner types or small groups of disturbed individuals who have grossly perverted the word of God into something it is not: A call to arms against non-believers. In the Christian faith, there is no “punisher” of non-believers here on earth.  “The decider” – so to speak – is God Himself.  There is no growing global, thriving network of Christian extremists plotting, scheming, recruiting by the thousands, intimidating, terrorizing, killing so-called “infidels.” On the other hand, the decades-old organized Islamofascism network has a number of “leaders” worldwide – the most infamous of course being Osama bin Laden, and their bases are scattered throughout Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and most anywhere else the Islamic faith prevails, because the Koran specifically gives the green light to Muslim believers to take up arms against non-believers, using any means necessary.

There’s the dangerous, faulty liberal moral relativist fantasy version, as symbolized very well by Ezra Klein, and then there’s the brutal truth, as devastatingly demonstrated by the number of those seriously injured or dead as a result of the tens of thousands of terrorist attacks carried out by Islamofascists trying to do right by “Allah.”  The facts simply are not on the left’s side on this issue, and – sadly for them – never will be.

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17 Responses to “Dear Ezra Klein: Would you please name the Christian equivalent of OBL?”


  1. RickS says:

    Poor dumb Ezra. I have to think that the WaPo people who hired this dimwit have got to be kicking themselves about now. He makes a complete fool of himself time and time again on national TV.

  2. Carlos says:

    What are you saying, RickS? That Klein is an idiot who got hired by the WaPo because they felt sorry for him because he’s intellectually challenged?

    Absolutely not! Klein’s version of effete intellectualism is exactly what the WaPo was looking for when they hired him. Same with most the rest of the WaPo, NYT, LAT, Globe, etc., writers.

    They care not a whit for intellectual prowess, they care only that their writers can do the mental gymnastics of extreme contortions necessary to make their progressive arguments sound good. They aren’t good arguments because progressivism is unsound to begin with, but they do sound (to other fools and the easily-led portion of the public) reasonable, sometimes. At least to progressives.

  3. Tom TB says:

    All religions, beliefs, faiths, creeds, are absolutely NOT THE SAME. Does saying that burst some kind of liberal baloon? I worked at the World Trade Center, and in the short history of the twin towers, it was attacked twice by organised Islamic groups. No members of any other faith on Earth prayed for the destruction of those buildings.

  4. I posted the BCP Lenten prayer on my site. You should see how radical it is! Why, if every Christian legislator (or even a President!) actually prayed it and believed it, why, how ghastly!

    Because the Muslim equivalent is

    So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the obligatory charity, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. -Surah 9:5

  5. Freedom Now says:

    Perhaps Allahu Akbar is really a Christian reference?

    Perhaps liberals protesting at recruiting centers/Walter Reed Hospital and storming government buildings in Wisconsin are truly patriots.

    Its Animal Farm out there…

  6. Chris in NC says:

    As I commented on ST’s facebook page. Come on, get with the program. GW Bush, Sarah Palin! It’s too easy! :)

  7. 1389AD says:

    All Muslims who take seriously the tenets of Islam are a security risk. Why? Because the Qur’an and the Hadiths mandate perpetual war against unbelievers (that’s us) by every means available (including military force, infiltration, propaganda, lying, you name it) until the entire world is under the control of the Ummah.

    Islam is not a religion in the sense that Westerners think of it, but rather, it is an expansionist, totalitarian, enemy political ideology that seeks to rid the world of everything except Islam.

  8. bd says:

    the hard left despises liberty, the words of the US Constitution, and the belief-system/principles that are the foundation therein…

    islamic extremists deny/despise liberty, the words of the US Constitution, and the belief-system/principles that are the foundation therein…

    they will work together as “allies at arms length” to achieve their hearts longing (with the devolution of the usa as we know it as a plum component); if/when they were to achieve such, then they would go after each other “tong and nail” with no regard to the destruction/suffering they might inflict

    the “useful idiots” see none of this…

  9. Chris says:

    Gotta keep yer eyes peeled fer all o’ them there Amish terrorists just a-runnin’ around the countryside makin’ mischief, shoutin’ out “Jesus saves!” before they fling a stale dumpling at innocent bystanders in one of their notorious horse-and-buggy drive-by attacks.

    Yup. Lock ’em up, all of ’em.

    Geeeezie looeezie, what an ersatz intellectual dimwit (rhymes with Dem-wit…same thing). He must’ve severely sprained his only synapse trying to come up with that conclusion.

  10. Zippy says:

    “There’s the dangerous, faulty liberal moral relativist fantasy version…”

    That nails it quite clearly. They believe themselves to be worldly but are anything but. Their vision is tainted. Yeah, yeah.. I want to live in a world of bubblegum and lollipops, world peace ..But, the truth is not that, and never will be. Especially with these maniacs infiltrating our very core.

  11. ruralcounsel says:

    There is a legal term for what Ezra Klein is doing here.

    Willful ignorance.

    Tell me how Christian leaders from the Vatican or where ever have called for a “holy war” against the west? Then you can equate “Christian” terrorists with Islamic ones.

  12. Matt Platte says:

    @ruralcounsel Your question would make more sense if it read, “…called for a ‘holy war’ against the east.”

    But we ‘Christians’ don’t need to call for such a war because the current ‘Crusade’ has been rolling around the Middle East for nearly a hundred years.

    (Scare quotes referring to George W. Bush, of course.)

  13. Carlos says:

    Klein is a dullard. And, being such a great writer, he probably couldn’t conceive of himself being such. Part of his elite arrogancia protective layer, protecting him from a few minor things like reality and the capability to objectively work through a problem.

  14. Lorica says:

    Every thing gets back to the Nazis with these people. Good Lord Man, a good Nazi was not a good Christian!!! I would honestly give Klein a dollar to go buy a clue if I thought it would help. – Lorica

  15. Lorica says:

    But we ‘Christians’ don’t need to call for such a war because the current ‘Crusade’ has been rolling around the Middle East for nearly a hundred years.

    To be quite frank, the original crusade took about that long before the Europeans got involved. How many years had the Moors invaded Spain before the rest of Europe realized there was a problem?? When did Turkey switch from a Christian nation to a Islamic one again?? Yet, it was the Christians who were the problem in the Crusades. This dream of a world wide calaphat has been in the forefront of their minds since Mohammad. Yet we keep losing territory, and somehow it is our fault. – Lorica

  16. Carlos says:

    “Yet we keep losing territory, and somehow it is our fault.”

    Yeah, Lorica, how rude of the Christians (and Jews) to occupy the land they own.

    I do not advocate a new crusade, but I wish the Left Stream Media would get it right – the Islamists were the aggressors in the Crusades, having taken land (especially “holy” land) by any means necessary, always by force, usually by deception and always with the deaths of innocents involved.

  17. Lorica says:

    Absolutely Carlos!!