Indy fleebagger equates running away to another state with serving in Afghan war

Posted by: ST on April 1, 2011 at 6:01 pm

I just threw up a little bit – well, ok, a whole lot – in my mouth after watching this video:

Seriously, watch it. Talk about sheer chutzpah!

Via Hoosierpundit, who nails it:

That’s District 69 Democratic State Representative Dave Cheatham (Dave Cheat ‘Em) comparing his retreat to Illinois to avoid doing his job to soldiers being deployed to Afghanistan to fight for their country. Disgusting.

Our soldiers are leaving home to do a job serving their country by going to Afghanistan. The Democrats ran away from doing their jobs serving the people of Indiana by fleeing to Illinois. The soldiers in Afghanistan are fighting and dying. The Democrats aren’t in pitched combat. Their lives aren’t in danger. They’re not dying.

And he cut and run from his responsibility, something our fine men and women in uniform do not do. How dare this jerk morally equate his cowardly actions with the courageous actions of our sailors and soldiers and airmen?

Doug Powers puts an even finer point on things:

Troops in Afghanistan:

The Marines in Garmsir spend a lot of time talking about the heat. A thermometer flat-lined one particular day, when temperatures reached 135 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun.

“It’s even too hot at night for the mosquitoes,” says one Marine.

They live in crude mud-wall compounds. There are no sewage system, no telephones, no electricity — these young men have been sleeping in the dirt for weeks.

Indiana Fleebagger:

The Democrats wouldn’t speculate on how long they’d stay in Urbana. But if a person had to stay indefinitely in Urbana, the Comfort Suites would not be a bad place.

The hotel has a fitness room (the TV was turned to “I Love Lucy”), an indoor swimming pool (“maximum bather load: 50?) and a hot tub (“maximum bather load: 6?). The Democrats had not yet taken advantage of the amenities, according to hotel staff, fellow guests and the Democrats themselves.

Yeah, sounds like a real war zone out there in Urbana, Illinois. 8-|


Fall day - Urbana, Ill.

Fall day - Urbana, Ill.

Versus this:

US troops in Afghanistan

US troops in Afghanistan.

Which looks like the toughest place to be? Perhaps Rep. Cheatham should be the one to answer that question.

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16 Responses to “Indy fleebagger equates running away to another state with serving in Afghan war”


  1. Phineas says:

    Wow. I hope his constituents remember this. That’s just obscene.

  2. Carlos says:

    No more so than the gays riding the back of the black civil rights movement, Phineas. (Pardon the pun, BTW.)

  3. Kate says:

    I think he qualified for the Fruit Loop Award of the Year! He gets my vote!! Wow what a baffoon!

  4. Carlos says:

    But Kate, have you forgotten all the other wonderful FLOTY candidates? Chucky Cheesy Schumer? Slo Joe Biden? Duh-1? Hillarious? Almost anything that comes out of the RNC?

  5. PE says:

    A lobotomy would do wonders toward improving his IQ. Of course he would still be a few clicks smarter than the fools that voted him into office.

  6. ST says:

    Posted at 9:55 a.m. by NC Cop:

    Despicable. Absolutely despicable.

    (Sorry, NC – mistakenly deleted it! Trigger happy this morning – LOL)

  7. Glenn Bergen says:

    Fortunately, I watched this video before breakfast; so, I suffered a case of dry heaves. I would suggest that Mr. Cheatham wrap himself in the American flag so, that he is not mistaken for the Taliban. WHAT A LOW LIFE….

  8. Dana says:

    My older daughter’s Army Reserve unit will be having their three week summer active duty training this May at Fort Irwin, California, which is in the Mohave Desert. Though they haven’t received deployment orders so far, they’re training for Afghanistan. I ought to be more urinated off than our esteemed hostess is about Mr Cheatham’s comments, but really, I just find them stupid and pathetic.

    I wonder just how long his obviously fat ass would last even at Fort Irwin, let alone Kandahar.

    My younger daughter did her Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina last summer; it was above 90º F every day except for a couple of rain days at Jackson last summer, the hottest on record there. Mr Cheatham would never have made it.

  9. Dana says:

    By the way, Representative Cheatham’s biography page makes no mention of his ever having served in the armed forces.

  10. captaingrumpy says:

    It’s soooo funny
    Democrats lie and cheat but are accepted.
    Republicans try the same and are punished.
    America is a funny place,pity about your president working for China.Who else would write the ‘healthcare bill’ and stop capitalism ??????

  11. Carlos says:

    Uh, the English? The Swedes? The French? Almost any other country who’s gotten beyond the power of the individual to the collective, with no God to interfere?

    We (the United States) started out on a good but untried path. Our leaders, especially since the time of Teddy Roosevelt, have taken us down the path of destruction called progressivism, and we’re almost in the dustbin of history now.

    Why don’t the dingbats who swoon at the siren sound of collective guilt not see that?

  12. nina says:

    They should send him to Afghanistan.

  13. Lorica says:

    I agree with Dana, this really is some of the stupidest garbage since Obama lied about his daughter asking him if he had “plugged the hole”. Why do these Dems always want to justify their wrong doing by lying about children making the silliest of statements. Like the praise songs of our “der leader” that were made up by some teacher and sung by the children. We all know an adult led them to that water, and forced them to drink it.

    Carlos??? Teddy or Franklin??? I would be more inclined to agree with your statement if you had said Franklin. Granted Teddy did start the National park system, but FDR really started the garbage that has us in trouble today. – Lorica

  14. Carlos says:

    @Lorica: Teddy. Then it really got started with Wilson (and pushed hard by his wife when Wilson was incapable of performing as president), then again pushed hard by Hoover as he tried to recover (with bad advice) from the ’29 crash, then thrown into high gear with FDR.

    But Teddy was really the first to start assuming that the government in general was the answer to all problems of society and acted on that assumption.

  15. Lorica says:

    Sorry Carlos, but I really would like you to give me examples of why you believe the way you do. Now I wouldn’t have a problem if you had said Taft, and I agree with you regarding Wilson, but I just don’t see it with Roosevelt. – Lorica