“Nazi Generals” collaborate with “Adolph Christie” to shaft “middle class” unioneers

Well, I mean if you consider that – according to the left – unions “represent the average middle class worker”, New Jersey Democrats aka “Nazi Generals” just stuck it to the middle class in concert with “Adolph Christie” to overhaul public worker benefits:

TRENTON — New Jersey lawmakers tonight voted to enact a sweeping plan to cut public worker benefits after a long day of high-pitched political drama in the streets of Trenton and behind closed doors.

Union members chanted outside the Statehouse and in the Assembly balcony, and dissident Democrats tried to stall with amendments and technicalities. Although they successfully convinced top lawmakers to remove a controversial provision restricting public workers’ access to out-of-state medical care, they failed to halt a historic defeat for New Jersey’s powerful unions and a political victory for Republican Gov. Chris Christie.

“Together, we’re showing New Jersey is serious about providing long-term fiscal stability for our children and grandchildren,” Christie said in a statement released after the vote. “We are putting the people first and daring to touch the third rail of politics in order to bring reform to an unsustainable system.”

Christie and Republicans banded together with Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester) and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D-Essex) to advance the bill despite opposition from the majority of Democrats who control the Legislature.

WHOA! Bipartisanship? Sounds like the Jersey state legislature and Gov. Christie have – thankfully – been sipping some of that “New Tone” Kool Aid our celebrity President advised us to drink back in January as a way of “healing” and “improving the national discourse” after the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ). Bbbbbut, as with all things that are supposed to be beneficial to our fellow man, the devil – as they say – is in the details. Apparently for New Jersey unioneers, the only “bipartisanship” that is good is the type that keeps the status quo in place, the status quo being robbing Peter to pay Paul.

ST reader and New Jersey resident Great White Rat sums up:

Meanwhile, out here in NJ, the public employee gravy train is losing steam: LINK.

The really interesting part about this is that the state legislature is controlled by Democrats. Fortunately the Democrat leadership in both houses has enough sense to understand the magnitude of the financial crisis we’re in, and they’ve been able to ignore the union screaming and work with Gov. Christie to do something about it.

In other words, this is a bipartisan effort.

Remember not so long ago when calling something “bipartisan” meant it was all glowing, patriotic, cute-fuzzy-bunny wonderfulness? Not any more, according to the libs.

And in a truly remarkable display of absolute cluelessness, some union-friendly protesters have been showing up in … I kid you not … in Revolutionay War garb (link via GWR):

TRENTON — Benjamin Franklin showed up. So did Abigail Adams and Thomas Paine. But even they couldn’t stop the Senate from passing a contentious measure Monday that will sharply raise the cost of health benefits and pensions for the state’s 500,000 public employees.

With protesters dressed in Revolutionary-era garb gathered outside the Statehouse and union members clamoring inside, the pivotal Senate vote came on the same day the Assembly Budget Committee approved by a 7-5 vote an identical version following eight hours of testimony.

Watch a video clip of the “Revolutionary” costume wearers and speakers below:

These people clearly have NO clue as to what the Revolutionary War was all about. I couldn’t make stuff up like this on my BEST day.

Welcoming a black conservative to the local talk radio scene

This is an especially exciting announcement for long-time watchers of WSOC-TV news here in Charlotte as well as loyal listeners of our big-time AM radio station WBT:

For 18 years at WSOC (Channel 9), Vince Coakley kept his opinions to himself.

No more.

Beginning Monday, Coakley takes over the afternoon drive shift at WBT-AM (1110). And he’s got some things to say.

On the president:

“I have never been a fan of Barack Obama. I believe there is real danger over where this man is coming from and where he’s taking us. …

“I don’t think we often elect whole people. Very often, we’re putting broken people in office. People with incomplete childhoods and people who often haven’t left adolescence. I think Washington is overrun with people who never left adolescence. I think he’s one of them.

“On the personal level, I’m worried for him. But on a national level, I’m concerned for all of us.”

On politicians in general:

“They have to get positions to empower themselves. Basically, they’re using people to find a place of fulfillment. And as long as they’re doing that, they’re not serving us.

“I think there’s a definition of public servants as people who serve themselves in public. We need more servants, fewer politicians. That’s part of what I hope to get people to think about.

“If I’m sending someone to Washington, I want to know there’s red, white and blue in their blood.”

On his own place in the political spectrum:

“I refer to myself as a conservative. I think the importance of that label is more about values than about a party. I would define myself as one who believes in the politics of common sense.”

Not only is it uncommon to see a mainstream media reporter going to a conservative talk radio station to work as a talk radio host, but many locals here will be surprised to learn that Coakley is a conservative primarily because he’s black, and well over 90% of the black population here in America are liberal Democrats.   It’s important to note skin color in this case not because I have a preoccupation with identity politics (quite the opposite, in fact), but instead because people need to know that the numbers of black conservatives are growing – contra to the smears of the left, conservatives are alot more diverse than we’re given credit for.

And when it comes to mainstream media journalists, the percentages of those who are liberal are even higher.    Hopefully he’s not picking up too much slack from friends and former colleagues about his “coming out” to the masses as a conservative.

Coakley retired in August 2010 from WSOC-TV, where he worked for 18 years. Since then, he’s emceed Tea Party events here in NC, has  filled in as a guest host for presidential contender Herman Cain, and also guest-hosted for local WBT radio personalities in recent weeks. You can learn more about him and welcome him to his first formal radio talk show gig via this Facebook page (and this one).  I presume that this is his (new) Twitter page.

Welcome, Vince!  We need all the strong conservative voices we can get here in the Queen City. Best of luck. :)

Giving public employees raises disguised as bonuses

**Posted by Phineas

Here’s an interesting (and maddening) video from the California branch of Americans for Prosperity that shows how city governments disguise raises for public employees as “incentive bonuses,” often given for meeting the basic requirements of their job. For example, a licensed veterinary technician can get a $3,132 bonus for… being a licensed veterinary technician, which is prerequisite to even getting the job.

Oh, and it gets better than that:

Now, I usually have nothing against public employees (1), except when they try to treat the public treasury as a piggy bank. However, I reserve the bulk of my ire for public officials who are supposed to be responsible stewards of the public’s money (2) and instead use that money to buy votes, favors, and election help. And I have no respect for the dishonesty required to disguise a pay raise as a bonus because the elected official is too scared to honestly ask his bosses, the voters.

While this video is local to Los Angeles, we can be sure this dishonest graft-by-another-name goes on in other cities. It’s wrong at any time, but it is especially galling in an age when many municipalities are facing bankruptcy. And who would be surprised to find similar shenanigans at the state level?

The age of pigs-at-the-trough is coming to an end, and it’s past time to treat a public trust –the power to spend the people’s money– as a trust. Los Angeles can start by putting a stop to its ridiculous bonus system.


(1) Being one myself, that is. But I do have to wonder how I missed out on the gravy train. Must’ve picked the wrong agency to work for. Danggit.

(2) Yeah, I rolled my eyes at that one, too.

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