VIDEO: NJ union “leader” incites pro-big labor crowd with “Adolph Christie” slur

I’m sure there will be wall to wall, 24-7 media coverage and analysis of this severe violation of President Obama’s calling for a “new tone” in America /sarc (video via Brian Bolduc):

The Associated Press filed this report:

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Labor leaders rallying for collective bargaining rights in New Jersey went on the offensive Thursday with one comparing Gov. Chris Christie to Adolf Hitler and two Democratic legislative leaders to his generals, one day after the three agreed on a deal to sharply restrict state employee bargaining rights and increase health care costs.

“Welcome to Nazi Germany,” Christopher Shelton, international vice president of the Communication Workers of America’s District 1, told the large crowd gathered on the Statehouse lawn. “It’s going to take World War III to get rid of Adolf Christie.”


There was a call for some temperance.

Lesniak, D-Elizabeth, who was opposed by the NJEA in a tough primary election last week, pledged his support but urged Democrats to distance themselves from inflammatory genocide remarks.

“We cannot support equating Chris Christie and Steve Sweeney and Sheila Oliver with Nazis,” Lesniak said. “We support your rights totally, but we cannot be associated with those comments.”

More rallies are planned for next week.

The article didn’t note it, of course, but the audience didn’t exactly protest when Shelton made the Nazi remarks. Not exactly surprising, but noteworthy all the same. Yet these people are supposed to represent “middle class America”? I don’t think so.

12 thoughts on “VIDEO: NJ union “leader” incites pro-big labor crowd with “Adolph Christie” slur

  1. These idiots need to get some new material. This type of rhetoric is so passe.
    Oh, and where is the outrage from Pelosi on this type of ‘astroturf’ protesting?

  2. Watching this video, I thought I surely must be watching a staged promo for Ann Coulter’s new book “Demonic”.

    The useful idiots on the Left must not read or watch You Tube… or perhaps, frankly, my Dear, they just don’t give a damn!

  3. Yeah, unions are as representative of middle class America as Obhammud is of the ‘hood…

    I really hope their rhetoric gets more and more incendiary, because the brain-deads who worship Duh-Won need to be shown just what kind of walking garbage they are aligning themselves with.

  4. Those booger eating morons still can’t quite get it straight. The Nazis were SOCIALISTS just like them. THEY are identical to the Nazis, not the conservative right like they so continuously claim.

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  6. What is scary is that if the polls are correct more than half the population goes along with such rhetoric and espouses the Marxist philosophy in spite of its having failed everywhere and every time.

  7. ST,

    There’s an even bigger point here. The two “generals” that Shelton is ranting against – Sheila Oliver and Steve Sweeney – are Democrats.

    What’s happened here in NJ is that even some Democrats in the legislature are realizing that something must be done about the state’s financial situation. Like so many other states, we’re broke. Christie’s been the advocate for the taxpayers and for living within our means. The fact that the Democrat leadership in the state Assembly and state Senate are now moving in that direction is a HUGE win for the governor, and for us.

  8. Yeah, GWR, but the burden for political stupidity should be on the backs of the middle class, not the unions, don’tcha know?

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