How the liberal Gay Gestapo tries to win friends and influence people

As Michele Bachmann’s star continues to surge in the midst of Campaign 2012, the more scrutiny she is receiving. It’s expected, of course, that anyone (except for Barack Obama, natch) who runs for President is going to have their every word analyzed, every movement watched, and every closeted skeleton exposed. But even with that said, there are extremes that shouldn’t be attempted, lines that should not be crossed.

But don’t tell that to the liberal Gay Gestapo. Gay Gestapo is a term I am borrowing from conservative lesbian Tammy Bruce, who uses it to describe certain liberal gays who are extremely militant in their crusades against anyone who disagrees with them, especially gay conservatives – who they view as “sell outs” much in the same way black liberals view black conservatives as “Uncle Toms.” These radical liberals can and will say and do anything – seriously – anything to dissuade people from disagreement, contra to their “big tent” claims.

The Bachmann family is no exception.

It’s no secret – especially not now that she is in the national spotlight – that Michele Bachmann and her husband both are conservative Christians who believe homosexuality is a choice. Marcus Bachmann runs a clinic that supposedly offers a Christian form of “gay therapy.” Both, more so her husband Marcus than the candidate herself, have made controversial remarks about gays that have in turn made both of them lightening rods for scathing NewToneless criticisms from the more militant wing of the liberal gay community. This goes back for several years. As Rep. Bachmann’s star continues to rise, liberal gay groups have – with the anti-social-issues mainstream media’s enthusiastic backing – have made it their life’s mission to hound the Bachmanns to death about the issue even though, outside of her backing for a federal marriage amendment, Bachmann’s Congressional record does not show any laser-sharp focus on “anti-gay” issues. In fact, now that she’s running for President, she’s trying to avoid being pigeon-holed by the press as the “anti-gay” candidate by focusing on big ticket issues like the economy, ObamaCare, etc – but those attempts don’t appear to be working as the scrutiny continues to intensify.

But what happens when expected scrutiny turns into outright harassment? Let’s find out:

A “barbarian horde” of LGBT-rights activists traveled to Marcus Bachmann’s counseling center in Minnesota Thursday, chanted lyrics from a Lady Gaga song, demanded to see Bachmman and when he didn’t show up, glittered the waiting room.

The group was led by the same LGBT-rights activist who glittered Newt Gingrich back in May.

Bachmann, of course, has become famous in recent weeks thanks in part to his wife Michele’s presidential campaign and in part because of the Christian counseling center he runs in Minnesota. Bachmann has said he performs so-called gay reparative therapy at the clinic (but only at the request of his patients.)

Michele Bachmann was victim of an attempted glittering at the RightOnline conference in Minneapolis last month.

The barbarian theme in today’s glittering comes from a quote Bachmann’s tried to distance himself from. On a Christian talk show last year, Bachmann told the host that gay people are “barbarians” who “need to be disciplined.” He then claimed the tape of the broadcast posted online had been doctored, a charge that has not been substantiated.

Watch video of the waiting room glittering below:

From the YouTube description:

Today a horde of gay barbarians descended upon Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s “pray away the gay” clinic and demanded that Marcus come out and discipline them for their “deviant” behavior.

Marcus Bachmann, who conducts “reparative therapy” at the clinic intended to convert homosexuals, has said that gays are “barbarians who need to be disciplined.” The horde requested to speak directly with Bachmann and experience some “discipline” for themselves.

When Marcus was no where to be found, the barbarians glittered the empty waiting room and reception area while chanting, “You can’t pray away the gay — baby, I was born this way!”

The action was organized by the same young man who threw glitter on Newt Gingrich, starting a national trend in political protest of anti-LGBT sentiments from political candidates and campaigns.

“Michele and Marcus Bachmann think gay people are barbarians?” asked LGBT activist Nick Espinosa. “I think its clear to everyone who the real barbarians are, based on the Bachmanns’ archaic views on LGBT equality.”

The juvenile actions of these individuals has been linked to approvingly by a number of liberal blogs, as you can imagine. There’s also a persistent rumor floating around the lefty blogosphere that Marcus Bachmann is … secretly gay. Surprise.

Let’s contrast these childish, invasive, “look at meee!” actions with the actions of the conservative gay group GOProud:

When it comes to Michele Bachmann, the leader of a group of gay conservatives has a message for the Human Rights Campaign: “Shut up.”

GOProud is setting up a meeting with the Minnesota congresswoman to “find out exactly where she stands” on a range of issues. Bachmann, who once gave the opening blessing at an “ex-gay” conference in her home state, has dodged questions about her husband’s Christian counseling clinics, which she is also an owner. They were the subject of a hidden-camera operation that found them to be offering misguided therapy intent on stopping patients from being gay.

Meanwhile, Bachmann has made headlines by racing to sign “The Marriage Vow,” a pledge to an Iowa-based right-wing religious group. The pledge reaffirmed her belief that being gay is a choice, that gay marriage should be banned federally, and that gay parents are inferior to their straight counterparts.

All of that led HRC to launch a petition drive this week calling on Republican candidates to disavow so-called reparative therapy and to denounce “The Marriage Vow.”

“If they are really that worried about Michele Bachmann, the best thing they can do is shut up,” said Chris Barron, chairman of GOProud, in an interview with The Advocate. “Because every time they go out and attack Michele Bachmann it makes her more popular among conservatives, not less popular.”

GOProud says it is in contact with the Minnesota congresswoman, who leads some Iowa polls in her bid to win the Republican nomination, and that a meeting will be “sooner rather than later.” In the interview Barron defends his organization’s intention to support the Republican nominee in any circumstance, presumably even if Bachmann were to win.


[Advocate]When and what have you heard from Michele Bachmann so far about a meeting?

[Chris Barron] Those conversations are now happening. All I can tell you is we have now heard back from the Bachmann campaign and we are in the process of having this conversation and hopefully we will have a meeting sooner rather than later.


[Advocate] Is there anything you are hoping to tell her or is it more of a listening thing?

[Chris Barron] I think we want to go in, and we want to talk about our organization and we want to talk about gay conservatives and what gay conservatives care about. We want to hear from her. What is her vision for the conservative movement? What is her vision for America? What role does she see gay conservatives playing in this movement and in this country? Those are the type of things. I hope that this will be an honest and open heart-to-heart discussion here and both of us will come in with an open mind and both be willing to listen to the other side.

I don’t harbor any illusions about suddenly making Michele Bachmann somebody who she isn’t. But I think for far too many folks, particularly the liberal gay activists, they have completely and totally stopped talking to people all together. I remember five, six years ago, there was all this talk about winning the hearts and minds of voters and talking to people and realizing that we had an education process to go through with the American public. And all of that talk of winning hearts and minds has been replaced by demonize, scream, and demand. We are committed to talking to people. We’ve gone into the lion’s den before, and we will continue to do it because we think that dialogue is important to have with all Americans.

Wow. What a reasoned, mature, civilized response. Whatever you feel about “gay rights” issues, you have to respect Barron’s position. It’s amazing what happens once you take liberal narcissism out of the equation, isn’t it? Gay conservatives want answers about Bachmann’s various policy positions, including issues of interest to the gay community – and, unlike HRC and the like, Chris Barron is going to get them.

Then again, storming the yards of private homes and stages of invited guest speakers and the lobbies of legitimate businesses has become standard operating mode for radical liberals and their drone-like minions when they can’t get what they want, as we’ve seen widely over the last few years as the entitlement mentality of the left rears its ugly head again and again.

So should we be surprised when they do it again? No we shouldn’t. But it’s worth pointing out when it does happen, so people can get a better idea of the selective “New Tone” practices of those who have called for “civility” and “inclusiveness” the most: hypocritical, farcical left wingers, just like the ones you see conducting “glitter campaigns” against conservatives and just like the ones you see camped out and protesting on the front lawns and porches of the perceived “enemy”. The more dogmatic lefties would romantically call this “civil disobedience.” I call it anarchy. There is a difference.

Some would suggest that I’m saying people should “play nice” – as if to say I believe people should just “sit back and hope something will happen.” That’s not what “playing nice” means. Playing nice means doing the exact opposite of what hardcore liberals do when they don’t get their way: Be civil, factual, to the point, play hardball when you need to, but never, ever, ever “get in the face” of your political opposition via acts of intimidation, harassment, and/or violence. GOProud’s Chris Barron has demonstrated the right way to approach disagreement, and the liberal Gay Gestapo has shown the wrong way.

However, don’t even attempt to explain that to the “me” generation, which – sadly – includes multiple generations of folks who were either brought up believing, learned through college indoctrination, or who have engaged in mindless absorptions of liberal/mainstream media talking points that they are “owed” something – whether it be money or answers or whatever, and that it’s ok to use whatever means necessary to get it, including force and intimidation and, in some cases, violence.

This is the era that we live in. In the old days, Democrats used the force, intimidation, and violent tactics to keep blacks enslaved and subservient. These days Democrats use similar tactics to keep us all enslaved to an overreaching, tone-deaf federal government. What is old is new again, etc ….

Before I end this, I want to make a a few things crystal clear:

1) I am not a propenent of “gay therapy”, whether it be of the Christian variety or whatever. As I’ve explained before, it shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that as staunch Christian conservatives the Bachmann’s believe being gay is a choice and as a result have a “gay therapy” clinic, which to this day has never been shown to be conducting any illegal or unethical practices (as far as I know, they’ve never been investigated for anything of the sort, either). That doesn’t mean we all (by “we” I mean all conservative Christians) believe in “gay therapy.”

2) I’ve been writing a lot about Michele Bachmann recently, which may lead some people to believe that I have heartily endorsed her campaign. While I have said I wouldn’t mind seeing her in the WH, my primary motivator here is not endorsement but instead the one-sided, over-zealous, bigoted scrutiny she as a Christian social conservative female has received from the MSM and assorted liberal pundits and influential pop culture types. I believe the nature of these attacks should be documented and discussed at length, as I believe such attacks – many of them either baseless, silly-seasonesque, and misrepresentative – poison the decision-making process people go through when deciding what political candidates to support and which ones not to.

3) I don’t “hate gays” – but I do despise the tactics of anyone, gay or straight, that are designed to silence debate through intimidation, harassment, and/or violence. I have my disagreements with gay conservatives but we have a lot more in common than not – in stark contrast to the more militant gay liberals, who I have nothing in common with. Thank goodness.

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