When hateful anti-war protesters attack: A retrospective

Ian from Hot Air snagged this FoxNews video clip of a story Fox did on how UC Santa Cruz has cancelled their job fair this year because of concerns that there will be a repeat from what happened last year when violent anti-war protesters attacked a military recruiting center.

The video contains footage of what happened last year, along with snippets from other college anti-war protests, and includes an especially illuminating quote from a participant in last year’s UC Santa Cruz anti-military protest, in defense of throwing bottles at recruiters:

“When you talk about students throwing bottles, and you talk about students, ah, expressing an incredible amount of anger, we have to ask why are they expressing this anger.” -UC Santa Cruz moonbat Amelia McDonald

Got that? We mustn’t condemn their actions, but question WHY they do what they do, because in the midst of their violence, their ‘concerns’ should not be ignored. Sounds suspiciously like the anti-war left’s belief that we shouldn’t respond to terrorism because it’s not the terrorists fault they attacked us – it’s OURS for provoking them, and and, if we just LISTEN to them then maybe they’ll ‘stop doing what they do !!!!!!!’.

More: Watch the clueless wonders here:

It’s like watching a confrontational version of Romper Room, isn’t it?

Saying these juvenile pseudo-intellectual morons are morally bankrupt would be putting it too nicely.

Here’s more on the story via the San Diego Tribune.

Other examples of liberal ‘tolerance’ on campus:

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