Dear Morgan Freeman: Please bite me. Sincerely, (raci)ST

Posted by: ST on September 24, 2011 at 11:30 am

In re: this:

During an interview that airs Friday, CNN’s Piers Morgan asked the actor, “Has Obama helped the process of eradicating racism or has it, in a strange way, made it worse?”

“Made it worse. Made it worse,” Freeman replied. “The tea partiers who are controlling the Republican party … their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term. What underlines that? Screw the country. We’re going to do whatever we can to get this black man out of here.”

On the strength of the tea party, he said: “It just shows the weak, dark, underside of America. We’re supposed to be better than that. We really are.”

Here’s video of Freeman’s remarks:

Hmmm. You know what I think would make America a better place? If ignorant, self-important left-wing nitwits would educate themselves beyond what the liberal MSM tells them to think. Once again, we have a case where a public figure in a position of great influence has taken the biased, tainted words and spin of ABC/CBS/NBC, black Democrat politicos and activists – and perhaps liberal blogs, too – and has mindlessly regurgitated their talking points as if to imply that he actually knows what he’s talking about.

Since he believes the Tea Party (and all conservatives for that matter) are so “racist”, I wonder if he views the black conservatives, especially those who have made their voices known since the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, to be “Uncle Toms” our “house slaves” like Harry Belafonte does? If he’s so concerned about race relations, why not stand up for the brave black conservatives who are under constant attacks from black liberals for “straying off the liberal plantation”? I wonder if this Hollywood pseudo-elitist has ever stopped to think for half a second about how racist, anti-America tripe from Obama’s longtime “spiritual mentor” has negatively impacted race relations in this country, how black Democrats and their asinine characterization of any and all opposition to this President as “racism” have set back race relations in this country, and how this President himself falsely classifying “Tea Party elements” as “racist” has not moved race relations forward in a way that “the enlightened class” told us this “post-racial” President would?

Not to mention how all of the bogus accusations mentioned above have devastatingly chilling effects on free speech, causing some people to fear speaking out against this administration’s policies for fear of the dreaded false accusation of racism?

To the Morgan Freemans of the world: THAT is what this country is supposed to be so much better than. Attempting to intimidate the political opposition into silence based on explosive false allegations that they are based on nothing more than “not liking the black man” is so far removed from everything this country is supposed to be about that I would think it would be obvious, especially to people who are supposed to be so much more “elevated” in status than I am. That is what the so-called “smart ones” should be preaching against. But no, they don’t. Because it’s so much better to buy wholesale into phony popular myths about a particular group of people rather than to actually think for yourself.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. And bigotry is a terrible thing in which to be engaged, especially when the bigots themselves are lodging false accusations of bigotry against others. Maybe one day Morgan Freeman and other Hollyweirdos will understand that. But I won’t hold my breath. Nor should you.

Update – 11:49 AM: My intrepid readers have pointed to this 2005 interview clip of Morgan Freeman from 60 Minutes, in which he said the best way to deal with the racism issue is to “stop talking about it.” Wonder what happened to that guy?

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29 Responses to “Dear Morgan Freeman: Please bite me. Sincerely, (raci)ST”


  1. Matthew says:

    Hi, I’m Matthew and I’m writing from Australia and this is my first post here. I just need to say that as a retired Pastor, Missionary and Christian Counsellor that I was deeply saddened to read such comments as “ignorant, self-important left-wing nitwits” etc. Reading your background I was surprised to read that you claim to be a Christian as having read a few of your post you show no love to your political opponents and only contempt and hatred to anyone who opposes your views. I was quite shocked at the vitriol in these posts and deeply saddened that someone who claims to be a Christian lady is so consumed with such hate. I assume you will attack me now.

  2. AJsDaddie says:

    I doubt ST will attack you, but I’ll be happy to respond. Ignorant self-important left-wing nitwits like Morgan Freeman are destroying any chance this country has to move past racial divisions. Saying so does not make me non-Christian, simply realistic.

    Jesus had no problem calling the money-changers out, and we should have no problem calling out the race hustlers and class warmongers. And as a pastor trying to lead all to a better place, you should do the same.

    Remember, all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to say nothing.

  3. Doug says:

    Allow me, Matthew,
    You’re shocked, saddened, shocked by the post. Not, of course, by the ridiculous, untrue claim that will be coming on CNN. And of course, the poster only ‘claims’ to be a Christian and they obviously aren’t because they don’t think like you. Speaking of you, your comment was five sentences, and you gave us eight I’s, me’s, and my’s. And not a single word about the actual false accusation by Freeman. Must be about you, huh Matthew. And all about how you feel. You sound like a liberal to me. Your final sentence ties it. Any response gets to be deemed an attack against you before it’s made. Actually, just another version of “You’re a racist”, or “the scientific debate is over”. Good thing you’re retired. Wonder how many cowards you turned out while you were teaching your phoney compassion?

  4. YANKEE says:


    The only hate I saw posted on this site was from Morgan Freeman who foolishly interprets dissent as bigotry. Good way to encourage discourse, Matthew. Label anyone who disagrees with you as un-Christian.

  5. Tex says:

    I’m a white guy married to an Asian and I have a half Asian daughter. I also once had a black girl friend as well as several Hispanic girlfriends. So I don’t think I’m a racist. What Morgan Freedman, who is Liberal, and others like him, are doing is nothing short of racism in itself. They pass judgment on an entire group (Tea Party, Republican Party) who disagrees with Obama as racists, even though there are black and Hispanic members of the Tea Party and Republican Party.

    Liberals see their chosen candidate in office who is having trouble in the polls and just happens to be black (half-black actually) and instead of trying to defend his policies (which they really can’t) they seek to stop criticism of his policies by introducing racial tension with the simple announcement that anyone who disagrees with their candidate is obviously doing so because they are racists .. not because they disagree with his policies.

    Well I disagree with Obama’s policies and I’m just as Christian as anyone else who claims to be Christian. And I ain’t doing it because I’m a racist!! I think he’s wrong on many issues and its my right as an American to disagree with his policies. This whole pathetic system of labeling anyone who disagrees with Obama as racist started really with Carter. And all other Liberals quickly jumped on this racism bandwagon.

    These sorts of tactics are just absolutely pathetic and beneath the dignity of most Americans. Stand on the issues and stop hiding behind the race card!

  6. SpideyTerry says:

    It’s becoming apparent why Morgan Freeman is so darn likable in his movies. Clearly, he has absolutely no say in his characters’ dialogue. If he did – well, this interview demonstrates what an unlikable racist hack he truly is. And memo to Freeman: I’m white and definitely have a Tea Party mindset, and yet my liberal black girlfriend doesn’t consider me a racist. Go figure, I know.

    And, Matthew, I can’t tell if you’re either a liberal troll out to cause trouble or are just a horribly naive child. Your post certainly demonstates that you are unwilling to tolerate any different points-of-view – which I find rather un-Christian based on my Christian upbringing.

    Regardless of whether you’re a troll or simply naive, you are nonetheless unfit to lecture anyone on anything. Expressing your own opinion is fine and dandy in a free society, but here’s the catch, you have to put up with someone else expressing their own opinions, too. That’s the whole point of the First Amendment. Y’know, that part of the Constitution – the document that was drafted by in part Christians. Apparently they didn’t think that expressing different opinions was un-Christian, but what would the Founding Fathers know compared to a guy posting from Australia?

  7. buckjohnson says:

    It is all right to be black and conservatives. It is the company you have to keep that makes the bc constantly question his/her values and to have to take an shower more than a couple times a day.

  8. Carlos says:

    As typified by Matthew, it can never occur to a liberal (and probably an independent, either) that voicing an opinion against what a person of color says might, just might, be a disagreement of philosophy, not a racist reaction to the person him/herself.

    What is it about “I don’t agree with socialism” that causes the immediate reaction of the left to be, “You’re a RAAACIIIIST!!!!?

    In the meantime, I will commune daily with my Maker as I always do, secure in my salvation and praying for the leaders of this country as instructed by the Teacher Himself.

  9. N. Mandella says:

    One simple question: would it be ok to disagree with Obama’s policies were he white?

  10. jasl says:

    Matthew, are there any conservative Christians left in Australia? You’re spewing the mush and gush of sloppy agape that comprises liberal ‘churches’ turned into bad nightclubs by rock and roll howling of what used to be hymns.

  11. Bear1909 says:

    When the President In Name Only acts as President does his white side act or his Kenyan side act?

    The PINO acts like a clueless white dude. His chunky wife acts like an angry black chick who can’t figure out her own hair and makeup.

    So what are the racist Tea Partiers rallying against. The PINO and his chunky wife give mixed signals at best in terms of their appearance and demeanor. Neither seems to be the basis motivation for the strongest political movement for reform of politics as usual (non-alinsky that is). Nope. The Tea Party is making hay because the PINO is a weak leader and is spending the country to its ruin.

    Pure and simple. Follow the money. Follow TARP. Follow Porkulus. Follow the botched oath of office and the bowing to foreign Muslim potentates. Look at what he has allowed Iran to accomplish in the Middle East. Look at how he licks the boot of Zbigniew Bresinski.

    And what the sam hades does any of this have to do with being a follower of Jesus H. Christ.

    Sometimes, the clergy and the devoted are enough to piss off the Pope.

    Signed, a conservative independent thinking Catholic, red-assed Mexican Half-Breed American citizen.

    Sue me. :)

  12. Matthew says:

    First, I stopped voting years ago as I trust Christ’s teaching that his Kingdom is not of this world and I saw Christians who became obsessed with politics lose their standing among their brothers and sisters. As such all of the replies here violate the commandment Thou shalt not Lie and Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbour. You do not bear the fruit of the Spirit here and it is now even clearer that so-called political Christianity is just a modern day cult. I do not believe any of you are true Christians but just another attempt to recreate ancient Christendom – the “marriage” of Church and State.

    As my Lord and Saviour stated You will know them by their fruit. I do not accept any of the posters here who replied to be genuine Christians and as a born-again evangelical Protestant I look forward to Judgment Day when Almighty God will expose you as the wolves in sheep’s clothing that you are. In the meantime other Christian ministers and I are praying against you as we consider you a cult who bring the name of Christ into disrepute. We prayed against Rev Frank Houston for nearly 20 years until he was finally exposed on national television as a paedophile. We knew from the hate he spewed that there had to be something wrong with him and we were right. I note that “Political Christians” still claim that Frank Houston was “a great man of God”. We may have to wait till Judgement Day with “Political Christians” but I have no doubt the result will be the same the exposure of false claimants to the title of Christian.

    Your ignorance and twisting of Scripture is proof of your apostasy. I look forward to facing you on God’s Great Judgement Day to see who was right and who was wrong in this forum. In the meantime books have already been written about “Political Christians” and others and I are considering more.

  13. LoveIsTougherThanThat says:

    Toleration of bigotry is now a virtue? Then why doesn’t God excuse people doing unrepentent injustices, such as: bearing false witness, or vile racism? Isn’t it a sin not to speak against such things? Or is the new kinder whimpier christianity about just getting along with everybody, no matter what injustices they continue to inflict upon others? Wow, it’s no wonder people are choosing T.V. over churches nowadays. People want truth, and integrity, and courage. Otherwise, why bother? Mr. Freeman and his ilk are wrong. The churches should be leading the way in fighting hate.

  14. Carlos says:

    “sloppy agape”

    That’s classic, jasl.

    And, as a point of interest for Matthew, I really believe in my heart of hearts that it’s impossible to be a born-again Christian, as explained in the Bible, and a socialist (grouping all big-government leftists and bleeding hearts that want me to take responsibility for others’ poor decisions.)

    That said, Matthew, what’s wrong with churches, not the state, taking care of at least those who worship? The Bible says very clearly “Thou shalt not steal,” and from my point of view anyone who wishes to take from the fruits of my labor and give to multitudes of others just because I have more than them is stealing from me, and that doesn’t set too well with me.

  15. AZC says:

    It’s always fun being lectured on morality by a man who is reportedly having an affair with his step-granddaughter, whom he babysat when she was a kid.

  16. Jim McDonald says:

    I asked a friend of mine – who was a mental healthcare worker for 20 years – Why are so many actors, artists, musicians and performers walking contradictions? He explained that many people like this are often bi-polar, and quite a few have sociopath tendencies. That they experience life and process information in ways that are different from most of society.

    BTW: I have a suspicion that ‘Mathew’ may be a pastor like Gaga is a Lady – in name only.

  17. Paul says:

    No one is perfect – not even Tea Party folks…

  18. Severian says:

    You know, we used to have a poster here that, while a bit less religiously pompous, could almost pass for mathew. Remember him? Something in NY was his name?

    He and mathew are two pro ES in a pod.

  19. Tom TB says:

    I’ve been to 34 of our 50 (not 57)States, lived in 7 of them, and I maintain that Barry Soetoro Hussein Dunham Obama is as far from an American in mindset as one could get. He has no clue.

  20. ShiftyJack says:

    I like how Mathew claims how we’re all baring false witness. He never specifies who and has yet to actually comment on the actual content of the post. Ironically missing the only false witness here besides his own.

    That being said, I’d like to remind Mathew of Romans 14:13.

  21. Kate says:

    In the chance event that you might actually be a “pastor”….Check Revelation 3:4-22 Matthew….as God would rather have us hot or cold…the lukewarm, do nothing, feel-gooders, getalongers will be spit out. And I am sure since you are so ready to pass judgment on us all that you are fully aware that you will be judged by the same standards you are using now. Be careful, pastor, a very large millstone will be attached to your neck for leading innocents astray.

    Taking part in our community through politics is one way to make the government regard and care for the poor and weak in society as a whole, respect life at all stages and keep the rule of law with justice and fairness.

    Not voting is not a virtue…it is a way to virtually take God out of everything.

    I would like you to defend Freeman’s statements for what they are….not attack ST for her comments based on the reality of the situation. So if you are a troll, lah de dah, honey! We are not really that amused.

  22. Matthew=

    I’m not a Christian, but I do know a bit about the whole bearing false witness here. Wouldn’t that apply to Morgan Freeman calling Tea-Partiers “racist”? Or calling anybody that opposes Obama and his leftist policies “racist”? He would not be the first. A good many members of the black congressional caucus did the same thing, when they walked though a Tea-Party crowd, purposely, and then falsely reported that many in the crowd called the “niggers”. It happened to be a lie. There were a plethora of videos recorded of that event on that day, and not one single instance surfaced on video to confirm their accounts. But other leftists, including Freeman, took it as, well, gospel.

    Wasn’t that bearing false witness, sir?

    And isn’t that exactly what you are doing here?

  23. Brontefan says:

    Some of us.. Christians who “cling to their Bibles & their guns” are also proud patriots. I am not sure someone from a predominantly socialist country such as the UK or Denmark could comprehend our nationalism. Some quickly forget WWII that was fought against the Nazis and how we tried to avoid the communist shift after the war–the one that encompassed Europe. As a military widow who raised five children without their father–and a Vietnam-Era veteran, I suppose my venting over the current administration that quite obviously used the RACE card to swoop into office–instead of honestly admitting their Marxist agenda–does occasionally sound unChristian. However, I don’t see an administration attempting to solve the economic problems. What I see is an administration hell-bent on socializing America for their own benefit [NOT OURS!] and using the race card and/or hateful rhetoric to divide and conquer. So, Matthew, pardon me and my dedication to saving my country.

  24. ombdz says:

    A Hollywood Liberal injecting politics where it doesn’t belong … never! Must be taking his cue from the White House, given their proclivity for injecting politics into everything. Should be interesting to see what political hijinks they have in store for Rosh Hashanah this week! We can probably glean some clues from this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll …

  25. Severian says:

    Geez, two proles in a pod, blasted autocorrect!

  26. Aarradin says:

    Just to be clear: Its Freeman that’s the Racist (he’s also a pedophile, but that’s another story).

    This country will remain obsessed by race so long as the Democratic Party remains obsessed with institutionalizing racial preferences.

  27. Geosync says:

    Brilliant! You should actually follow through on this wonderful, well-thought-out idea. We can only hope that inviting Freeman to bite you would lead to an actual wound, then infection and the eventual death of the “inviter of the biter.” Now, perhaps you could turn your focus to something you’re actually good at, which, by the way, doesn’t include providing poignant and incisive social/political analysis.