Samuel L. Jackson pulls a Morgan Freeman – and Rep. Allen West goes off

I love, love, love, love this story!

Jackson recently joined his Hollywood colleague Morgan Freeman in calling members of the tea party racist.

“I think everything right now is geared toward getting that guy out of office, whatever that means,” Jackson told New York Magazine. “It’s not politics. It is not economics. It all boils down to pretty much to race. It is a shame.”

[On Fox News today] Allen, the only Republican member of the Congressional Black Caucus and a tea party favorite, blasted the actor’s comments and accused him of losing sight of more important issues like the high jobless rate among the country’s African-American community.

“Samuel L. Jackson, I guess, disregards the 16.7 percent unemployment rate in the black community, a 20 percent unemployment rate for black adult males and a 45-46 percent unemployment for black teenagers,” the Florida Republican said. “I think the racism that he is talking about is coming out of the White House and this administration.”

Ouch.  That must be what they mean when they say “the truth hurts.”


West warned Jackson against using the tea party movement as a “scapegoat,” insisting that conservatives are trying to fix the economy and turn around the unemployment numbers in the black community.

The perfect example? Herman Cain.

West said the Republican presidential candidate “negates” the recent comments by Jackson and Freeman.

How dare West let facts get in the way of a good ol’ fashioned ill-informed “rant”??  Would love to see him debate Jackson or Freeman any day of the week.  Wouldn’t be a fair fight, tho … for Jackson and Freeman.  As the saying goes, “Never show up for a battle of wits unarmed” …

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