4 thoughts on “Voices of the Occupy movement: “Jews get out!”

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  2. But she’s not a Raaaciiiist! because she’s black, and according to Mr. Holder it’s impossible for a black to be a Raaaciiiist!

    And “God help the children” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    BTW, since we have video confirmation of such a racist in the protest movement, can we now assume that ALL the protesters are racist, just as they paint the TEA partiers because someone found a plant that proclaimed racism? Where’s the LSM on this one? (crickets chirping)

  3. I prefer to operate in naive mode quite often, though I am more than aware of subtleties and shades of grey. As a Texan, please send us your Jews we are adding new businesses everyday but definitely not enough just yet. P.S.- Please leave your liberal cohorts in Yankeeville, down here we exile them to Austin where we can watch them for laughs. Did you see any marches in Houston?

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