5 thoughts on “VIDEO: The “Un-Occupy Wall Street” movement – as explained by Chuck Woolery

  1. Great find. A much needed laugh here as well. I admit to an unhealthy obsession of wanting to see these people exposed. I was just sure I would see video of the guy in OccupyDC urinating off of that building that happened last night. But alas, Conservative citizen journalists were home with their families.

  2. Woolery has always had a slightly twisted sense of humor, dating all the way back to “The Dating Game ” original. Spot-on here.

  3. Has anyone noticed the protest signs at the occupy minglings carry Obhammud’s campaign themes? He owns this outfit.

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  5. The OWS girl’s dialog closely resembles that of their Dear Leader….”ummm, ummm”…. Some one get her a teleprompter!

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