Iowa Caucuses – the latest depressing developments

Posted by: ST on January 4, 2012 at 1:01 am

It’s looking like nearly a photo finish for Santorum and Romney with nearly all the results in, according to NBC Politics. Texas Congressman Ron Paul is projected to come in 3rd place.  Newt Gingrich came in fourth place.  You can read/view more complete caucus results here.

Meanwhile, Governor Perry – after a disappointing but not unexpected lackluster finish (in 5th place) – will be heading back to Texas to reassess, after saying earlier in the day that he’d go on to South Carolina, regardless of what the results were in Iowa:

(CNN) – Following a disappointing projected fifth place finish in the Iowa caucuses, Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced he’ll return to Texas Wednesday to assess the results of the nation’s first Republican nominating contest.

“With a little prayer and reflection, I’m going to decide the best path forward,” Perry said Tuesday to supporters at his Iowa headquarters in West Des Moines.

Perry surged to the top of the GOP presidential pack when he jumped into the race mid-August but quickly saw his numbers fall in the polls after a series of uneven debate performances.

Leading up to the caucuses, Perry was competing for the fourth spot in several major polls.

“But I want to tell you, there has been no greater joy in my life than to be able to share with the people of Iowa and of this country that there is a model to take this country forward, and it is in the great state of Texas,” Perry said Tuesday night, with his family standing behind him.

Aaand to make matters more depressing for us anti-Romney types, Senator McCain is set to endorse the Mittster tomorrow in New Hampshire, according to a “former McCain aide.”  Not exactly a shock, and likely not something that will impress the conservative base.  Politico notes:

McCain’s endorsement will help Romney pivot away from Iowa, toward New Hampshire, and turn the page on the caucuses in any case. But McCain also symbolizes much of what the GOP base doesn’t want in its 2012 nominee, so it’ll be interesting to see just how closely Romney hugs the Arizona senator.

The endorsement is also a blow to Jon Huntsman, who has attempted to campaign as a McCain-style maverick and staked his whole bid on the state that made McCain a national figure.

Sigh …

One thing to remember is that Iowa is no sure predictor of the eventual nominee for the GOP, but it does appear that a disturbing number of high profile politicos are lining up around Mitt Romney which may give him momentum going forward to New Hampshire and beyond, even though he’s pretty much a sure thing in NH anyway, considering he’s been polling in double digit leads for months now.  South Carolina is a different story however.

Your thoughts, my dear readers?  Are we seeing the beginnings of “Mittmentum” or will Iowa and New Hampshire be exceptions to the rule?

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25 Responses to “Iowa Caucuses – the latest depressing developments”


  1. Kate says:

    The LA Times had a really close call to what would happen. Now it gets interesting. Too close to call…waiting for the final count.

  2. Dave B says:

    Please don’t despair. Mitt Romney is no John McCain. He’s no Bob Dole. Neither guy could get elected governor and neither had any executive experience. Staunch conservatives from Massachusetts love the guy and appreciate what he did under the circumstances he faced. If he governed in Texas there would be no “Romneycare” because Texans didn’t demand it like they did with him. It’s still popular 3 to 1 in our state right now. It is expensive but no more expensive than it was before but I’m not picking up the tab for every leech from other states that wanted free health care from the best medical professionals in the world even though our liberal Democrats “tweaked” it to make it more expensive and expansive since he left. I don’t want to hear any more from so called conservatives that are “holier than though” about mandates if they come from states that mandate other insurances or anything else for that matter especially when these same “conservatives” have amnesia about “personal responsibility” and the conservative notion of a “mandate” for health insurance that they have since disavowed since Obamacare. He applied a CONSERVATIVE idea to a major problem and suddenly after Obamacare he’s a raging liberal? Romneycare is in no way, shape, or form, Obamacare. I know. I live in the Commonwealth. I’ve read Obamacare. It’s lazy thinking by people that should be expected to do better.

    I’ll go one step further. Romney is no “moderate” conservative. He’s got Borque advising him on the judiciary and if you take every single issue he lines up with conservatives line for line and is to the right of most of them on every issue. Of ALL the candidates who is the ONE candidate that MUST repeal Obamacare or become a laughing stock to the whole country? That’s what Ann Coulter, Christine O’Donnell, Chris Christie, Nikki Haley, Thune, and others have already seen.

    As far as Mitt’s courage I’ll ask the question who in their right mind would run for governor of Massachusetts as a Republican if they didn’t want to change something? If he wanted to “further his political career” all he had to do was put a “D” next to his name and he was in with his background. Romney will not disappoint conservatives because he actually is one and has been frothing at the mouth to govern like one in an environment that isn’t fighting him tooth and nail with a super duper majority in opposition.

  3. Drew the Infidel says:

    It is early yet so there is no need to panic or go into a catatonic state. A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.

  4. A Stephens says:

    It’s fine. Hopefully we can now have a narrowed field that isn’t tripping over itself and that begins to contrast the conservative vision from establishment vision. And people can choose. That’s a good thing.

  5. PE says:

    You got your basic hierarchy of needs and you got your basic hierarchy of evils of which the number one evil afflicting our country today is Obama, number two is the Democratic Party, number three is the pathologically idiotic msm which aids and abets the first two evils, and number four is the societal cancer, produced by the first three evils and used as their foundation for sustained existence. We need to make war on these evils and the next great battle of our war is the next election and we will need to fight that battle with the resources we have, not those which we wish we had or else evil will triumph and work its cancer to an incurable stage. Let’s get our stuff together people. Focus.

  6. John Casteel says:

    Brit Hume thinks Romney is inevitable and I agree with him. I might wish it were otherwise, but one must realize that job #1 is to show Obama the door. We can make the most of a Romney presidency by assuring that we have conservative majorities in both houses of Congress. In Michigan, I’ll be working to help Pete Hoekstra move Debbie Stabenow into the retirement village next to Barack and Michelle.

  7. Nanc says:

    And who won the Iowa caucuses in 2008? Huckabee.

  8. Kate says:

    The real result from Iowa is something that the pundits pointed out…Mitt didn’t really gain any ground since the last primary in Iowa even with all the money and endorsements. Santorum who was working on a shoestring budget and a lot of face time was able to connect with the Iowans based on his strong offensive on the economy and job creation. The Tea Party favorites for the most part have been smeared and decried by the lame stream media and Sarah Palin refused to back Bachman or Perry. Ron Paul for all his people working on the ground was only able to break the 20% mark. This all proves that the Republican field has not yet been settled. I hope Bachman and Perry stay in the race and give it their best for as long as they can. If you want to see them stay in then you MUST contribute to their campaigns.

  9. Great White Rat says:

    Santorum benfited from being the last conservative still standing after Bachmann, Perry, Cain, and Gingrich flamed out. The mediots didn’t have a chance to focus their fire on him. Once they do, I think he will fold also. He’s not going to win NH, and I don’t think he has the organization or the $$ to get all the way through the primaries in good shape.

    I hope Perry stays in the race. As much as I dread the thought of him debating Obama, I think that ultimately the contrast between Perry’s Texas economy and Obama’s national economy will be enough for him to win in November.

    But the main thing is that we conservatives must begin to coalesce around one solid candidate or Romney’s going to be the nominee. In that case, I’ll vote for him, but with no enthusiasm or donations.

  10. CZ says:

    Count me in with what all that Dave B said.

    Besides, if Mitt’s good enough for Ann Coulter he’s good enough for me.

    I believe Mitt is on a mission to do what he’s done all his career and that is to go into failing and bloated corporations and weed out the excess so the company could succeed and hire quality employees again. My company (a very large advertising agency in Chicago) was audited by Bain in 1999, but my job in a management position as well as my entire department stayed intact. This allowed the company an excuse to restructure and throw out the trash.

    If Mitt can get this done with our bloated government and it’s vast forrest of deadwood we will all be in a much better place.

    I recall my state governor, Mitch Daniels, saying (in so many words) we need to prioritize fixing the economy before taking on the social issues. Then we can roll up our sleeves and take on this leftist cancer that is ruining lives by murdering the unborn, giving away our money to environmentalist slackers, expelling illegals, etc.

    I agree with Mitch. He not only provided a $1+B surplus here in Indiana, he defunded Unplanned Parenthood and got rid of public union bargaining.

    If Mitch endorses Mitt then it’s game over as far as I am concerned.

    OMG! – 2012

  11. bob jones says:

    What real conservatives need to understand is that there is only one real conservative in the race, and that is Ron Paul. I know it is scary to back an honest politician, but this man has never voted unconstitutionally, never voted for a bailout and never voted for a tax increase. He believes in a balanced budget and a much smaller, less oppressive federal government. He doesn’t believe we need to keep getting into never ending wars and bankrupting our country through the endless, unchecked, unregulated spending on them. Time to grow up conservatives and quit being afraid of a man who wants to govern strictly by our Constitution, how could that offend anyone who is a true conservative or a true American patriot?

  12. Mitt doesn’t bother me that much, and, personally, I think he has the means to truly beat Obama better than any others, other than Huntsman, and no one is moving towards Huntsman, primarily since he has never explained working for Obama.

    One thing being lost in the run-up to beat Obama is that the GOP needs to hold the House and regain the Senate. We could elect a clone of Ronald Reagan, and it would mean nothing if we do not hold both sides of Congress. The spending must be rolled back now. ObamaCare must be destroyed now. Central government size must be rolled back now. We can’t wait.

  13. Mitt has the best chance of beating Obama which is the only thing I’m looking for in a Presidential candidate right now. As far as reforming our country, it is more important to gain a larger majority in the House and take back the Senate. This is where the real change will happen.

    Mitt will scale back our over regulation, will sign a bill repealing Obamacare and be a good leader.

    After SC, Mitt will be our nominee.

  14. Tex says:

    All that matters is that WHOEVER eventually gets the nomination, if all Republicans don’t get behind that chosen candidate and vote for them, then there will be another 4 years of Obama.

    People like my registered Republican cousin, who is so far to the right he hit the wall, refused to vote at all in 2008 when McCain got the nomination. Now that wasn’t a smart move. Romney might not be the perfect candidate to ALL Republicans, but if voters refuse to vote for the nominee who only meets 80% (Romney) of their requirements, they may end up with 0% (Obama) of their requirements after the election. It looks like its gonna be Romney facing off Obama to me. He may not be perfect to everyone, but he’s gotta be better than Obama.

    What worries me are the rumors that if Paul doesn’t get the nomination, him and his supporters are going to go with their own “third party” run. If that happens, then you can be sure he will peel enough votes away from the Republican ticket to ensure an Obama victory.

  15. Lorica says:

    I am abit more than upset with the biggest loser in this race, when asked last night what he would say to the Iowa Caucus winner, his answer was “who cares”. Well quite frankly Mr. Huntsman, this Iowan, living in the foreign land of Illnois, thinks the exact same think about your candidacy.

    Now that Michelle Bachman is out, let us hope you Mr. Huntsman, are the next person to go. You are the ultimate DC insider, and you are the very last thing this country needs. – Lorica

  16. Carlos says:

    There’s lots to comment on, but the one that sticks out for me is bob jones’ use of “…honest politician…” when talking about Paul.

    That’s an oxymoron, Bob. In my heart of hearts I really don’t believe there is any such animal. A person can be a “statesman” and be honest, maybe, but part of the definition of “honest” is the ability to be a sincere liar and make it look like you’re doing the people a favor.

    And yes, that goes for my personal favorite in the race, too, and that’s not Paul or Mitt.

  17. Jiji says:

    We all need to chill out. Romney did not “TAKE” Iowa with only an eight vote majority. In my mind that was a loss, not a victory. Obviously Mitt will take NH. But after that the real race begins. Nothing is set in concrete yet. McCain is set to endorse Mitt today. That could be the kiss of death. Getting an endorsement from a RINO csnnot be helpful.

    But for all of our opinions we absolutely must come together and vote for the R candidate, no matter how repugnant, or this will likely be the last national election in America.

  18. Lorica says:

    That could be the kiss of death. Getting an endorsement from a RINO csnnot be helpful.

    In Total Agreement!! To me McCain will always be the big cry baby, that when he didn’t win the 2000 nomination, blah blah blah’d about leaving the Rep party. McCain’s endorsement means less to me than the whole Huntsman’s campaign. – Lorica

  19. bob jones says:

    To Carlos: That’s why Ron Paul is always described by the establishment as different or dangerous or an oddball, he really is compared to other politicians. He has been consistent, he is not a flip-flopper, he is a physician who has always offered his services free to those who cannot afford to pay, and does not publicize that fact.He has been an honorable man who has always voted Constitutionally, always voted against tax hikes and bailouts and is the most unusual of all human beings, an honest politician. About as common as a snowballl in hell.He is quite simply, a good man.

  20. Chris in NC says:

    McCain endorsing… Ugh. I was all set/resigned to Romney and McCain does that. If McCain wants Romney to win, the last thing he should do is say anything. Santorum had no budget and no face time in the debates. He did everything by stumping. He’ll start getting donations now and he’ll start getting his anal probe now too. Let’s see how he weathers that. He’ll be center stage on the next debate too. Just like he wanted.

    To Tex: I was one of those too up to the last second. I did reluctantly pull for McCain even though I said I wouldn’t. I won’t hesitate this time no matter who, even Ron Paul (gack). I know a bunch that went Obama who are switching. It’s going to be interesting.

  21. Carlos says:

    If it comes down to Ron Paul or Obhammud, I will not vote for either.

    I will, however, vote in the senatorial and representative elections, and the locals. Bottom line is, those are the only ones that can derail Obhammud if he is re-elected. Hopefully, anyone hoping to ride his coattail into office will be riding a log coming out his rear and people will reject that stench.

  22. Russ says:

    Bob, The problem with Ron Paul is the fact he believes in conspiracy theories. He even put his faith in such theories above any belief he has in personal liberty when he endorsed socialist Ralph Nadar and Cnythia ( we need a qaddafi style government in the US) McKinney. I for one find it troubling that he is comfortable with the support of neonazis and hacks for Russia Today ( Putins little propoganda effort). Dispite his big talk he has proven to be a porker ( though he didn’t even have the balls to put his name to his pork. There is a lot more but the bottom line is Ron Paul is more OWS then Tea Party and well one cult leader in the Whitehouse has been more then enough for me.