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Why Romney is “winning” and why he will stay in til the end, plus: Time for Palin?

I didn’t watch last night’s debate – at least not with the volume turned up.  May sound odd, but I had it on mute and followed the first hour or so by reading live Tweets and comments on both Facebook and Twitter.   The rationale behind it was that I didn’t think I could take listening to Rep. Michele “Comeback Trail” Bachmann’s canned answers and cheap shots for another second.  Turns out that I didn’t miss much by not literally listening to it, as I’ve read many a political junkie write that it was one of the worst debates they’ve ever seen.  Quite frankly, even though it’s early in the game, I’m already burned out on the whole debate thing, for reasons I’ll get into later.  I’ve caught up on last night’s debate by watching clips, and reading both the transcript and various debate analyses written by people whose opinions I value......   [Read More]