Why does Mayor Bloomberg hate the homeless?

Posted by: ST on March 20, 2012 at 6:22 pm

Good grief:

In a move that combines the mayor’s affinity for overbearing health regulations with his controversial stance on homeless shelters already under fire from advocacy groups and City Council members, a new rule barring food donations to shelters is raising even more concern.

CBS reports on the bizarre rule that turns away food, perhaps the most needed item for any shelter, because according to health officials, it’s impossible to gauge the items’ salt, fiber, and other nutritional stats.

When asked about the contradictory stipulation, Bloomberg huffed, “For the things that we run because of all sorts of safety reasons, we just have a policy it is my understanding of not taking donations.”

Unfortunately, news of the rule is just another day in Bloomberg’s “nanny-state.” The mayor has been repeatedly criticized for his health initiatives, with many believing his well-intentioned moves to improve New Yorkers’ health ultimately infringe upon basic rights.

In a scathing retort, NY Restaurant Examiner journalist Howard Portnoy writes:

Well, isn’t that special? The man who decreed that your sodium intake is his business and who spends a quarter million dollars of taxpayers’ money on three personal chefs is now refusing to allow good-hearted New Yorkers to help out their homeless brethren. His reason? Their edible donations may not stack up to his high standards of nutrition and food safety.

So how is his food safety initiative working out? That would be his system of assigning a letter grade to New York restaurants based on violation points assigned by his crack team of health inspectors. The program, which was launched in 2010, requires eating establishments to display their letter grade in a prominent location on the façade.

What does a restaurant need to do to earn an “A”? Judging from three branches of the coffee chain Starbucks that made the grade, contamination with fecal organisms is a good start. An investigation by the Department of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology at New York University Langone Medical Center revealed that the establishments tested positive for Enterococcus, fecal strep, E. coli, and Klebsiella.

An article in the New York Post quotes DHS Commissioner Seth Diamond as explaining that the ban on food donations “is consistent with Mayor Bloomberg’s emphasis on improving nutrition for all New Yorkers.” But the article’s author, Jeff Stier, wonders whether “the real driver behind the ban is the Bloomberg dietary diktats.”

With friends like Bloomie, another saying goes, who needs enemies?

Or a mind of their own, for that matter?

Doug Powers fantasizes:

In other words, “the government has it handled, we don’t need private institutions involved.” If only bureaucrats would ever say “the private sector has it handled, we don’t need the government involved.”

Not. gonna. happen.

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7 Responses to “Why does Mayor Bloomberg hate the homeless?”


  1. Carlos says:

    Let me get this straight. NYC has, year after year, multiple homeless deaths from starvation. It is also a hotbed of “highly-rated” restaurants that are sources of fecal contamination.

    How are we doing so far?

    So the government solution is to continue to keep those sources of fecal contamination open, but ban sustenance donations to shelters because the donations MIGHT have too much salt, fat or other deleterious contents?

    Typical pro-government boob that hasn’t a clue beyond his feel-good philosophy of “It’s the intent that counts, not the results.” He typifies everything that is wrong with government for the last several decades.

  2. Mitch says:

    Carlos, you are not giving credit to the humor of this. It is simply off the charts. Homeless people and other people of the streets are dying of hunger and living in dumpsters and Fat Cheeks Obama has decided that they may be getting too much fat content from the free donations of food from local Church groups and other philanthropic organizations. We have to stop this immediately. These people are dying of starvation or freezing to death every night in New York City, but as long as they are alive, we have to make sure they are not eating fatty foods. This is your Government protecting and taking care of you until you die. Which may be very soon, if you’re homeless in New York City. Because all that food you were getting for free, has too much fat in it, so you can’t have it any more. We’re just doing this for your own good, you understand. Don’t you?

  3. Tom TB says:

    So I can go to any restaurant in NYC, eat a big meal and pay the check, but I can’t buy the same food the next morning and donate it to a Church run soup kitchen?

  4. Kate says:

    So, Mayor Bloomberg, send one of your three chefs over to the shelter to prepare the kind of grub you eat everyday…and you have the money to foot the bill!

    This all goes down to “the government can do things better” mantra I hear all the time from liberal/progressive types. The elites believe they can do things so much better for the poor people thru government handouts. Community activism has nothing to do with feeding your poor or homeless neighbors unless it comes thru government funding I guess.

  5. I recently met a homeless women who would love someone to give her bagels everyday.

    The biggest problem with our homeless population is that no one is really doing anything about getting people out of being homeless. The system is designed to put a band aid on the problem and just keeps them homeless.

    She blogs about her experience. A very eye opening look at the population of homeless people in our country who are not addicts or in need of medications to help with mental illness. The homeless are not what many want you to believe they are. Some are decent people who have lost everything and are just trying to survive. Many of them work as well.

  6. Michael Teuber says:

    This can’t be adequately explained by stupidity or ignorance.