#Trayvon: Zimmerman medical report, Martin autopsy appear to back GZ’s story

Posted by: ST on May 15, 2012 at 7:37 pm

First, from ABC News:

A medical report compiled by the family physician of accused Trayvon Martin murderer George Zimmerman and obtained exclusively by ABC News found that Zimmerman was diagnosed with a “closed fracture” of his nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of his head and a minor back injury the day after he fatally shot Martin during an alleged altercation.


The morning after the shooting, on Feb. 27, Zimmerman sought treatment at the offices of a general physician at a family practice near Sanford, Fla. The doctor notes Zimmerman sought an appointment to get legal clearance to return to work.

The record shows that Zimmerman also suffered bruising in the upper lip and cheek and lower back pain. The two lacerations on the back of his head, one of them nearly an inch long, the other about a quarter-inch long, were first revealed in photos obtained exclusively by ABC News last month.

But the report also shows Zimmerman declined hospitalization the night of the shooting, and then declined the advice of his doctor to make a follow-up appointment with an ear nose and throat doctor.

And from Orlando’s WFTV:

SANFORD, Fla. — WFTV has confirmed that autopsy results show 17-year-old Trayvon Martin had injuries to his knuckles when he died.

The information could support George Zimmerman’s claim that Martin beat him up before Zimmerman shot and killed him.

The autopsy results come as Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara continues to go over other evidence in the case.

O’Mara wouldn’t comment on the autopsy evidence, but WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said it’s better for the defense than it is for the prosecution.

WFTV has learned that the medical examiner found two injuries on Martin’s body: The fatal gunshot wound and broken skin on his knuckles.

When you compare Trayvon’s non-fatal injury with Zimmerman’s bloody head wounds, the autopsy evidence is better for the defense, Sheaffer said.

“It goes along with Zimmerman’s story that he acted in self-defense, because he was getting beaten up by Trayvon Martin,” Sheaffer said.

The injury to Martin’s knuckle also fits with Zimmerman’s story that before he shot and killed Martin, Martin had broken his nose and knocked him to the ground, slamming his head on the sidewalk.

But Sheaffer said there could be another explanation for Martin’s knuckle injury.

“It could be consistent with Trayvon either trying to get away or defend himself,” Sheaffer said.

As I wrote on Twitter just a few minutes ago, the release of this documentation/evidence does make you wonder all the more at what led the prosecutor to think she had enough to even try George Zimmerman at all, much less for second degree murder. We will, of course, find out at trial – but what we know so far about this case tends to favor Zimmerman’s account of events.

In related news, WFTV also reports that the FBI is busy conducting interviews with witnesses in order to determine whether or not to seek hate crime charges against Zimmerman, which could possibly see him face the death penalty:

SANFORD, Fla. — WFTV has learned charges against George Zimmerman could be getting more serious.

State prosecutors said Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman, profiled and stalked 17-year-old Trayvon Martin before killing him, so the FBI is now looking into charging him with a hate crime.

Zimmerman admitted to killing Martin in February during a confrontation. However, he claims the shooting was in self-defense. He’s facing a second-degree murder charge, which carries a maximum possible sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. But if Zimmerman is charged and found guilty of a federal hate crime involving murder, he could face the death penalty.

FBI investigators are actively questioning witnesses in the retreat at the Twin Lakes neighborhood, seeking evidence for a possible federal hate crime charge.


WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said federal prosecutors would have to prove the hate crime to charge Zimmerman, though.

“What the government would have to prove is that Mr. Zimmerman acted out of hatred toward African-Americans. That’s why he came into contact with him. That’s why he shot and killed him,” Sheaffer said.

I have followed this case extensively and I just do not see hate crime charges being leveled against Zimmerman. Not even the prosecution alleges that Zimmerman said “f*cking c**ns” on the now-infamous 911 call.  And given  Zimmerman’s family’s mixed-race make-up, not to mention the back story on the crime problems that plagued his community months before that deadly night in February – which indicate reasons why Zimmerman would be suspicious of someone he didn’t know in the neighborhood – nothing so far points to a person full of rage specifically due to someone’s race.

We’ll know more in the weeks and months to come, to be sure, but for now I remain convinced that Zimmerman acted in self defense on that February night.

Your thoughts?

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12 Responses to “#Trayvon: Zimmerman medical report, Martin autopsy appear to back GZ’s story”


  1. tinkerthinker says:

    Self defense, I agree.

  2. Mike Giles says:

    And injuries on Martin’s hands proves he initiated whatever confrontation took place, because? I am continually stunned by people’s willingness to accept Mr. Zimmerman’s version of events, when it’s obvious that he has an incentive to put the best “face” possible on an incident which ended in him killing another human being.

  3. Mr. Kimber says:

    I want to know what the toxicology report is. I don’t see any indication of a hate crime altho I can see an investigation given the leanings of the AG of the US

  4. Nick says:

    “People’s willingness to accept Mr Zimmerman;s version of events”? The MSM has for months not properly reported the facts in this case. Not only not reported,
    but blatantly published falsehoods making GZ look guilty.

    The facts(not his version, but the simple facts) have had a slow but tortious time getting out there. But they are out there now, thanks to people like Sister Toldjah.

    The facts are what they are. People should report on them w/out bias and let the chips fall where they may. But as of now, as the facts stand, if there was a fight immediately prior, winning a murder charge is weak at best. If he had reason to fear for his life, then self defense would be fully justified.

  5. Mr. Kimber says:

    You are right Nick. The Stand Your Ground law does not apply.

  6. Auntie_Maim says:

    Nick: Surely you meant “tortuous” and not “tortious,” yes? (Though admittedly, it sort of works either way…)


    Sorry, IMNSHO this case was picked up in the first place because of Zimmerman’s last name and the fact that a black kid got shot. None of us should be shocked, either, that Al Sharpton was one of the first people on “the scene” as it were, because he has shown us all over the years that he’d get up from his dinner to go cause trouble for someone else if the situation could be used to further his race-baiting agenda.

    In a way, all the obfuscation isn’t such a bad thing. Since this looks as if it’s going to go to trial, I expect voir dire to be worse than it was for the OJ trial debacle. It does mean that one of two things will happen: either the trial itself changes jurisdiction (as it is determined that there is no possible way to select a jury that can possibly be unbiased) OR we end up with a jury of…..well, ID10T errors. I don’t see the FL AG’s office dropping this one; politically, they can’t. Ethically and legally, however, they should. This country was not founded on the idea that someone should be arrested (or face trial) simply because of public pressure, all evidence to the contrary. But in its simplest form, that’s exactly what has happened here.

  7. Drew the Infidel says:

    Some items remain consistent in this. In the first sentnece of the news item above the inflammatory term “murderer” is applied to Zimmerman. And Martin’s wounds being described as defensive wounds is a leap, to say the least, in which case the Stand Your Ground law has application. And do not forget the race baiters and gun control nuts, some of whom use this site to vent.

  8. james says:

    How could martin have been defending himself when he does not have a mark on him. Also love how martins girlfriend was interviewed first by crump the attorney for the martin family. She heard zimmerman say what are u doing here and then heard martin get pushed. Crump has been trying to seal the autopsy report from the start. Can’t to find out if he was really 150 pounds. Have a feeling he was closer to 180. Nice try sharpton

  9. Nick says:

    Lol, freudian slip of the tongue there on my part,Auntie Maim.
    Yes both tortuous and tortious things have gone on here in the “news” dissemination of information.

  10. Tex says:

    Evidence means nothing to those who have already tried and convicted Zimmerman – the MSM, the Congressional Black Caucus, Al Sharpton, and most African-Americans apparently. Because it seems they were all there that night and witnessed first hand what happened.

  11. Liz says:

    I never understood the race angle. Even Trayvon’s mother said she did not believe it had anything to do with race. The hard core race baiters just need a martyr desperately! Let the system flush out the facts and hopefully justice will be done with hollywood interference.