AUDIO: NC high school teacher angrily lectures student on “disrespecting” Obama

Posted by: ST on May 20, 2012 at 12:48 pm

Apparently, according to this pro-Obama teacher at North Rowan High School in North Carolina, not only were people “arrested for saying bad things about President Bush” but Mitt Romney does not deserve the same respect as President Obama in terms of how discussions on him should go … because he is not the President:

After criticizing Mitt Romney, a North Carolina high school teacher yelled at a student for asking a question about Barack Obama, telling him that he could be arrested for criticizing Barack Obama.

Sarah Campbell wrote at the Salisbury Post Saturday that the heated exchange began “with a classroom conversation about a recent news story detailing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney allegedly bullying a classmate in prep school. It turns into a heated, sometimes confrontational debate.”

“Didn’t Obama bully someone though,” one student asked, referring to an incident in Obama’s memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” in which Obama admitted pushing a girl when other students called him her boyfriend.

“Stop, no, because there is no comparison,” the teacher said.

According to the teacher, Romney is “running for president,” and therefore does not deserve the same respect as Obama, who “is the president.”

“Listen, let me tell you something, you will not disrespect the president of the United States in this classroom,” she said.

She went on to tell the student that he “will not” say what he wants about Obama, and asserted that it was a crime to “slander” the President.  The student responded by recalling that many spoke ill of George W. Bush while he was President, and such arrests would violate the Constitutional right to free speech.

The teacher asked: “Do you realize that people were arrested for saying things bad about Bush?”

But Michael Bitzer, a political science professor at Catawba College, told the Post he had “no idea” what the teacher was talking about when she claimed people “were arrested for saying bad things about Bush.”


Bitzer went on to say the student was more correct than the teacher.

“Her point about not being able to say anything ‘disrespectful’ about the president does fly in the face of the First Amendment, and while she may wish to enforce that edict about ‘respecting’ the president, the issue seems to have gotten personal on her part,” he added, saying that her attempt to make a point seems to have been overshadowed by her personal feelings toward Obama.

“Granted, she apparently tried to ensure that a respectful conversation was had about the president, but she seems to have taken things a bit too personally — and it appears the student was set on making a confrontation in the guise of raising a question about ‘who bullied who — both Romney and Obama’,” he wrote.

Bitzer said the teacher was a “bit overboard in being rude towards the student,” but added that the student “was also trying to pick a fight.”

The school system said it could not comment on the incident publicly, but said the social studies teacher – who was not identified – is still working for the district.

I listened to the audio. I think it’s pretty obvious the student was not “trying to pick a fight” nor was the teacher trying to encourage “respectful” conversation. It’s not very long into the audio after the student asks about Obama allegedly being a bully in response to the teacher’s assertion about the “Romney bullying” that the teacher gets extremely agitated and starts yelling about respecting the office of the Presidency, etc.   From that point on, it was a test of wills and clearly the teacher was determined it would only be a one-sided discussion. Her voice sounds far off to start with, but around the 3:13 mark it sounds like she has walked directly up to the student to confront him about how he will not “disrespect the President” – when all he was doing was offering counterpoints to what she was asserting about Romney.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Listen for yourself:

A shorter version of her point: I can and will be critical of Republican presidential nominees, but if you counter my criticisms with similar criticisms about President Obama, it is “disrespectful” and you can “get arrested for it.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard liberals assert that public school teachers should be allowed to discuss current events, including political events, in the classroom in an effort to assist students with the “critical thinking skills” they will need later on in life. The point is understandable, yet at the same time I’ve always pushed back on it because of my concern that the political leanings of the teachers, who I assume are mostly liberal Democrats, will eventually come out in some way. It’s pretty clear from this audio that not only is the teacher a liberal Democrat and strongly supportive of Obama, but that the only “critical thinking” going on in the “discussion” is her being highly annoyed of any thinking that includes believing you have the right to criticize the current President of the United States without fear of being verbally beat down by a teacher you should feel you should be able to trust, much less being “arrested” by the feds.

Sound familiar in this state? It should.

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13 Responses to “AUDIO: NC high school teacher angrily lectures student on “disrespecting” Obama”


  1. foxmuldar says:

    Can we presume the teacher was black? It’s very clear she doesn’t have a clue when it comes to the first amendment. She should be fired from her job but then we know that won’t ever happen. Everything she said was wrong. This teacher must understand that we are not in a dictatorship yet. We still live in a Republic where freedom of speech is allowed. When Obama is anointed king, then perhaps that will change, but till then the student has every right to speak his mind.

  2. rrpjr says:

    “But Michael Bitzer, a political science professor at Catawba College, told the Post…”

    Who is he and who the hell cares what he thinks? Why do we always run to academics as “experts”? As a “political science professor” he likely has less understanding of the First Amendment than the average Tea Partier.

    This teacher was aggressively censorious and self-evidently ignorant.

  3. Carlos says:

    First, if Mr. Obama doesn’t want to be disrespected in the office of the presidency, he should start respecting that office himself. The person holding that office that disrespects that office should be held both in contempt and ridicule, as should anyone who tries to defend the indefensible.

    Second, it doesn’t make any difference whether the teacher was black, white, Hispanic or purple martian. A “social studies” teacher (a lib phrase for “government indoctrination specialist”) should understand the basics of the Constitution as it was written and modified by amendments, and it’s obvious she is oblivious to any understanding of that same Constitution and its amendments.

    Third, I would wonder if the student in question hasn’t been in trouble before? She seems to have a very short fuse with him. My guess is he is the thinker in the classroom (it’s obvious SHE isn’t) and he’s gotten in plenty of hot water throughout the year for questioning the teacher’s thoughts, statements and theses.

    And last, since we all know from this circumstance that she’s a liar, what the heck is she doing teaching those precious little mushminds to begin with? Seems the school district could do better than her, and better by a long shot if they spent as much time vetting who they hire as they do trying to figure how to screw the taxpayers with more administrators and fewer teachers.

  4. LaInfidel says:

    This is what happens when you hire affirmative action candidates. Listening to the audio, the so called ‘teacher’ doesn’t even speak proper English. How can you allow someone like that to teach?

  5. Drew the Infidel says:

    This is what happens when a totally unqualified individual is placed in front of a classroom full of impresssionable kids under the guise of Affirmative Action. What do you want to bet her vociferous , confrontational, and unprofessional nature springs from internalizing Obhammud’s crap as much as union membership?

  6. Sefton says:

    Agree with the previous comments, but besides that, has anyone else been in a classroom environment like that?
    Other than the topic they were “arguing”, I found myself incensed that our public education system has deteriorated to this level.
    I was sort of hoping she was a substitute teacher who just lost control of the class, but even with that as an excuse it’s ridiculous.
    It’s no wonder our country’s future is going to hell if this is typical of a modern day high school setting.

  7. Tammy says:

    Hi, Sista. Read you often, but have never commented.

    This whole thing is so stupid it would be laughable if it weren’t so disturbing that she is an educator. Yes, she’s ignorant…and inarticulate. I’m proud of the young man for standing his ground and making his point. Son, I hope you take that same tack with your future professors. Let them know you’re not a sheep. Now, about getting her fired. That’s VERY difficult to do these days. I actually have a flow chart–yes, a flow chart telling of the steps it takes to get a tenured teacher dismissed. It’s a football field long and 12 foot deep of bureaucratic red tape. Scary indeed!

  8. I also think it’s pretty obvious the student was more skilled in grammar, debate and civics than this ignorant ‘teacher.’

    Thanks for the link, Sister.

  9. Lorica says:

    WOW Listen to her anger, she can justify her hatred all she wants, but the kid is right she is freaking out. I will give you money that not once she defended George Bush is such a fashion. She was probably leading the march in her disrespect of President Bush. Even her defense of Bush was a slam of how he infringed on people’s 1st amendment right. So what kind of defense is that??? – Lorica

  10. RjW63 says:

    I wonder if this was Peggy Joseph. In case you forgot she is the one famous for saying ” he’s going to put gas in my car and pay my mortgage” after his majesty was elected, same mentality.

  11. beachbum says:

    I think that it is funny that she would say “you should not disreprect any president current or past” right after she said president Bush was a shitty president.

  12. Sefton says:

    I suppose it happens on occasion, but I would hope this recording illustrates the exception and not the rule these days.
    I was in junior high/high school about your time-frame; a small school in East Texas (my graduating class was 40). We were still pledging allegiance to the flag in those days, and discipline wasn’t just a trip to the principal’s office… it was a paddling if one deserved it. Then the parents would find out and you’d be in more trouble (versus today where a lawyer would call the administration).
    Teachers knew how to teach and also how to command respect, and the students showed them the same.
    Today, it seems, a class of spoiled, entitled kids is lucky to get a teacher who even knows how to teach much less one who just fills a void for the paycheck. Couple that with the liability school officials are handcuffed with and we have our current public education system.
    My mother taught school for 35 years and she’s said on countless occasions that, if she were starting today, there’s no way she’d go into teaching because of the way it is now.
    So, I guess the broader picture to this recording is the lack of professionalism that apparently exists in the teaching ranks. How someone like this can even be classified a teacher, get a job as one and keep it, is an incredibly sad testament.

  13. Jillian says:

    Well all I can say is there is no respect for anybody these days least of all in the classroom, but honestly how can you have respect for such stupidity. This woman is obviously proud that we have a black president and didn’t have to say it, it was obvious. I don’t care if our president is green, if he/she is doing a good job of keeping America free and based on the laws it was built on. This woman should be fired or put down in the minors until she is capable of first keeping control of her students and then she needs to hold her temper because an out of control adult causes an uproar and a lot of tension in a room filled with teenage hormones…This young man will be a leader someday if he can stick to his beliefs and know what he is talking about. I find myself getting extremely angry that there will be no punishment for this teacher protected by a union and affirmative action. :((