#ObamaCare ruling: The Final Countdown

Posted by: ST on June 28, 2012 at 8:17 am

Are you ready, peeps? The moment we’ve been waiting for: 10 a.m. ET today.

Fox News reports on the various scenarios that could play out today at the SCOTUS:

The Supreme Court could uphold the entire law or could strike down the entire law. In between those two extremes, the court could also rule that the individual mandate is unconstitutional — while leaving the rest of the Affordable Care Act intact. A slight variation on that outcome would be for the court to strike down the mandate and two related provisions. Aside from the mandate, the law’s expansion of Medicaid is at issue in Thursday’s ruling, as well.

The high court could also surprise everybody and decide not to issue a ruling — accepting the argument that because nobody has yet paid a penalty for failing to purchase health insurance, the case is not yet ripe for the courts to decide.

Not sure when I’ll be able to check back in here at the blog, but I’ll be Tweeting
developments later today as they are announced (as time permits for me). Make sure to bookmark and visit frequently the SCOTUSblog
(Twitter page here) as they will likely be among the first to have information on today’s ruling. For what it’s worth, their highly respected blog is predicting a very disappointing day for conservatives, which makes me VERY nervous.

Oh, and yes – take a deep breath. This will be one of the (if not THE) defining rulings of our time, which will impact generations to come. Let’s hope SCOTUS gets it right.

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3 Responses to “#ObamaCare ruling: The Final Countdown”


  1. Phineas says:

    For what it’s worth, their highly respected blog is predicting a very disappointing day for conservatives, which makes me VERY nervous.

    I might as well toss mine in: 5-4, the mandate is overturned, but the rest is left to stand. Ideally, the whole thing would be tossed due to non-severability, but I doubt they’ll go that far.

    But, if they let the mandate stand, then that makes capturing the WH and the Senate even more imperative, so the measure can be undone politically, in accordance with the People’s will. (Unlike ObamaCare’s passage.)

    And it would set us a new goal: capturing such majorities that we could force through constitutional amendments to redefine the Commerce Clause more tightly, back toward its original meaning, so that it can’t be used as a statist “Anything I want card” again.

    One thing I won’t do: if the SCOTUS upholds the mandate, I’m not going to scream and yell and pout, and claim the Court is “corrupt” or “politicized.” Tantrums are the Left’s gig. Anyone who knows more than a bit of US History knows the SCOTUS has made plenty of bad decisions (“Kelo,” anyone?) in the past, and will in the future.

    I’ll be crushingly disappointed, of course, and a stiff martini will be in order, but then the fight goes on. :)

  2. Phineas says:

    BTW, I’ll be having that stiff martini. :(