VIDEO: Romney ad “Shame On You” hits Obama with Hillary criticisms

I like it!

Politico has the transcript:

NARRATOR: Barack Obama’s attacks against Mitt Romney: they’re just not true. The Washington Post says, ‘On just about every level, this ad is misleading, unfair and untrue.’ But that’s Barack Obama. He also attacked Hillary Clinton with vicious lies.

CLINTON (file footage): He continues to spend millions of dollars perpetuating falsehoods.

NARRATOR: Mitt Romney has a plan to get America working. Barack Obama? Worst job record since the Depression.

CLINTON (file footage): So shame on you, Barack Obama.

ROMNEY (voice-over): I’m Mitt Romney and I approved this message.

Hah. That’s got to cut deep, considering the nastiness of the 2008 Democrat primary campaign season between H. Clinton and Obama. Kinda reminds me of the ad Senator McCain ran against Obama featuring criticisms then-candidate for President then-Senator Joe Biden made about the then-junior Senator from Illinois:


You know what I think would make a great ad, that would follow along the themes of using the criticisms made of Obama by his Democrat opponents in 2007/8? Playing their sound bites, and then asking the question “what’s changed? Nothing” while displaying facts on the screen. Of course, Romney would run the risk of Democrats using the same tactics on him via ads but it’s something they’re already doing anyway via public statements and interviews – they’re just not mentioning the names of the candidates who criticized him (not to my knowledge, anyway). The essence of the Romney ads against Obama could be that he used the Presidency for on the job training, and four years later we are all experiencing the disastrous results.

Anyway, I really dug the ad and hope the Romney campaign is committed to continuing to hammer the President and his party. May it continue until the day of the election, unlike John McCain’s ads, which ran flat after mid-August of that election year.

#ObamaCare : A little evidence liberals may not savor this win for too long

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A whole lot of the wrong people (in their view) just got very motivated yesterday:

(Click for a larger version)

Let’s remember, until almost the end in 2010, the left “misunderestimated” the public’s anger at having ObamaCare shoved down their throats and thought they would retain the House. What they got instead was the “Great Shellacking.” This kind of spontaneous money-bomb should have them giving each other nervous looks.

And yet… They’re doing it again. (1) They’re making us angry. They won’t like it when we’re angry.

Remember in November. Let’s give them “The Great Shellacking II.”

(1) Really. This is what professional Democrats and progressives think of you. Keep that in mind. And tell your friends. And while you’re at it, thank Mr. Gaspard for being so honest.

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