Militant #Trayvon supporter mail of the day

Posted by: ST on July 16, 2012 at 8:18 pm

From “conservative_nightmare” in response to my post on how the FBI has found no evidence that George Zimmerman was a racist:

What a disgusting, racist bitch. Defending the murder of an African-American teenage boy. In the delusional mind of right-wing crazies, removing a cluster of cells from a woman’s body is “murder”, but killing an African-American teenager, because he looked “suspicious”, is perfectly fine.

This is a classic example of multiple non-sequiturs, not that this non-observer of our celebrity President’s call for a “New Tone” cares …

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12 Responses to “Militant #Trayvon supporter mail of the day”


  1. Carlos says:

    Other than the fact that the apparent facts of the case contradict everything this whacko apparently believes, I find absolutely no basis to place a higher value on the life of an African-American teenage thug that had apparently (according to an eyewitness) attacked the real victim here and was in the process of trying to kill him when the little punk was shot, than could be placed on a Thai orphan or some Hispanic child trying to succeed in America.

    In other words, “conservative nightmare’s” assumption that just because the dead child was black and the shooter wasn’t that automatically the non-black is guilty says a lot about the useful idiot’s education, upbringing, thought processes and ability (or inability) to process cold, hard facts and come to a coherent and logical conclusion.

    No wonder Obama got elected, what with fruitcakes like this exposing their stupidity so openly and proudly.

  2. I’m guessing the murder of waitress Jacqueline Gardner merits less attention from the press and the bullhorns of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Over her’s night’s tip money.

  3. Marshall Art says:

    Wow, Sis! That puts you well in Michelle Malkin’s company. Maybe you could have your version of her “Hate Tweet of the Day”.

  4. Marshall Art says:

    Regarding your email issues, I had the same problem with my address and called customer service about it. He did some tech stuff in whatever country he was and had me change my password, which I think was the key. Everything else stayed the same and I am not getting the messages about the junk mail. It was maddening until then. I would get some friend asking if I sent it and I’d have to explain that it wasn’t me, but if they were suffering from erectile dysfunction, I was glad to help. Haven’t had such issues in months. Good luck with yours.

  5. Unfortunately, instead of being a matter for the courts to decide, as it should be, this case is going to be like a bitter divorce (term not used loosely). The scenario that will prevail will be an instance of “he said-she said” with the truth being somewhere in the middle. The ingredients are all there with the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton hate mongering, an over-the-top second degree murder charge, and Zimmerman getting a foretaste of “gotcha” shenanigans by the judge and prosecutor.

    And congrats on the impertinent email; wear it like a medal. Some people can dig more dirt with a keyboard than a man can with a shovel.

  6. Oh, it gets better Sister – the prosecution has dug this up, which as nothing to do with the martin case:

    “Anonymous witness for prosecution says Zimmerman molested her for 10 years as kids; adds she thinks he hates black people.”
    Link in my LL1885’s picks in my TML this morning:

  7. Oh and in response to that ridiculous remark from a clearly unhinged liberal…

    “In the delusional mind of right-wing crazies, removing a cluster of cells from a woman’s body is “murder”, but killing an African-American teenager, because he looked “suspicious”, is perfectly fine.”

    That’s funny because Obama has no problem with partial birth abortion and calls them “cells” too, unless they are 26 and then they are kids who need to be on their parents insurance.

  8. Jim N says:

    Whatever happened to the two black teenagers who set fire to a white teenager? Never heard anything on the news after the event, there were no public announcements by Obama saying, “That white teenager would’ve looked like … oh, never mind”, and Sharpton & Jackson didn’t plan any marches. And on the flip side, no response from the “white community”. So who’s racist?!?

    In the words of Ice Cube: “Check yourself before you wreck yourself!” meaning take a step back and examine your actions because you are in a potentially … sticky situation that could get bad very easily.

  9. Brontefan says:

    Liberal Logic is something that defies the common sense of most intelligent people… but then, these are the same people who want socialism in America because it’s fair. As a Christian Conservative who is an educator… I can tell you it’s difficult to work in the belly of the beast. What really is so shocking is that the media supports this radical, vicious, hate speech –and continues to call Tea Party Patriots “Nazis.”

  10. EBL says:

    My, how they get miffed.

  11. Tex says:

    This sounds like some of Maxine Water’s work.

  12. House of Kell says:

    Ahhhh…such tolerance and diversity of opinion from our young retarded trollfrom the Left…regardless that there hasn’t been a trial or anything, yet….already he’s guilty of killing some innocent black child???

    The Misery of St Skittles continues…