VIDEO: Vajayjay-obsessed #WarOnWomen militants sing “Hands off My Vagina”

Posted by: ST on August 23, 2012 at 5:59 pm

You have to see it to believe it:

The lyrics are listed at the You Tube link, but here’s a sampling:

I met a guy at the mall.
Head over heels I did fall.
I need to buy birth control,
but now you’re in my way.

The clinic told me ’bout you.
They said they call you The Cooch.
Hey man, you haven’t a clue,
and now you’re in my way.

Your agenda’s daunting,
rich, white, catholic talking,
women’s rights a stalking.
Whatdya think you’re doing crazy?

I’ve never met you
and this is shady.
It’s my vagina,
so hands off, crazy.
You’re on the far right
and women are angry.
It’s my vagina,
so hands off, crazy.

I’ve never met you
and this is shady.
It’s my vagina,
so hands off, crazy.
With all the politics
controlling ladies.
It’s my vagina,
so hands off, crazy.

The “song” and video were written and produced by a site called “Cooch Watch” – apparently in reference to Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who liberal “feminists” view as an “enemy” to “women’s rights” – even going so far as to suggest Cuccinelli and his supporters are “un-American.”

Yes, standing up for the rights of unborn, developing babies with little heartbeats, tiny hands and feet, etc is “un-American.” What absolute cold-blooded fools these women are.

You know, it’s funny how “feminists” and their slavish devotees in the Democrat party claim they want to stop politicians from “focusing on women’s vaginas” but the only people I see obsessing over vaginas are liberal feminists, you know, the ones who are supposedly carrying the mantle of feminists from long ago who fought to be judged based on their abilities as a person and not on their sex. In reality, modern day “feminists” are an affront to those pioneering feminists, who would be ashamed to see what the battle for “women’s rights” has become – man-hating, family-shunning, narcissistic, and wholly intolerant of viewpoints that don’t mesh with the belief that Uncle Sam is the only man in which you should put your “trust.” He’s the feminist movement’s ultimate man: He condones irresponsibility and disrespect, has a complete disregard for the facts, doesn’t ask questions, and will eagerly shell out billions for you to continue your lifestyle.

That’s a pretty sweet deal … if you’re a woman who doesn’t put a high degree of value on her independence and self-respect. Then again, independent thinking and a strong belief in personal responsibility over a reliability on the government to bail people out are not exactly hallmarks of the modern “feminist” movement, are they?

And speaking of, the funding issue is one of the core issues when it comes to debates about abortion, liberal women – not your vajayajays. If you want the government to keep its “hands off” your female parts, then stop demanding that the American taxpayer must pay for your reproductive decisions and “abortion care” (which is an oxymoron if I ever heard one). You may think you can get away with trying to have it both ways, but here’s a little hint: We won’t let you.

Got it?

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19 Responses to “VIDEO: Vajayjay-obsessed #WarOnWomen militants sing “Hands off My Vagina””


  1. Dara says:

    As a conservative (woman) I want NOTHING from these ‘females’, and THEY should get NOTHING from me. Why should We The People PAY for THEIR ‘pleasures of the flesh’?… THEIR selfish killing of the innocent?

    ‘To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.’

    These ‘people’ are a disgrace to our gender. Not a ‘lady’ in the bunch!

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    The mentality demonstrated in this little jingle speaks for itself but as far as the author being any kind of wordsmith, this would rate a “F” as a classroom writing assignment. And the commiecrats want more money thrown at education? Ever heard of “throwing good money after bad”?

    @Dara–Agreed. Being born with a vagina does not automaticlly entitle one to speak for all females.

  3. The Watcher says:

    ARRGH, my eyes…the goggles do nothing!!!

  4. Carlos says:

    Not to be gross or anything, but even if I were single I wouldn’t want my hand anywhere near either of the vaginas represented in the video. I’ve woken up the next morning wondering who that ugly female was next to me, but never next to anything THAT bad…

  5. BBHunter says:

    – 2nd wave feminazi’s that have taken over the original movement have nothing to do with women’s right’s.

    – Their sole interest and focus is to be allowed to bed any hunk just for fun, that they wouldn’t think of marrying.

    – And if something goes wromg, well they want the right to avoid any responsibility, and freedom to murder, while taxpayers foot the bills for everything.

    – Personally it would be poetic justice if every Leftard woman who played this con were given birth control gratis. At least it would eventually rid society of these imbiciles.

  6. Brontefan says:

    In this upside-down world… we have women insisting on their rights to choose sexual partners–but at the same time insist the federal government PAY for their contraception. And when it comes to the unborn, once again, it’s all about the women’s rights to do whatever she wants with her body. There are now and have always been consequences for your actions/decisions. With all these people out of work, it is interesting they have so much time to push for socialism. Some of us… older, I not believe a single woman standing up demanding someone else pay for her birth control is flattering.

  7. actually... says:

    …if you watch the video it doesn’t say anything about having their contraception/abortions paid for by the government or by anyone else. The issue at hand here is that Cuccinelli is trying to enact legislation that would shut down clinics that provide a full range of reproductive healthcare for women (usually poor women)…which the VA Board of Health has already ruled against, you know, since it’s going to affect the HEALTH of women in VA. It’s fine if you think fetuses are “developing babies with little heartbeats, tiny hands and feet” that matter more than grown women. Whatever. But this video is meant to point out that ALL health decisions about a woman’s vagina should be between her and her doctor, not her and the government.

    I appreciate your political stances here and I understand this is a pro-life forum, but if you could address the actual issue and not resort to ignorant and blatantly insulting statements, you might realize that women of all political/economic/racial stripes will be affected by the proposed law in Virginia–even women who would never have an abortion.

  8. listingstarboard says:

    Cucinelli wants abortion clinics to comply with the same standards of practice as hospitals-board certified doctors with admitting privileges and safe practice in techniques , and equipment as required in Roe v. Wade. We must never allow another Dr. Kermit Gosnell to murder women -or does that not matter to you “actually”?

  9. Chris in N.Va. says:

    It’s been a reeeeally strange, yet revealing example of the alternate pixie-dust-fed-Unicorn-fart-inhaling world of the ultra Libs this campaign season when those who claim that Conservative Republicans are the ones obsessed with women’s reproductive “parts” are themselves terminally fixated on them at a level that would make the most rabid OCD sufferer seem sublimely indifferent and serene.

    Typical, though. With no real accomplishments or agenda to tout, the Left reflexively reverts to its worldview based upon sex (and LOTS OF IT!), “class” (in their case, clearly very LITTLE of it), gender, race, fear, ad nauseum.

  10. PennyBeach says:

    Yuk.Does Clinton really want to be #2 for all time behind Barry and these diverse groups of minority misfits? Looks like they’re pushing you to the side Bill.

  11. listingstarboard says:

    Hey you brave Cooch watchers, how come you have closed comments at your site? Is it because abortion clinics in Virginia currently have less regulation than Veterinarian clinics? That dastardly Cucinelli wants to provide clean safe facilities for abortions, how awful!!!! Or is it because your cooches are like Blue Waffles?

  12. Dali says:

    Pretty scary that some people can not use the proper anatomically correct words – vagina, clitoris, cervix, Fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus.

  13. Seriously? says:

    First of all, I want to say I respect your political opinion and religious beliefs, and the right to have a different one is one thing that “being American” is about. Remember that whole Revolutionary War? The one where they fought against an unjust government and religious freedom? And with all respect, whether I agree or disagree with your blog is irrelevant. My issue here is that not a single responder to this blog, with the exception of “actually..” has given any logical, scientific, or cited any material to argue with Cooch Watch and their opinions. Does anyone have any structured argument? All I’ve seen is name calling, middle school style. Can you sit and think about the fact that these “minority misfits” have not attacked you or your beliefs, not called you names, or anything like that? They’re upset about one man’s actions and decisions, and are protesting directly back at him, not all conservatives in general.

    Do you really have nothing better to do than sit here and hate on women who aren’t trying to take away your freedoms, who aren’t criticizing your lifestyle, and who just want to live and let live?

  14. 1) Look at listingstarboard’s comments.

    2) Please don’t lecture anyone here on name-calling, considering your group considers anyone who agrees with “Cooch” to be “un-American.”

  15. Fred K says:

    What an incoherent article, pretending that a song demanding less government interference is actually demanding more.

  16. listingstarboard says:

    Seriously convoluted logic that equates requiring abortion clinics to adhere to the same quality assurance standards as hospitals as “hating on women” and taking away freedoms. So in essence, actually/seriously you support uncertified practitioners, that if a medical emergency occurs while performing an invasive uterine procedure that runs the risk of perforation and potentially life threatening blood loss you do not want the abortion performer to have admitting privileges to the closest hospital, much less have the credentials of board certification? Your opinion is that requiring standards of care in abortion clinics in Virginia is “un-American”?? In other words what you are seriously actually saying is the added cost of ensuring the quality and safety of the abortion clinic is unimportant to you, it is far more vital to provide as many abortions as possible .

  17. Seriously? says:

    Actually, I seriously said none of that. By the way it’s really cool that you can speak for any woman other than yourself and tell them what their opinions are. I actually never said what side I’m on either. I simply said I respect your views, and asked if anyone out there had a more structured, logical argument to the song these girls posted, beyond name calling and generalizing liberals. Because aren’t we all the same anyways? Right. We, as American women, should just go ahead and be plopped into one big category, because we all think the same thing, and have the same opinions. Thank you for enlightening me on what I apparently think.