Despicable: #Obama2012 sexualizes voting process for “1st time” teen women voters

We’ve hit a new low in campaign tactics. I’m so disgusted right now:

And here I thought women were more than just the sum total of our “lady parts”? Apparently not. Is nothing sacred and innocent anymore? Most “first time” voters are those who have turned 18. This video is aimed at young teenage women! has a tweet round-up of the enthusiastic supporters of this disgusting tactic – like (unsurprisingly) actress Ashley Judd, as well as comments from critics. This one pretty well sums it up for me:

Make sure you (respectfully) let Obama campaign manager Jim @Messina2012 (who is promoting this video) know how you feel about it, especially if you’re a woman sick of being treated like you need to be extra nice (hint hint) to Uncle Sam to make it in the world.

Update – 7:52 PM: Here was my response:

Wonder how long it will be before I’m blocked by both of them? ;)

10 thoughts on “Despicable: #Obama2012 sexualizes voting process for “1st time” teen women voters

  1. Honestly, I could care less who has sex with who and how often and have pretty liberal view about sex. That being said, this is just gross. I do love the line about doing it with a guy who understand women and cares about our healthcare. lol I am a woman. My insurance company had to change its prescription policies. I used to pay a $30/month copay for my epilepsy medication. Now I have to meet my deductible first, which means my, again epilepsy medication, costs $350/month. Yup. THIS woman’s healcare needs are sure being taken care of.

  2. Peculiar about this ad especially is the fact that the hole it is for is a fancier of the Rush Street bath houses.

  3. “I found the polling station, pulled back the curtin, and my walnut sized brain fell on the floor…..

    I was a girl, now I’m a Golden Erkel groupie with a scaramatch tat from hell, and two free tickets to a Rolling Stones 75 year comeback concert….ZOMG…..Coolies!”

    – A typical adult teenager ~O!~ true believer. Commiewood is heased for some tough times.

  4. First we have a president who lowers the decorum of the office by appearing on TV shows as if he were some SuperStar. Now we have some young girl voting as if it were some popularity contest or as if she were voting for a best friend. This ad, for me, represents about six reasons why 18-year-olds should NOT vote. They are uninformed, naive, and illogical. It would be amusing if this election weren’t so vital to the future of our nation.

  5. Uhhhhh… that IS a girl, right? If so, she is the type that we used to refer to as “the batallion clearing barrel”.

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