War on the #WarOnWomen: Stop w/ the @AmbassadorRice is a “sexism victim” nonsense!

Posted by: ST on November 16, 2012 at 4:05 pm

Conservative commentator Rachel Campos-Duffy, who is the wife of Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI-7), spoke for MANY women across America today who are absolutely fed up and disgusted with the BS “sexism” cries coming from Democrats over legitimate criticism of Ambassador Susan Rice’s statements on Benghazi (via Twitchy):

Preach! More women need to stand up against this utter nonsense. Many of us have, and more are joining in on the push back, including Democrat Kirsten Powers. Ms. Rice is an adult, an accomplished woman in a position of power, and is capable of speaking for herself. She certainly shouldn’t have to feel like she has to hide behind President Obama – who just a few months ago was hiding behind her in the immediate aftermath of the Benghazi terrorist attack and murders, which is, in part, what started the questioning of this administration’s handling of the fallout in the first place. That female Democrat politicos are joining in on the “sexism” charge is predictable but nevertheless deeply disappointing. As Powers mentioned in one of her tweets, these “progressive” females need to “GROW UP.”

And as I wrote last night, it’s not just the gender card being played, but the race card has been thrown out there on the table as well. I pointed out earlier on Twitter that is almost seems like Democrats deliberately appoint/nominate “minorities” to key positions in efforts to try and immunize them against necessary questions and legitimate criticisms. They know there are a lot of politicos who will back down quickly in the face of the left and their allies in the MSM playing their usual deck of cards (race, religion, sex, sexuality, etc) so what better way to head off the political opposition at the pass than to nominate or appoint someone who carries the silly “absolute moral authority” card, who should be “above reproach”, in their view?

I’m heartened by the number of women who are responding in anger and disgust to this tired, stale Democrat party tactic. We have INDEED come a long way, baby, and most definitely far enough to realize when so-called “tough, bold women” on the left stupidly pretend otherwise to shield each other from much-needed sunlight.

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7 Responses to “War on the #WarOnWomen: Stop w/ the @AmbassadorRice is a “sexism victim” nonsense!”


  1. Great White Rat says:

    Liberals see everything, and I mean everything, in relation to three factors: race, gender, and class. Dennis Prager has called this the Holy Trinity of the leftists’ religion.

    Race: you get points if you’re not white.

    Gender: you get points if you’re not male, or if you are male but don’t want to be.

    Class: variable points, but generally the more well off you are the fewer points awarded. Exceptions are made if you’re suitably and vociferously anti-American (John Kerry, for example), donate sufficiently to the Democrats (George Kaiser of Solyndra fame comes to mind), or talk a good socialist game even if you don’t participate yourself (hello, Warren Buffett).

    The more points you have, the more outrageous it is to disagree with you or (worse) criticize you. Rice gets full points on two of the three liberal infallibility qualifications, hence the screaming from the left over anyone questioning her truthfulness.

    It may also be why the Obama regime sent her out to lie for them in the first place. They knew the truth would come out and when it did, they wanted to be able to raise this exact smoke screen to distract people from the truth.

  2. Sarah says:

    Susan Rice is a silly twit who sold her honesty and integrity for a piece of the Obama pie. She’s a victim of her own stupidity.

  3. Drew the Infidel says:

    So does this mean she will not be in an upcoming episode of “Hoggers”?

  4. Carlos says:

    OK, now I’m confused. Is Obama hiding behind her skirt, or is she hiding behind HIS girlieman skirt?

    It’s so hard to keep up with the left without a scorecard!

  5. Kate in MI says:

    I think Susan Rice should have John Wayne’s famous words tattooed on her hand, so she could look at them and remind herself not to be stupid…
    “Life is hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid”.
    Of course, if she is incapable of standing up for herself-she’s beyond help.

  6. Lorica says:

    I hated hearing the Barry play the knight in shining armor when he defended her. One it is a role he has never played before, how this subservient man can now come out in some sort of alpha male role, well it looked and seemed unnatural. SURPRISE!!! It was. He is such a pathetic idiot. Dude, you are a liberal, woman do things on their own in your mindset. You don’t open doors, you don’t stand when a woman walks into the room. You are pathetic, and how you used Susan Rice only proves what I am saying. It is too late now to start caring that people think less of her because you are a doofus. In my mind, I only think less of the Barry. He does not deserve to sit in that chair, and God only knows why the American people put him back in it. – Lorica

  7. CaMom says:

    Which is PRECISELY why she’s the one they put out in public with the assinine ‘it was the video’ explaination – because when people didn’t believe it, they could pull out two cards
    at once “Conservatives are racist, AND they hate women”. Honestly, she’s the best candidate for Secretary of State??? How’s she going to behave when confronted by folks in Muslim countries, who would consider her beneath their goats?????