War on the #WarOnWomen: Stop w/ the @AmbassadorRice is a “sexism victim” nonsense!

Conservative commentator Rachel Campos-Duffy, who is the wife of Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI-7), spoke for MANY women across America today who are absolutely fed up and disgusted with the BS “sexism” cries coming from Democrats over legitimate criticism of Ambassador Susan Rice’s statements on Benghazi (via Twitchy):

Preach! More women need to stand up against this utter nonsense. Many of us have, and more are joining in on the push back, including Democrat Kirsten Powers. Ms. Rice is an adult, an accomplished woman in a position of power, and is capable of speaking for herself. She certainly shouldn’t have to feel like she has to hide behind President Obama – who just a few months ago was hiding behind her in the immediate aftermath of the Benghazi terrorist attack and murders, which is, in part, what started the questioning of this administration’s handling of the fallout in the first place. That female Democrat politicos are joining in on the “sexism” charge is predictable but nevertheless deeply disappointing. As Powers mentioned in one of her tweets, these “progressive” females need to “GROW UP.”

And as I wrote last night, it’s not just the gender card being played, but the race card has been thrown out there on the table as well. I pointed out earlier on Twitter that is almost seems like Democrats deliberately appoint/nominate “minorities” to key positions in efforts to try and immunize them against necessary questions and legitimate criticisms. They know there are a lot of politicos who will back down quickly in the face of the left and their allies in the MSM playing their usual deck of cards (race, religion, sex, sexuality, etc) so what better way to head off the political opposition at the pass than to nominate or appoint someone who carries the silly “absolute moral authority” card, who should be “above reproach”, in their view?

I’m heartened by the number of women who are responding in anger and disgust to this tired, stale Democrat party tactic. We have INDEED come a long way, baby, and most definitely far enough to realize when so-called “tough, bold women” on the left stupidly pretend otherwise to shield each other from much-needed sunlight.

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