Aww: Tina Fey tired of being mistaken for Sarah Palin

Politico reports:

Tina Fey isn’t thrilled that she’s constantly associated with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, whom she famously impersonated during the 2008 presidential election. From Rolling Stone:

As the late-middle-aged couple at the table next to us get up, the male half approaches, grinning: “Excuse me, aren’t you Governor Sarah Palin?” It’s so lame that Fey can barely manage a quarter of a fake smile. “Not for, like, three years now,” she says, looking as if she’d like to dive under the table.

The guy has his gag, though, and he’s going to run with it. “I so enjoy watching you on Fox,” he says.

“Thank you, have a nice day,” she replies. As he walks away, she murmurs, “Until the day I die. Until the day I die.”

I don’t feel one bit sorry for Tina Fey on this issue. Considering she’s largely responsible for perpetuating the enduring lie that Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house (Palin never said that) – a lie that often gets repeated and largely goes unquestioned by low information voters, keeping in mind how she lapped up the accolades of her Palin “performances” and milked the extra fame that came with it for all it was worth, and how all of it inadvertently helped make her a lifetime household name beyond the people who watch her on 30 Rock and SNL, I hope she gets mistaken for Palin for the rest of her life.

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