Disturbing: Murderer/cop-killer Christopher #Dorner’s “fan club” going “mainstream”?

Posted by: ST on February 14, 2013 at 9:54 am

According to BuzzFeed, sickeningly enough – yes:

On Wednesday, CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill seemed to defend the actions of cop killer and fugitive Christopher Dorner, who has since been killed by police after gunning down four victims.

“This has been an important public conversation that we’ve had, about police brutality, about police corruption, about state violence,” Hill said during a CNN segment about the burgeoning online support for Dorner. “As far as Dorner himself goes, he’s been like a real life superhero to many people,” Hill said. “Now don’t get me wrong, what he did is awful, killing innocent people is bad…Many people aren’t rooting for him to kill innocent people, they’re rooting for somebody who was wronged to get a kind of revenge against the system. It’s almost like watchingDjango Unchained in real life, it’s kind of exciting.”

The clip was immediately put on YouTube by conservative site Townhall, earning widespread derision, but Hill is certainly not the only one to hold these kinds of views.

Online support for Dorner in the days since his rampage has crept out of the internet’s more extreme corners — where such perverse boosterism is commonplace — and into more mainstream venues. Dorner is now hailed as a kind of folk hero by some on the Chomsky-esque left and the Ron Paul right, who view the killer’s manifesto as an articulate indictment of the “police state” they have always opposed.


Groups dedicated to Dorner on Facebook range from “We Support Christopher Dorner” to “We Are All Chris Dorner” to “Teamdorner” and others. The #DornerGang hashtag is alive and well on Twitter, as are multiple fever-swamp conspiracy theories about the circumstances of Dorner’s crimes and death.

And while many of the usual suspects — Alex Jones’ websites, for one — are trading in these, the pro-Dorner sentiment is leaking into slightly more well-respected venues.

Alternet, the leftist online magazine, ran a story by Chauncey DeVega arguing that Dorner could “be transformed through popular culture and storytelling into a figure talked about for decades and centuries to come, with multiple versions of his tales and exploits, shaped by the griots and bards for their respective audiences.”

Sigh.  I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.  What is wrong with people??


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7 Responses to “Disturbing: Murderer/cop-killer Christopher #Dorner’s “fan club” going “mainstream”?”


  1. EBL says:

    Dorner killed a daughter of a cop he was mad at. Why isn’t this part of the Democrat war on women?

  2. Carlos says:

    I wonder why the LSM has made such a big deal about Dorner’s shooting “prowess.” Way back in the day (and with the way the military coddles now and teachers try to never give a negative review of anything) having an “expert marksman” medal basically meant one could hit the target. Not necessarily the bullseye, just some part of the target.

    And if the criterium/criteria has/have been eased, how difficult could that be for nearly anyone who can see and doesn’t have Parkinson’s disease or the shakes from last night’s binge?

    I have found absolutely nothing in the guy’s history to admire, but am not surprised he is becoming a cult hero. After all, didn’t Rodney King become a cult hero, too?

    Wait for the riots. I suspect that’ll be just after the next street punk in South Central gets shot running away from the cops…

  3. Phineas says:

    Back in the Great Depression, there were people who made folk heroes out of gangsters who robbed banks, such a Bonnie and Clyde. They were seen as “sticking it to the Man” (in this case, banks), who had done so much harm (in the public perception).

    I think you’re seeing the same thing here, at least in some cases. These people don’t see Dorner for what he was –a failure, a deranged man, a coward, and a murderer– but instead projected their own fantasies of revenge against “the system” onto him. It’s a sad comment on a portion of society, but it’s nothing new.

    (Of course, then there are the idiot ideologues such as Marc Hill, who see “structural racism” everywhere. They’re just leftist hacks.)

  4. Drew the Infidel says:

    Guess who stopped smoking today? Christopher Dorner

  5. Chris in NC says:

    what is wrong with them? They’re liberals. That means no brains all emotions. It’s a “sticking it to the man” mentality…

  6. MissJean says:

    They remind me of the few defenders of Timothy McVeigh, except that they’d say it in someone’s hearing and other people would tell them to shut up. The Internet makes idiots bold.

  7. thinkabout_this says:

    I don’t think that Dorner should be praised for his actions in any capacity! In the end, the very thing that he wanted will never happen because he gave his adversaries power over him. What did he prove?!?! That he was defeated and could NOT live with it! No one is going to fight to clear his name now. Killing innocent people is NOT the way to have your voice be heard. When did killing innocents become so easy for people and why should your cause be heard first over the next person’s? I am not saying that there isn’t prejudice in the world but how we go about being heard is really important! Hearing the incidents of racism and hate from LAPD is NOT surprising yet I don’t think it will ever change. If change will come, it won’t be overnight. The truth of the matter is our society has lost touch with humanity (one another)and everyone has a sense of entitlement. Well the fact of the matter is we are not entitled to anything! All the priviledges in life that we are afforded is merely grace and mercy and we should be thankful. Every time we turn on the news its another brutal murder do we ever celebrate life or value life for that matter? Sadly, the same people who are quick to take another human life will value an animal life over a human being and there is something wrong with that! As a parent when you contemplate about everything that goes into raising a child and in an instance its taken you feel so robbed. So wrong or not killing for revenge never resolves anything! We just saw firsthand how terrible decisions will affect more than one person’s family because everyone in this story has LOST one way or another! And, what did that fix? In the end, nothing.