Awesome: Rev. Billy Graham is named North Carolina’s “favorite son”

Posted by: ST on April 10, 2013 at 6:52 pm

Via the Charlotte Observer:

RALEIGH With his family and the governor looking on, and tearful testimonials from some of those he’s touched, the Rev. Billy Graham was honored as North Carolina’s “favorite son” Wednesday by the General Assembly.

The House and Senate each passed resolutions honoring the 94-year-old Graham and his late wife, Ruth.

“We’re really honored that the state would do this for my mother and father,” evangelist Franklin Graham told the Observer.

Franklin Graham and his sister, Anne Graham Lotz joined family members and Gov. Pat McCrory in watching each chamber pay tribute to the senior Grahams.

The tributes began in each chamber with a two-and-a-half page resolution honoring the Charlotte native who went on to a lifetime of ministry and worldwide acclaim as well as his wife, a partner in his life and ministry.

According to a legislative researcher, Billy Graham appears to be the first North Carolinian recognized as a favorite son.

Unlike the controversial “state religion” resolution, hotly debated for the last couple of weeks and which went nowhere fast, this particular resolution honoring Graham should be one we can all get behind. I can’t think of a more deserving, tireless, honorable, selfless person in this state upon which to bestow this honor.

May God continue to bless the Graham family!

Revs. Graham and Gov. McCrory

Observer caption: In anticipation of a General Assembly resolution, Gov. Pat McCrory presented the Rev. Billy Graham with a proclamation declaring him “North Carolina’s Favorite Son.” McCrory visited the Graham family during a trip to western North Carolina on March 1, 2013.

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2 Responses to “Awesome: Rev. Billy Graham is named North Carolina’s “favorite son””


  1. Carlos says:

    Boy, that’s sure to set off a firestorm from the ACLU and atheist groups! Mixing politics and religion like that, well, I never!

    Glad to see the jackasses and their brainless ways don’t have complete control over the state.

  2. Lorica says:

    I love Billy Graham. I am so glad he is still with us, and that NC has honored him in such away. – Lorica