The @Paula_Deen backlash: When is enough enough?

Posted by: ST on June 29, 2013 at 10:18 am

Here’s the latest count on business affiliates who have now broken ties with Southern cookstress Paula Deen over her admission to using racial slurs in the past:

The most recent one above, Ballantine Books, announced their decision Friday not to publish Deen’s upcoming book (via Memeorandum):

Paula Deen’s upcoming cookbook, currently the No. 1 seller on, has been dropped by its publisher.

In a brief statement Friday, Ballantine Books announced it had canceled publication of “Paula Deen’s New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up.” The book was scheduled for release in October, and in recent days pre-orders have raised it to No. 1 on the online bookseller’s sales ranks. Her 2011 cookbook, “Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible,” has risen to the second spot.

Deen has lost many of her business relationships following revelations that she used racial slurs in the past.

Right off the bat, I’ll say that I haven’t done much digging on this issue but from what I do know, Deen admitted in a deposition as the result of a lawsuit that she used the “n” word one time back in the early 80s when she was the victim of a crime and back in 2007 she allegedly made a “joke” about how having black people dress up as slaves at a plantation wedding would truly make it a plantation wedding. Beyond that, I’m not sure if anyone even knows the extent of what Ms. Deen feels about black people outside of those who she knows and has either been friends with or worked with throughout her career.

Quite frankly, is it worth digging into to find out the answer to that? My thought on that is “no.” And I say that as someone who takes second to no one in condemning genuine racism when she sees or hears it happening. Why “no”, you ask? Because, to whatever extent she has said hurtful things in the past, Deen has profusely apologized for it and is being punished in a big way – even though her most devoted fans are questioning whether or not the punishment fits the alleged “crime.” I put “crime” in quotation marks because we don’t know the context of her plantation joke. It’s NOT a “joke” I would have made, but living here in the South where the topic of racism is particularly sensitive, in working environments and in friendships there sometimes develops this “understanding” about where you can go on the topic of race.

I’ve had black friends kid me about my obsessive love of fried chicken, asking me if I’m sure there are no black people in my family tree. Many years ago at a place I used to work at, some colleagues of mine were installing a door bell in the reception area, and a black co-worker was helping them select the tune it would play when it rang. One of them jokingly picked the General Lee song and instead of being offended, my black co-worker walked down the hall to and was literally laughing so hard he was tearing up, and laughed even harder when he saw my mortified face (I had been at my desk when they “tested” the doorbell and the tune rang out). I was sure he’d be offended, but as it turns out we had all worked together for so long that he thought nothing of it and knew it didn’t mean what it might have 40 years ago.

In some ways, it’s a way of “breaking the tension” – of “addressing the elephant in the room” ie, acknowledging that yes, we are different colors, but yes, it’s ok and we can get along. Yes, racism still exists in all parts of America, including the South, but most of us – black and white – just want be able to work and live together, break bread together, and move beyond the parts of our country’s distant past that so divided our nation.

Was Deen’s crack about plantation weddings a type of “joke” she and her black employees/colleagues typically engaged? We’ll never know, and at this point, it doesn’t matter considering the backlash faced over what we do know. Even Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are saying people need to back off and to allow Deen time to redeem herself. Of course, their purposes for doing so are largely self-centered, because they know they’ve made careers out of being “respected racists” (I address societal double standards on this issue here), but there is an element of truth in what they’re saying that shouldn’t be ignored.

In time, I suspect (and hope) that Deen will be able to bounce back. She has been the face of Southern cooking and style and mannerisms for decades, and is beloved by millions. But like Tiger Woods and other celebrities, she crafted an image for herself that may or may not be at odds with who she really is, and she will have to continue to answer for herself and work hard at earning back the respect and trust of disillusioned supporters. We’ve all said and done things we regret, but should we be judged and punished our entire lives for them? I say no, not if we realize the error of our ways and seek to correct our wrongs, while striving to be better people and staying on the right path. Because if America loses its ability to forgive people for their transgressions, we might as well cease to exist … because no one, not even the loudest of condemners, is perfect.

Paula Deen

Backlash: How much is too much?

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26 Responses to “The @Paula_Deen backlash: When is enough enough?”


  1. Carlos says:

    Because if America loses its ability to forgive people for their transgressions, we might as well cease to exist … because no one, not even the loudest of condemners, is perfect.

    Ahh, but there’s the rub, ST.

    You see, liberals ARE perfect (in their own minds) and have perfect agendas for everyone else because they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that whatever solution to any non-problem they’ve come up with the solution will work perfectly with no unintended consequences.

    And the most perfect of the perfect liberals is Mr. Obhammed, with a tie for second between Mr. My People and Hillarious. It’s difficult to think of one, just one, mistake any of that group has ever made in any of their lives, ya gotta admit.

    Thank you for the list of dumpers, BTW. I’ll do everything I can to make sure they know I will never be using their products or services again. I prefer working with companies whose standards aren’t controlled by the PC police.

  2. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    It’s never enough. Modern-day liberalism is a totalitarian movement. And like all totalitarian movement it needs periodic purges to keep people afraid and powerless in order to stay in power.

    Deen was a supporter of Obama (and maybe still is – like Communism and Nazism modern-day liberalism has a strong mind-control aspect that is hard to break). She even contributed to Obama’s campaign. That accounted for nothing, as she found out. Deen is white and a Southerner, which in the modern liberal’s eyes are twin evils that are unforgivable. A perfect target for a liberal purge.

  3. Edgeworth says:

    Enough is never enough. Deen is an Obama supporter. May she roast on the bonfire of her own making.

  4. Shari says:

    If you have not read Paula Deen’s deposition transcript, please, please do that. For whatever reason, the media is focusing on a racial slur made long ago and the bit about the “Southern plantation wedding,” which was not a joke, according to the transcript. In reading the deposition, there was so much more going on under the umbrella of Paula Deen Enterprises that has led to all of this. I guess that doesn’t make as convenient a sound bite for the media, but as per usual, they aren’t telling the whole story.

    The transcript is readily available online.

  5. don says:

    Deen will be made to be put in stocks in the public square and flogged to within an inch of her life. The MSM will cover it like a blanket in the winter.
    Then they will look for the next “left” absurdity to masquerade as a legit gripe and pretend to represent the lot of us with their smug pseudo-intellectualism all the while leading the misinformed, ill-informed and willingly ignorant lemmings all the way to the cliff.
    Can you smell the sea water yet?

  6. Some call me.....Tim says:

    When is enough, enough?
    In my not so humble opinion this has gone way past enough into the realm of too much. This whole topic of racism has gone past the point of ridiculousness. I’m sure that at some point almost everyone has made a racist joke, and no one should have their careers or lives ruined because of it.
    Paula Deen has apologized, accept her apology and get on with your lives fer cryin’ out loud!
    And if someone can’t accept her apology, I thinks is time to look within yourselves and discover why you are such RACCCCISTS!

  7. Dave says:

    She handled her response badly
    “Kiss my southern grits” should have been her answer
    Went down on her knees instead of pointing out
    that every rap record has the n word
    and people in glass houses….
    It’s all perception

  8. marshalart says:

    Of course, if we’re talkin’ Robert Byrd, all bets are off.

  9. Kylee says:

    Wow, I’ve been doing some homework today to find out how my “competitors” monetize, so I did a search for the top conservative bloggers and came here. I’m overwhelmed! I did my homework and signed up with BlogAds, but wow, there’s so much to read here.
    On the Paula Dean thing, it absolutely sickens me what is happening to Paula Dean. Trayvon’s girlfriend says “Nasty Ass Cracka” and the media plays it off that the poor little baby doesn’t know any other way to talk. Paula Dean admits to using a word that probably 90+ percent of people over 20 have used at least once in their life, and she’s ostracized. It’s asinine, and it’s the progressive left at it’s best – or worst. Do what we tell you to do, not what we do ourselves, cuz when WE do it, it’s okay.
    I’m NOT saying it’s okay to use that word, or any disparaging word, what I am saying is that most of us have done it, and she shouldn’t be ostrasized for admitting to it. Typical …
    I’ll be back!

  10. Dana says:

    If we fired every public person who ever used the word nigger, we’d wind up firing all of them.

    Nor could we ever replace them: I will bet you a case of Mountain Dew that there is not one adult, black or white, in the United States who grew up speaking English and is not in some way handicapped so that he cannot hear or speak who has not used that word. Mrs Deen’s problem: she admitted the truth.

  11. Obhammud sat in Jeremiah Wright’s racist church for twenty years being exposed to things much more venomous being said. But, he assures us, he never paid any attention to it. Yeah, right. And Unabanger Clinton never inhaled, the cow jumped over the moon, and they all lived happily ever after.

  12. ALman says:

    Frankly, I think her head ought to be shaved. She should be made to wear a robe with a huge “R” on the front and back. Made to go barefoot. Walk to Washington,D.C. where she would 1) kiss the feet of the First Couple 2) go before a televised join session of Congress with a statement of apology to the world, and 3) she would distribute all her assests to the poor. Having done so, she would retreat from life never to be heard from again.

  13. Tango says:

    ….I remain dismayed and amused. Our nation is going to crap, and yet the focus here (and certainly by the SCM) -is the sins of Paula Deen coupled with the Zimmerman trial down in Florida. This is nothing more than a pump-fake, people. Pablum du jour for the sheepies –

  14. JoyO says:

    I look forward to the day when Blacks who make racist statements are treated the same as Whites are treated when they make racist statements. Until we have reached that level, we still have a racist nation.

  15. marshalart says:

    Oh, JoyO! I look forward to the day when there is no one who give’s a flying rat’s patoot what someone else calls them. THAT is the level we need to reach.

  16. TomTB says:

    She should have said she was just quoting Chris Rock from his performance on youtube…

  17. Jay Heathman says:

    Deen lost any right to respect when she had Moochelle Obama on her special show and practically had multiple orgasms just saying her name : “Meeshayulll – kin I cawl yew Meeshayulll? – I’m jiss so exSIGHted to have Mizzus OBAMA here, y’awlll…”
    Now, if Deen had had a conservative or libertarian on the show and gushed and fawned equally, it would have been OK. But now that her asskissing of the Obamas has availed her nought, let her cry in her beer and cuddle her Obamaphone forever.

  18. Lorica says:

    I find it odd that her publisher would dump her even as they are making huge profits from her current book being #1 on Amazon. lol I trust they are returning the profit to the people who purchase this book. Probably not, after all this is a move about protecting their bottom line. Idiots!!

    Paula Deen is a genuine, and decent human being, and I say let they who have not sinned cast the 1st stone. There is not a human being on the planet that has not used a derogatory term for another person.

    I think there are so many more important things to be bugged about that this it isn’t even funny. – Lorica

  19. vmisch says:

    I’m waiting for the uproar over Alex Baldwin’s most recent foul-mouthed ‘tweet’. Paula Deen is raked over the coals for things she said decades ago (not in any way excusing her, and I have no doubt those things are still a part of her vocabulary) – and I also need to address that I saw not one tear in her eyes or running down her face during her televised ‘confessions’

    But the double standard standard is alive and well, and Baldwin will continue collecting his paycheck from Capital One like nothing ever happened.

  20. david7134 says:

    I have given many depositions as an expert witness. One thing is that you never, ever say the word no or yes unless you are absolutely sure that what you are responding to could not come back to bite you. In this case, Ms. Dean should have asked the attorney to define the N word. That puts the attorney on record as using the racial epitaph. Then she responds just like the president and his group by saying, I don’t recall at this point. That ends the issue. Ms. Dean made the mistake of using a deposition to try and solve the issue being addressed in court. In doing so, you step right into the lawyer’s trap.

    But I think that this, the Zimmerman issue and several others situations that are going are an attack on the South. There is a distinct effort to make those in the South look bad. When did this happen before? In the 20 years leading up to the War of Northern Aggression.

  21. wayn eleon sanford says:

    if deen thought that what she said was wrong…she should have stated openly that she owned up to it way long time ago…

  22. Steph says:

    You know what I think? This is another one of those weeks where the MSM directed our attention on things so we wouldn’t be asking questions on, let’s see here, Benghazi, the IRS, DOJ, arming Syria rebels, etc. The MSM is really good at misdirecting us when the pols want to fly under the radar. So they used Paula Deen and the Zimmerman trial to report on all week and, of course, Alec Baldwin gave them some new fodder in a Tweet. I bet they (MSM) thanked him for that. The PC police have gone totally overboard on Ms. Deen. If this had happened last year (using the “n” word), that would be a totally different story but 20 some years ago? Please. This is why I think this is a ploy to be talking about her and what she did and what “they” are doing to her plus the Zimmerman trial to hide something really bad. If anyone finds out what we missed, let us know!

  23. Brontefan says: