.@BarackObama Twitter feed celebrates Easter – then himself

Posted by: ST on April 19, 2014 at 10:32 am

If these last two Tweets (as of this writing) from the @BarackObama Twitter feed don’t (unfortunately) sum up the absolute arrogance of our “me first” celebrity President, I don’t know what does:

Thirty minutes later …

Note which one got the most retweets and favorites. Depressing.

Everything has to be about him – the anniversary of the Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat, the death of Nelson Mandela. He’s even managed to get himself included in the the official White House historical bios of Presidents past! And we won’t even go there on the implicit insinuation the image gives off that he is some type of deity

Really. Not every special event, season, historical anniversary is about him – even though he and his team of image crafters like to try and make it so. I sincerely hope and pray that our next President – whether he (or she) is a Democrat or Republican, return to the days where Presidents didn’t make every single thing all about them … or at least gave off the PRETENSE that they didn’t think it was. Sheesh! o=>

Obama arrogance

The self-centeredness of our ‘fearless leader’ truly knows no bounds.

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3 Responses to “.@BarackObama Twitter feed celebrates Easter – then himself”


  1. Nate says:

    First, the galaxy was geocentric. Then it was heliocentric. Now, it’s Barackocentric.

  2. This would be disgusting were it not so common in terms of human nature. There have always been those throughout history drawn to the dramatic image of the hero on a horse, following him blindly, finding in him no fault, and declaring as mortal enemies all those who refuse to admit his supremacy.

    “The golden calf of Self-love.”–Thomas Carlyle