In “protect Hillary” mode, Eleanor Clift says Amb. Stevens died of “smoke inhalation”

Posted by: ST on May 12, 2014 at 10:48 am
Hillary Clinton testifies on Benghazi

HIllary Clinton testifies on Benghazi. – January 2013

There are any number of excuses liberal Democrats are using to circle around potential Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in order to try and protect her on the Benghazi issue, but this one – via the Washington Times – takes the cake:

Eleanor Clift, noted liberal columnist and pundit from the Daily Beast, insisted during a broadcast discussion of Benghazi on “The McLaughlin Group” that U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens wasn’t really murdered.


Her exact words: “I’d like to point out that Ambassador Stevens was not ‘murdered,’ ” she said, bending her fingers in the air to suggest the drawing of quote marks, “but died of smoke inhalation in a CIA safe room.”


Ms. Clift’s reply: The terrorist attack was fueled by the anti-Muslim video. And “it was still a CIA [outpost]. If you’re going to put somebody on trial, put David Petraeus on trial, not Hillary Clinton.”

The Times was quoting, which has video of the exchange you can watch. Pretty shameful that Clift is so much in the tank for Hillary Clinton that she deliberately tries to obfuscate the issue in order to help her chances at running for President.

Next thing you know, someone will be yelling out, “What difference at this point does it make?!?” Oh wait, that’s already happened

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3 Responses to “In “protect Hillary” mode, Eleanor Clift says Amb. Stevens died of “smoke inhalation””


  1. bandit says:

    Sooner or later HRC will claim that she was dodging sniper fire to save them

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    We may all suffer a fate similar to that of Ambassador Stevens only it will be from the smoke the commiecrats are trying to blow up our as*es.

  3. Chris in N.Va. says:


    Let’s see, where to begin. Oh, I know!

    Where there’s smoke inhalation, there’s smoke.

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    Where there’s fire, except if it was caused by lightening or some other equipment malfunction, some PERSON started must have started the fire.

    Legally speaking, if you start a fire wherein someone dies from smoke inhalation, you are usually found guilt of either manslaughter or (here it comes now) MURDER.

    Wow, imagine that, Eleanor!

    What a dyed-in-the-wolf-in-sheep’s-wool Kool-Aid drinker!